When is the last time you played Truth or Dare?

Did you enjoy playing the game of “Truth or Dare”?

I didn’t. I was too afraid someone would dare me to do something that was so uncomfortable I’d rather die than do it. Even the threat of possibly being embarrassed was so intensely uncomfortable that I dreaded even being asked to play. My mind went to all the possible things that I would be faced with that would be completely humiliating. It was almost paralyzing.

But how many times do you do this TO YOURSELF in your business?

You think of all the things that could go wrong, then your brain proceeds as if all those things have ALREADY gone wrong.

Hence the saying that, “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” But the reason this is so true is that it’s already gone wrong in your head.

Whatever you create, you create in your mind well before you create it in the world.  
What are you creating in your mind? Is that what you want to create in the world?

Just for a moment I want you to think about what’s not working for you.

One of the most common lies I see my clients believing is,
“It’s not working.”

What are you creating when you believe this lie? You’re creating a reality that is not working for you.

Don’t just question the truth of this statement, consider another angle. If this were true, why is it a problem?

So what if it’s not working right now?

Just because you have a problem today doesn’t mean it will still be a problem tomorrow. What can you do today that would solve the problem for tomorrow (or next week, next month, etc., if it’s a longer-term solution)? If this lie were actually true, what would your options be? Which option would you choose? How would you solve the problem?

If you’re believing this lie and you want to stop creating a reality where it’s not working, here are a ton of questions you can ask to explore this lie for yourself.

Spend some time pondering these:
How do you know it’s not working?
What are you measuring that tells you whether or not it’s working? Is that what you want to measure? Why?
What is working?
How is it working?
How can you make it work even better?
Where else are you believing the lie that it’s not working?

What else isn’t working for you?

  • Relationships with:
    • Kids — if your three year old doesn’t listen, are you believing it’s not working? How is that impacting your relationship with her?
    • Husband
    • Job
    • Business
    • Clients
    • Calendaring
    • Scheduling
    • The holidays
    • Connecting with family in the pandemic

How do you show up for any of these when you believe it’s not working?
What are you trying?
What’s not working? What about it is not working? Why?
How can you make it work?
What would work best?
What are you willing to try to make it work?
What are you willing to fail at in order to find what does work?

I guarantee you that when you explore a few of these questions, you’ll expose this lie and uncover some helpful TRUTHS that will move you forward. If you exhaust your options, just let me know at jill@jillwrightcoaching.com. I’d love to help you get unstuck.

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