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About Me

How I Discovered A Whole New Life

My Journey From Miserable to MORE


I spent my whole life never being quite good enough.

  • Not a good enough daughter or sister
  • Not good enough at meeting people, or at small talk
  • Not good enough at my job 
  • Not a good enough wife 
  • Not good enough at following through – I would start but always give up when things got hard 

Why would starting a business be any different?


This sound familiar?

“Who are you to think you can just get certified and build a business being a life coach and actually make money at it?”

It played on an endless loop.

How in the world did I get here?

To give you a little background, there were 20+ years in the corporate world, accounting and finance in the automotive industry, then revenue cycle financial reporting and analysis in the healthcare industry.

Every job seemed to end up the same. In the beginning, it was exciting. But once the newness wore off and it got hard, the excitement would evaporate like mist on a 100-degree day. 

Because, subconsciously, nothing was ever good enough, there came a point where it just didn’t feel like I was making much of a difference, even working more and more hours. 

It became such a grind, a MAJOR chore to just show up every day. It was miserable and it showed in the work.

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“There has got to be MORE God has in store for me.”

The last two years in the corporate job, I prayed for Him to find me a job where I could FINALLY find that MORE. 

True to His character, He did immeasurably MORE than All I could ask or imagine, when through a series of amazing people and circumstances He led me NOT ONLY to the new job I had so earnestly prayed for, but to a WHOLE NEW LIFE

It was now crystal clear how every trial, every milestone in my life leading me on a path to quitting my job and starting a business as a life coach. It became clear that all those years, He was preparing and equipping me for a time such as this.

I became certified as a life coach in 2018.

Sounds like everything is downhill from there, right? I wish it had been that easy.

It’s never as easy as we think it will be. I thought, “I’m good with numbers. I’m good at problem solving. There’s no reason why I can’t build a business.”

But after almost two years of trying, I was still wondering, 

“Why do I never quite measure up?”

“Why does it seem like I always hit a wall?”

“How do I always seem to sabotage myself every time I get close to fulfilling a dream and achieving success?”

I always thought I was the problem.

My coaches helped me uncover the REAL root of the problem.

Two VERY crucial things stood in the way of the successful business I wanted:

  • My relationship with myself, and 
  • My relationship with money. 

Although, everything I believed about myself and about money felt so true, what was actually true was that these relationships were based on lies.

No wonder I never measured up!

No wonder I always hit a wall!

No wonder I always seemed to sabotage myself!

The revelation? What I believed was the ONLY thing holding me back.

Guess what else I learned? What I believed wasn’t true at all


All my life I believed that I wasn’t good enough and that’s how I was living my life. My whole life was based on a lie. It wasn’t my fault. How could I have known? I didn’t have the tools. I wasn’t equipped.

When the real TRUTH became increasingly clear, so did the mission: To share this revelation with other women that were just as blind to the truth

Unbeknownst to me at the time was how many other life coaches were also believing lies like this.


You’ve been the victim of the lies that FEEL so true.

That’s why it’s so important to expose the lies that have kept you from FULLY stepping into who you are meant to be, doing what you were meant to do AND from the MORE YOU are MADE for.

Not only are you missing out, but the world is missing out on experiencing the ESSENCE of who you truly are.

My mission is clear. To guide you to fulfilling Your mission.

Together, we change lives and make the world a better place to live.


It’s my mission …. 

       … to expose the lies keeping you from using your gifts to change the world and show you the TRUTH of who really are, not as you’ve seen yourself when you were believing the lies, but as God sees you, pouring love and compassion into your amazing clients and changing their lives.

It’s YOUR mission ….

 … to show women in your niche that they are capable,
complete, equipped and empowered.

Stop sabotaging your mission because ….


YOU are MADE for MORE !


Learn how to CLAIM the MORE you were MADE for!
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