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You’ve seen it happen before.

Someone spreads a rumor that gets blown way out of proportion.

The story gets more and more twisted as it makes its way through the rumor mill.

Until it barely resembles anything even remotely close to the truth.

What’s the collateral damage?

What source are you relying on?


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You’ve seen it happen before.
Someone spreads a rumor that gets blown way out of proportion.
The story gets more and more twisted as it makes its way through the rumor mill.
Until it barely resembles anything even remotely close to the truth.
What’s the truth about you and your business?
How do you know it’s true?
What are the sources you’re relying on for that truth?
How do you know if you can trust those sources?
I’m Jill The Money Coach.
I am not enough.
That was my truth for most of my life.
It was what was operating in the background for me, like a computer virus, undetected for many many years.
It was my Money Lie.
What is a Money Lie?
It’s a limiting belief that keeps you from getting what you truly want and desire, whether that’s more time, more money, more connection or anything you want in your life and your business.
I am not enough kept me small and invisible and powerless to create what I was truly capable of. Every time I tried something big I would get scared and shrink back.
I am not enough to do that.
I had so much evidence that it was true.
But what makes something true is not the evidence you have or how true it feels.
what matters is what you want to be true.
Do you want it to be the truth? Do you want it to be a lie? which one will make what you want more possible, more likely? If what you’re believing won’ t ever lead to MORE if it won’t lead to the life you desire for yourself, the first step is to consider that it might be a lie.
What if it were a lie?
what would be possible for you?
If  it could be a lie how would you gather evidence for it being a lie.
That’s what I did with my money lie that I am not enough.
I considered, Can I build a case for believing I am enough that’s just as strong as the lie I’d been believing?
If you were going to give this consideration its day in court how could you gather evidence for that.
By building awareness.
What’s the source of the alleged lie, It is reliable where did your source get it?
For my money lie, it came from people I loved.
Oh, it’s an interpretation based on something someone else did, which was based on what someone else thought which is also unconfirmed?
Do we want to trust that source for this? I mean the life you want is riding on it. Maybe you want to really question whether that’s a valid source.
Money Lies feel true-they don’t feel like lies, but when you keep believing them as if they’re the truth, they turn your life into a lie.
You’re capable of much MORE than the Money Lie would have you believe.
So who’s ready to detect some lies?
I am Jill the Money Coach.
I am well known as the MASTER of Money Lies, as a seeker of the TRUTH.
I became this because that’s what I wanted to be true, not because that’s what felt true at the time.
What felt more true was that I wasn’t a big deal.
But that was a Money Lie too.
Money lie is anything you’re believing, as if it were the truth that only leads you to more evidence of that lie and DOES NOT lead you to whatever it is you really, really want.
This was so true for me. And it’s been so true for my clients.
When we keep believing  these stories, it keeps us from getting what we want.
Think back to anything you didn’t get that you wanted. Got it? You didn’t get what you wanted because you didn’t believe you would, even if that belief, or lack thereof, was subconscious.
You didn’t get what you wanted.
What were you believing that led you to that evidence?
What were you forgetting to believe that didn’t lead you the evidence of what you wanted?
What questions were you asking?
This was so true for me. I believed I was not enough and I had so much evidence for it. So guess what I kept getting? Not enough. Guess how I kept showing up? As not enough. Or completely invisible. Depending on the day.
One of the money lies was I’m not enough. This lie was so subconscious for me, I did not realize that this was what I believed. And that’s true of a lot of money lies. A lot of the money lies that my clients believe, they don’t even realize that they’re believing them.
I’ve uncovered a lot of the things that I believed that I have turned out to be lies. And so this term may not resonate with a lot of you, and that’s why I really wanted to take a few minutes to explain it.
I went to Byron Katie’s nine Day School for The Work back in 2018, before went through certification training at The Life Coach School. The biggest aha that came out of going to The 9-Day School for The Work was the detection of the lie, I’m not enough.
I had all kinds of evidence for it. My mom had left when I was around five years old. She left my dad, and my dad got custody of us kids. I was the youngest of six. He ended up remarrying to a woman who had three of her own children and then the two of them had one together.
When she left my dad it felt like she left me. Yeah, she had visitation, but it was only once a month and not even for an entire weekend. I felt cheated because we never had a mother/daughter relationship like my closest friends had with their mothers.
My subconscious interpretation of that was that I was not enough. I didn’t deserve better.
Later in 10th grade my dad left to find a better paying job in a different state. It wasn’t his plan to not move us there once he got settled, but that’s what happened. I stayed behind with my step mom.
Again, when he left,  I felt like he left me behind.
My subconscious interpretation of that was that I was not enough. I didn’t deserve better.
I got married at 18 and moved away to another state with my new in laws. 10 years later, he told me he didn’t want to be married anymore. He really did leave me.
My subconscious interpretation of that was that I was not enough. I didn’t deserve better.
I guess I started to make that mean was that there’s something wrong with me, if everybody leaves. If everybody abandons me, there must be something wrong with me. I had lots of evidence for it. It felt true to my brain and even though it was subconscious, that’s how I was showing up.
That’s how I was operating in the world. As if I’m not enough and I don’t deserve better.
I think of it similar to a computer virus. It just runs  in the background undetected. Unless you specifically look for it, you’re probably not going to find it.
You might not realize it’s there, but it is impacting the performance of your computer.
When you detect it, you can deal with it and restore the performance of your computer. It’s probably going to require a hard reset to get your computer running at full speed again.
This is the same with money lies. Money lies are operating in the background and impacting the performance of whatever you’re doing keeping you from getting whatever you want.
I was just blindly believing my sources. I didn’t know if those sources were reliable. I didn’t question them. That’s why they impacted me for so long.
It was only when I detected and exposed my money lies and mastered them that I’ve been able to start building some momentum in my business. And it’s not as if once I detected and exposed them they never impacted me again.
Because they’re not just isolated misunderstandings. There’s a whole belief system that they were a part of. There are parts of that belief system that also need to be detected. It’s a work in progress.
But each lie I detect and expose, I become more of who I was truly meant to be. Each time I strip away another money lie, I show up more as the person that does what I know I’m here to do.
I don’t know if the sources I’m trusting for my truth until I detect and expose the potential Money Lies. But I don’t have to know if those sources are reliable if I just question everything that stands in the way of what I’m here to do.
In order to do that, you have to know to look for the lies. You have to know WHERE to look for the lies. It’s helpful to know what they sound like.
That’s what I feel so strongly I am made to do. I have always been a seeker of the TRUTH. I’ve always been a speaker of the TRUTH. And I’m very fortunate to FINALLY be in a position to use these great gifts to have the impact I’m meant to have.
I will keep talking about Money Lies. I will keep seeking the truth and speaking the truth. I will keep equipping and empowering women to do the same.
But if you want a life and a business that is based on truth, you have to be willing to step into that truth for yourself. My truth won’t do you any good. But I can help you access your truth.
That’s what I’m doing at ELEVATE Retreat in Nashville, TN October 22-25. I’m helping women MASTER their Money Mindset so they can step into their TRUTH and use their gifts to have the impact they’re meant to have.
 I’m telling you that you can have a life where you know exactly what you want, you can have what you want and you know exactly how to get it.
It’s almost as easy as ordering it on Amazon.
Would like to have a life like that?
Free from worries? Sure you can get that. Coming right up!
Make as much money as you want? Sure you can. Coming right up!
AND I’m a very reliable source. The question is do you want to believe that you can have it all or do you want to believe it’s not possible for you?
YOU are MADE for MORE but in order to get that MORE you have to really believe you’re MADE for it!
What are you going to do now that you know the truth?