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Why do questions never come to mind at the right time?

Have you ever had an opportunity to ask questions or get coaching on something and suddenly you can’t think of a single thing? How
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Money Lies

I recently launched a podcast called MONEY LIES. It’s about my zone of genius …. No, my zone of genius is not lying.Lying is
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I wonder what Jesus thought about His mission

Do you think Jesus ever thought His mission was impossible? I think there were probably times when he thought he wouldn’t be able to
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In the midst of a storm … how can you have peace?

What happens when a storm is tossing you about? There are baby birds in a nest in the tree outside our dining room window.
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sun and white capped mountains

What would you do with MORE Abundance?

Like the clients I work with, I have fought many a battle with scarcity mindset. I work on it and it improves, but then
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Colored Pencils

Lessons Learned from My Epic Fails

When was your last epic fail?What did you learn from it? I had an epic fail last year that taught me a lot. A
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