How To Let Go Of Reality


How many lies do you believe each day?

Most of us believe the lies.
Money is complicated.
You’re not good with money.
You don’t know how to grow a business.

They feel like reality.
But the truth is, they’re lies.

And the lies you’re believing are the real reason that you’re not further along.
The first step to getting further along is to recognize the lies as lies.
Stop making them your truth.
And let go.
Let go of the lies.
Let go of what has always seemed like reality.

What do you need to let go of?
What do you need to leave behind?
So you can walk unencumbered into this season of abundance?
So you can step into the fullness of the plan He has laid out for you?
Is it reliance on your circumstances?
Is it the safety of the only reality you’ve ever known?
Is it the belief that there’s never enough?

In focusing on not having enough, that’s what we get. It’s never enough.
Whether it’s
Enough money.
Or enough time.
Or knowing enough about all the different pieces of growing a business.

When we don’t have enough, it’s because we don’t let go of the lies we’re holding onto and we don’t open our hands to the MORE God has for us.

He has so much more than enough for you, if only you would let go and receive it.

How will you let go of your “reality” and let God’s reality for you flow in?

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