What’s worth the discomfort?

“And speaking of taking up arms against scarcity, why is it that suicide rates go down during times of war?
And suicide rates go up during times of financial crisis? This is a most important question to answer.”

Steve Chandler
Time Warrior

I’m the Money Mindset Coach for Coaches. It is my job to take up arms against scarcity. I LOVE my job. I love helping women learn how to take up arms against scarcity.

It means that they can stop operating their business from a place of fear and insecurity, stuck and spinning in inaction and indecision and start operating their business from courage and power, becoming fearless and unstoppable.

Here’s my theory about what makes it so difficult for women to get to a place of peace and security around money.

This is challenging work. Working on your money mindset is hard work, but it’s so worth it.

Money represents value. Our value is tied very strongly to your worth. When you’re disconnected from money, you’re disconnected in some way or at some level from your value or your worth.

You may not believe the thought, “I’m not worthy.” I know I didn’t.
But somewhere between who you are and the money you make is a lie you’re either believing about money or about you, or both.

When I read Steve Chandler’s quote recently, it made perfect sense to me. Having coached hundreds of women on money, I’m no stranger to the disappointment, discouragement, defeat, inadequacy, fear, worry, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, insecurity and other negative emotions women feel around money and making money in their business.

Negative emotion sucks, especially when it’s tied to your value, your capability, your ability to make your business work. No wonder so many entrepreneurs quit when it’s not working. Because they make it mean that they must be doing it wrong. They make it mean there’s something wrong with them.

My theory about why suicide rates go down during times of war?
They’re fighting for something they love.
Their country.
Their freedom.
Their family.
Their friends.
It becomes non-negotiable for them.
Discomfort of war is expected.
They are prepared for the challenge.
So when it gets uncomfortable, when it gets hard, when it gets discouraging.
They get stronger.
They’ve trained for these conditions.
Plus, it’s non-negotiable.
What are their options?
Surrender or keep fighting.
Be miserable or take courage.
What would you do?

But why do suicide rates go up during times of financial crisis?
Again, these are my theories, my unresearched, completely off the top of my head musings.
Loss of value.
They stop fighting.
Because they’re not fighting for something they love.
They lose hope.
They don’t think it’s in their control.
They didn’t expect the discomfort.
They’re not prepared for the challenge.
So, when it gets uncomfortable, when it gets hard, when they feel discouraged …
They give up.
They accept defeat.
They shrink.
They don’t look at their options.
They see only problems with no solutions.
They see their failure and they focus on it.

They don’t love money.
It becomes too hard to face the discomfort and the failure and the defeat, so they shut down, shrink, avoid what seems like the inevitable. They feel these things even before the crisis is real, because they project the failure even before it happens. They feel the disappointment of how they failed their family, themselves, their friends. They feel the shame of defeat even before there is anything to be ashamed of.

And what they focus on grows. Before they know it, what they’ve imagined is now real. But not because of anything other than what they believed would happen.

The simple truth is money is just not worth the discomfort.
But freedom is worth it.
That’s the difference.

How can you insulate yourself from disappointment, defeat and discouragement?
Become a warrior.
Find your purpose.
Connect with it.
Prepare for the discomfort.
Train for it.
Find something to fight for that you love.
Then focus on what you want to grow. Question what you don’t want to grow.
Look at your options.
Decide on purpose, from your purpose.

Declare war on your limited money mindset. You have a purpose to fulfill in the world and there’s only room for victory.

It’s my mission to make sure that women like you recognize the value you have within you and that you give yourself permission to fully access that value to create the business you want making the money you want. If you’re stuck, not sure how to translate what you have to offer into making money in your business, it’s probably because you’re another unfortunate victim of a limited money mindset.

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