It's a MONEY Party!

To celebrate that you can make the money you want

without sacrificing your family, your health or your lifestyle to do it

October 22nd – 25th, 2021

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YOU Belong Here

Let us focus on YOU, so YOU can focus on your business


You can be content and
you can experience peace,
exactly where you are.
You don’t need all the answers.
You don’t have to have it all together.
You don’t have to have it all figured out.


You don’t have to sacrifice the life you love in order to make a difference.
You don’t have to be loud
for people to listen.
You don’t have to change who you are
to be successful.


You don’t have to do this alone.
We’re all in this together.
Wishing your business was as easy as you make your family’s life?
Your wish has been granted.
Come relax + work on your business.

What You Get

Gorgeous 200-year old mansion renovated into a bed and breakfast

Lodging  and All meals included

RTT session with Anke Docherty

Branding Session with Deena Rutter

Styling with Judith Gaton

Branding photo shoot with Karen Halbert

Calls before and after the retreat to support you

SO many FUN on-site activities guaranteed to surprise and delight!

We’ve taken care of every detail.

You already have EVERYTHING you need.

Now you get to take what you already have and ELEVATE it to the next level.

Bring the top problems you struggle with.

Messaging not clear?
Not attracting the right clients that can afford your program?
Want to convert more of the right clients?
Want to sell out your next launch?
Not enough time to work on your business?

Come to Nashville and I guarantee you’ll leave with a clear strategy and action steps to solve your unique problems.

All that you get is worth so much more than the price of admission,
which is $3,500, by the way.

All this amazing stuff you get is not even the reason you should come.

The REAL reason to be at this retreat goes so far beyond the four days of this retreat.

It’s the freedom and power to build the business YOU want,
that does NOT feel frustrating, hard, burdensome, forced, or exhausting.

It’s the FREEDOM to make as much MONEY as you want,
without sacri­ficing your family, your health or your lifestyle to do it.

What could be possible in these four powerful days?

It’s possible you’ll walk away with solutions to all of the problems you’re struggling with.
It’s possible that you walk away with REAL strategies for solving problems that come up after you leave the retreat.
It’s possible that this four powerful days sets you up to reach your next BIG goal in less time than you ever imagined yourself capable of.
It’s possible that you meet some amazing friends that become your biggest supporters.
It’s possible to experience breakthroughs you didn’t even know you were wishing for.

How will you know what’s possible if you don’t try?


Deena’s watched amazing coaches miss out on potential clients because their brand missed the mark.

Branding is a crucial step in attracting the clients you LOVE working with.

Come learn some of her best tips and get personalized feedback.

Create amazing design assets that ELEVATE your business!


Judith is a stylist, Master Certified life coach, author and lawyer. 

Through confidence coaching and mindset work, she helps her clients to see that they can dress and love the body they are in right now.

When Style & Confidence are dialed in, women can go do the work they were created to do in the world. Her ultimate style philosophy: Confident Women Build Legacies.


You have three seconds to make a first impression.

What message does your current branding say about you?

ELEVATE your message through a photo session that captures the REAL YOU!

Karen’s decade of experience means she knows the angles to bring out your best, most confident you.

And There’s MORE … 

Get SUPPORT leading up to the retreat via Group Calls and Pre-Work Sessions with our Experts

Come PREPARED to make the most of your time here by selecting one area of FOCUS

HELP knowing what outfits, accessories and props to pack for your custom photo shoot

CARE for you after the retreat via Group calls and peer accountability sessions

And we’ve saved a few surprises for the Retreat – we’re out to WOW you!

Everything you want in your business …
The clients you wanted to help …
The impact you wanted to have …
The money you wanted to make … 
Everything in your business is impacted by your Limited Money Mindset
Jill is a MASTER at detecting Money Lies.
What are Money Lies?
They’re the sneaky stories you believe about you and about money that run in the background like a computer virus.
These Money Lies go undetected and unquestioned because they become part of who you are and you’re not even aware of them. 
Clients are stunned at her masterful detection of Money Lies sabotaging them.
Don’t let Money Lies steal the business and life you desire so deeply.
Don’t let Money Lies convince you that you’re the problem.
Immerse yourself in the support and confidence Jill brings to EVERYTHING.
Get access to her knowledge, wisdom and experience that will …
ELEVATE your business


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Still have questions?

Let’s talk about what’s coming up for you

This is for you if…

You’re ready to make MORE money

You want TIME to focus on your business 

You want a BREAK from life’s distractions

You want a SIMPLE, sustainable business

You want to THRIVE, not sacrifice

This is NOT for you if…

You don’t want to connect and be supported

You’re not interested in making MORE money

You know exactly what to do in your business

You have the exact life and business you want

You want a retreat with lots to do