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I made it all about me.

I made it all about me. Posted on July 30, 2020 Leave a comment Guest Post Written by Ceri Payne Have you ever been leaving
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What makes a successful entrepreneur?

Who would be a more successful first time entrepreneur? A 10-year old or a 40-year old? You would think the 40-year old would be
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Warning: Don’t Make the Wrong Decisions

Ha! Don’t make the wrong decisions. Thank you Captain Obvious! As if we make the wrong decisions on purpose! What if it was possible
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How do you learn how to make money?

How do you learn anything? By doing it. Why does it seem so scary to learn how to make money? Does learning how to
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What do you try to fix yourself?

How do you fix a broken leg? Have you ever broken a bone? I survived almost 30 years of my life without a broken
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Who Are You and What Have You Done with my CEO?

What identity are you struggling to step into? Who are you becoming that still feels a little untrue? You might even feel a little
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