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Make MORE Money as a Coach

Stuck? Frustrated that don’t know how to fill your coaching practice?
Tired of attracting only people that can’t afford coaching?
Wondering if you’ll ever have a REAL business making REAL money?

Learn the Secret To Making Offers and
Coaching on Objections, so you can:

  • Sign MORE Clients

  • Help MORE People, and

  • Make MORE Money

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Who I Am

“I am not enough.

”This is the first lie that was exposed on the journey to becoming an expert lie detector.

It was at Byron Katie’s 9-day School For The Work in 2018 in Ojai,CA.

It was a lie that went undetected for many years.

When it was exposed, it came with a flood of tears …. And a heavy, gut-wrenching fear that it might just be true.

What happened in response to exposing that lie would lead to me to a WHOLE NEW LIFE.

I’m Jill Wright. I’m a Money Mindset Coach for Life Coaches.

I help women like you expose the Money Lies keeping them from building the business and the life you want and uncover the TRUTH about making more money in your business.

I witnessed too many coaches staying stuck and playing small – not doing what they were meant to do. I had to step in.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of with everything in me …. It’s that 


What my clients have done

"I went from always being worried about money to no longer worried just curious and excited about making more of it. Working with Jill, I had my first 10k month then my first 18k month then my first 8k week!

I learned that 1) That I can slow down and still make a lot of money 2) Worry doesn't help me have more money 3) Money and budgeting is fun!

I just appreciate you so much!"

Breakup Coach Dorothy
Dorothy AB Johnson

"Jill's coaching has allowed me to set higher-earning goals in my business, believe that I am capable of making that money in my business, and I have reached big goals! Her coaching has helped grow my confidence in me and in my capabilities.”

I now can enjoy having, saving, earning and spending money, all thanks to Jill!

Ceri | OrganizedLife.Coach

"Jill is extremely consistent and dependable and so supportive and a great cheerleader. You'll love having her on your team.

Working with Jill has opened my mind to believing I can have fun with money and even spreadsheets! She found rigid beliefs I didn't know I had that were keeping me playing small. It was so fun to start coaching about money thoughts and not feel stress and discomfort or be worrying about what they [potential clients] were thinking."

Jill Freestone
Jill Freestone Coaching

How I Help My Clients

Why aren’t you making more money in your business?

As hard as it is to hear, you are the reason that you’re not making more money.
You may know this already. You just don’t know what to change.

Even though you’re the problem in your business, you’re also the solution.

There’s nothing wrong with you.
There’s only something wrong with what you believe about making money as a coach.

I help you uncover the truth about who you are.
I help you recognize that you’re capable and complete. 
I help you build confidence and assurance as a coach and as the CEO of your business.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Jill, why haven’t I been able to make the money I want?”
“I know that coaching is what I’m meant to do. I was MADE for this.”

What if … You’re also MADE for MORE Money?

You just need someone to show you what’s really missing.
That’s exactly what I help my clients with.