What are you worth?

“The biggest transitions I’ve ever seen happen when people stop associating fear with money, when people stop associating money with “self-worth,” and when people take up arms against scarcity and win the wealth battle (it’s internal) once and for all. There are a hundred ways to do this, but most people never do any of them.”

 ~ Steve Chandler ~

Time Warrior

When did you first notice your limited money mindset?

I didn’t know what it was at the time or that it would keep me from making money, but I first noticed mine when I did a 9-day intensive workshop with Byron Katie that I fondly refer to as “my journey back to myself”.

That’s where I realized I was believing the thought, “I am not enough.”

I stopped believing it for a while, but it came back with a vengeance when I was trying to build my business. It kept rearing its ugly head. Every coach I worked with would gracefully point it out to me. I finally started being able to recognize it myself.

That was the first money lie I detected and exposed for myself. But it wasn’t easy.

And money mindset work, in general, is not easy. It’s very challenging. What makes it so challenging is that we unintentionally tie the worth of money to our self-worth.

That’s why most of my clients avoid money. It’s easier to avoid it than to risk uncovering the value or worth they think might be missing.

Have you ever exposed the lie, “I’m doing it wrong”? That’s a form of scarcity. You’re brain is expecting you to believe that you’re not good enough to do it right. But that’s a lie. There are very few things that there is only one right way to do them. So, really it’s impossible NOT to do it right. Especially your business – your way is always the right way. Because it’s your business, it’s your rules for building it.

Another reason Money Mindset work is so challenging is because we make our relationship with money about us instead of about money. What relationships do you have in your life where you make everything about you? Are those relationships the ones that feel like they’re working well? Are those the relationships that you’re most grateful for?

What would it be like if you disconnected the worth of money from your self-worth?

Money cannot be regarded as a measure of self-worth, a reward for godly living, a guarantee of contentment or a measure of success.

Money is not a measure of your worth. It’s a measure of worth, but not a measure of YOUR worth.

As a coach, you create value to exchange for money. But regardless of how much or how little value you create, that circumstance of value does not change YOUR value or worth as a person.

You are valuable.
You are a treasure… regardless of the value you create.}
You are worth more than what you do, what you create, what you have … just by being YOU.

AND …. Guess what?  YOU are MADE for MORE!

I can help you solve the problem of a LIMITED Money Mindset.

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