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What money problems do you need to solve?

Do you have the right resources?

Are you making the right decisions?

What will mistakes in your business cost you?


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What money problems do you need to solve?
What do you need in order to solve those problems?
Do you need resources?
Do you need to drill down to the belief systems causing those money problems?
Or do you just need to make the right decisions?
Are you afraid that the decisions you make in your business could really put your family in serious financial danger?
We’re all afraid of making big mistakes in our business.
But THE BIGGEST mistake you can make is to keep operating with a limited Money Mindset, because it will rob your business blind.
It will keep you from doing the big things you’re meant to do.
It will keep you from making the big money you’re meant to make.
It will keep you from helping all the people you’re meant to help.
Operating with a limited Money Mindset means that your decisions are based on lies masquerading as truth
To create and sustain the business you want, you have to make business decisions based on facts, based on truth.
You have to become better at finding the truth.
You have to become more resourceful.
How can you become more resourceful?
How can we solve any problem?
By becoming the person who can solve any problem.
That’s reinforcing an identity that is capable, complete and more than enough.
But a lot of my clients ask me the same questions I have asked my coaches :
[whiny voice] But hoooooowwww do I do that?
There’s a gap between how we see ourselves and who we really are.
We’ve been working on this throughout the MASTER process, by first detecting and exposing the lies we’re believing, then by building awareness around the lie and gathering intelligence to defeat the lie, then by scrutinizing that lie using the intel we’ve gathered. In the process of questioning the lie, the truth is revealed and we can then transform our identity and step into that truth. When we step into that new identity and act from that identity, we think differently, we feel differently, we act differently, because we’ve become someone different. And we get what that person gets. We elevate our perspective, which elevates everything we do to a whole new level. Then we reinforce who we’ve become so that we don’t revert to how we used to see ourselves.
That’s how we close that gap between how we see ourselves and who we really are.
Story of me putting out the request for peer coaching and 30+ people responding.
It made me realize that how I saw myself and how others saw me were very, very different. It opened my eyes to how many times how I felt and how I saw myself was very, very different than who I truly was. It made me think about all my years in corporate, all the times that I felt like I wasn’t cutting it.
I was actually pretty capable. I was smart and resourceful. I had some really great ideas and I could figure anything out — because I wouldn’t give up until I did. Imagine if I had actually been showing up as if I was a superstar how big a superstar I could have been.
It also opened my eyes to how my clients see themselves versus how I see them. I see them as straight up superstars and I treat them like they’re phenomenal coaches and entrepreneurs. Because I know that whatever their results are reflecting, it’s not even half as good as they truly are. They are so much more capable, smart and amazing than they can even imagine right now. They are already that. They don’t have to become that. They just have to act like it. The only reason their results don’t always reflect that is because they’re showing up as who they think they are. And who they think they are is someone that can’t get the results they want.
My experience of seeing myself through others’ eyes was such a gift, because not only opened up a whole new set of possibilities for me, but also for my clients. But the only way I received that gift was by putting myself out there.
That’s how we become more resourceful. By being willing to explore all of it. By not backing away from the intense discomfort we feel when we start to get too close to a potential breakthrough. That’s exactly what we’re doing at ELEVATE Retreat. We’re giving all of the things you’re struggling with in your money and in your business a good hard look to find the source of the problem. We’re diving into all the hard questions and coming away with some breakthroughs — I can’t tell you how excited I am for the women that are already signed up and a few more that I know will be signing up for the remaining spots.
Because the only way you’re going to get to the bottom of your money problems are to take a look at them. And I mean to really take a look at them. And the only way you’re going to know if you have a Money Mindset problem is to take action in your business. That’s what ferrets out money lies, taking action. When you take the action or avoid taking the action, that’s when all the drama surfaces.
Think about it. How many times have you backed away from something you thought about doing, but you got worried about what someone else would think, or you got spooked by who might see you out there, or you started to question who you thought you were doing something like that? I’ve done it too. But if I hadn’t followed through on putting that request out there, I would not have received such a gift and I would not have had my eyes opened to the TRUTH. I had to be willing to consider that what I was believing that was making me tentative or cautious or timid could actually be a lie.
I’m not saying you have to call it a lie, but you do have to be willing to look for things that could be lies. In order to solve all your money problems, you have to know which problems stem from lies. Then you have to seek the truth.
Even when it feels so true. And it will feel true. Because it’s safer if it’s true. You don’t have to put yourself out there if it’s true. If it’s true that I don’t matter, I don’t have to be bold. I don’t have to be fearless. I don’t have to take courage. I don’t have to do risky things, like share my ideas on social media, do a video on something controversial, offend someone by talking about how I believe in Jesus and trust God.
Because it feels risky. It feels like we’re heading toward the edge of a cliff. We could be setting ourselves up for devastation or for a breakthrough. You gotta be willing to take that chance. What are your options? Keep playing small or take the chance that what you most fear might be true about you is. What’s at stake? Really nothing, because you’re already getting what you would get if that were true. So the upside is so much bigger than the downside. You don’t really lose anything if you’re right, because you’re already living there. But if you’re wrong and you’re really as amazing as everyone thinks you are, you stand to gain so much MORE.
That’s the MORE you’re MADE for. Take a chance. I’ll be here to catch you if you fall.