Make More Sense

of your money

Think you’re just not good with money?

I did. I thought I was the problem, but I’ll tell you what the real problem was.

What My Clients Did

Working with Jill has been LIFE CHANGING. Jill gave me the tools and insight to have decisions made ahead of time that freed me up to think about things like making money rather than fussing about the money I didn't have. I'm paying off my debt faster, I know where and what my money is going to, I don't feel stressed about money. I went from being scared of my budget and dreading looking at it to being excited about looking at it and how I was going to work with my money to get the results I wanted in my life!

~ Dorothy J. ~

Having just come out of a 2-decade marriage, I had never had a budget or really had to worry much about spending. My world had changed and if I wanted a successful financial future, I realized I needed to get my financial affairs in order. Jill educated me on the entire budget process and worked with me to set up a budget that will ensure my financial success moving forward. As we went through this process, I felt anxiety drain as I gained confidence that I can do this on my own!

~ Jill K. ~