How To Let Go Of Reality


How many lies do you believe each day?

Most of us believe the lies.
Money is complicated.
You’re not good with money.
You don’t know how to grow a business.

They feel like reality.
But the truth is, they’re lies.

And the lies you’re believing are the real reason that you’re not further along.
The first step to getting further along is to recognize the lies as lies.
Stop making them your truth.
And let go.
Let go of the lies.
Let go of what has always seemed like reality.

What do you need to let go of?
What do you need to leave behind?
So you can walk unencumbered into this season of abundance?
So you can step into the fullness of the plan He has laid out for you?
Is it reliance on your circumstances?
Is it the safety of the only reality you’ve ever known?
Is it the belief that there’s never enough?

In focusing on not having enough, that’s what we get. It’s never enough.
Whether it’s
Enough money.
Or enough time.
Or knowing enough about all the different pieces of growing a business.

When we don’t have enough, it’s because we don’t let go of the lies we’re holding onto and we don’t open our hands to the MORE God has for us.

He has so much more than enough for you, if only you would let go and receive it.

How will you let go of your “reality” and let God’s reality for you flow in?

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How to Always Have Enough For Your Business

You are enough

It’s a shame that so many women with new businesses don’t have the impact or make the money they were meant for.

Are you frustrated by not having enough time in your business?
Do you feel rushed or pressured to become successful?
Are you constantly thinking you’re not doing enough in your business?

How do you make decisions when you’re not enough?

I can tell you from experience, you won’t suddenly feel like you’re enough. You will make decisions that are not good enough and perpetuate that cycle of “never enough”.

Been there.

“I’m not enough” – that’s what I used to believe. Honestly, I sometimes find myself falling into this pattern. The difference is now I know how to get out.

How do you get out of this cycle?

For me, it happened when I took a good, hard look at my life. I didn’t like how I was showing up, constantly hiding. I wasn’t using my gifts to help my clients and my audience. Never hitting my business goals. I finally decided that even if I wasn’t enough, I wasn’t hiding any more.

What I learned was a game changer!

The only thing that made “I’m not enough” true was that I believed it.

When I believed “I’m not enough”, no matter what I did, it was never enough.

It’s true about anything you don’t have “enough” of: time, money, energy, experience, resources …

Is it really that simple? Just believe something different?

It‘s that simple. But not easy. Believing you’re enough takes practice.

How to practice being enough:
1. Give something away. When you give something away or invest in yourself, you prove to yourself you can create “enough”, because you are enough.
2. Stop saying “I want “ — start saying “I have “. “I want” implies you don’t have. “I have” focuses more on what you have than on what you don’t have. What you focus on, you create more of.
3. Make what you have “enough”. You’re the only one that knows what “enough” is for you, so you get to decide that what you have is enough.
4. Trust that you’ll always have whatever you need and that whatever you don’t have you don’t need.
5. Enjoy being here. Don’t wait to get “there” before you enjoy what you have, because “there” is a very short layover.

Using these and other tools, I’ve helped my clients shift into an abundant mindset where they create MORE in their business and they start achieving the results they want.

Not only are you enough — YOU are MADE for MORE!

Stop hiding and start creating MORE in your business — book a FREE Strategy session with me!

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I can’t do this alone

Do you ever feel incapable? What about inadequate? Ever think, “I can’t do this alone. I just don’t have enough … “ I don’t have enough resources. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have enough knowledge. I don’t have enough [FILL IN THE BLANK].

I have. Many, many, many times.

But I always come back to the conclusion that it’s all LIES.

For one thing, God never intended for me to do it alone.

When He called me to this mission – the mission to help women equip and empower themselves to create $1 million in net worth through their businesses so that they could advance the work of the kingdom – He didn’t give issue the assignment and send me on my way.

What He actually did was ask me to JOIN Him in the work He is doing. He asked me to collaborate with Him and with others that are He has invited to join Him in this mission.

Whew! What a relief!

I’ve been reading Shae Bynes’ book Grace Over Grind: How Grace Will Take Your Business Where Grinding Can’t and one of the quotes from that book that I love is

“Favor isn’t all about you and has nothing to do with your worthiness; it’s about the assignment God has placed on your life. Remember that God uses imperfect and unlikely people to accomplish extraordinary things. All He needs is a surrendered and willing heart.”

I don’t have to have enough. I don’t have to be enough. I don’t even have to understand what “enough” consists of. Because wherever I stop, God starts. Wherever I fall short, God makes up the difference.

His plans are PERFECT. They will not fail.

I can fail over and over and over. But failing is part of the human experience. It’s also part of succeeding. As long as I don’t quit, as long as I don’t give up, I will help other women get where they want to go. I will help them get where they were made to go.

And you know what? That’s what’s good enough for me.

Want to know what good enough looks like? I would love to chat about this with you. Let’s figure out your next steps to joining Him in the work He’s called you to do.


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