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Was 2020 your gap year?

Did you plan in a gap year for the first year or two of your business? Did you plan a time for yourself where you would give yourself permission to experiment, test the waters and learn how you want your business to look? Maybe you don’t need a gap year. Not everyone does.
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Who are you in the “in between” time?

What is the greatest gift that you can give your future self? The willingness to accept who you are and believe you are enough at the same time you’re willing to fully believe that you are made for so much MORE.
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How to not lose control during the holidays

How are you feeling about your business? Your goals? Your 2020? What’s hijacking your business? Your goals? Your peace of mind?
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When is the last time you played Truth or Dare?

Just because you have a problem today doesn’t mean it will still be a problem tomorrow. What can you do today that would solve the problem for tomorrow (or next week, next month, etc., if it’s a longer-term solution).
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What are you worth?

When did you first notice your limited money mindset? I didn’t know what it was at the time or that it would keep me from making money, but I first noticed mine when I did a 9-day intensive workshop with Byron Katie that I fondly refer to as “my journey back to myself”. That’s where I realized I was believing the thought, “I am not enough.”
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What’s worth the discomfort?

I’m the Money Mindset Coach for Coaches. It is my job to take up arms against scarcity. I LOVE my job. I love helping women learn how to take up arms against scarcity.
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