A Retreat for Coaches

September 22nd – 27th, 2022

Nashville, Tennessee


If selling makes you feel gross, but you want to sell more coaching, what do you do?

Learn to sell without rules!

Following the rules hasn’t worked yet.
You think maybe you’re just not cut out for entrepreneurial things.
You feel like you should be able to do it.
Why can’t you just do what they say works?
Why is this so hard for you?

What if you’re not the problem?
What if the rules you’re trying to follow are the problem?

I struggled with these very things.
Now I’m writing my own rules.
I want to help you write your own rules about selling.
I want to coach you around ALL the drama that will come up for you along the way.

Together we’re going to make selling fun and easy for you, because we’re designing a selling process custom tailored to who you are and how you operate best.

AND you’ll have the opportunity to test it out on the other people at the retreat, so you can get feedback and coaching and you can perfect and refine it BEFORE you take it out into the real world and use it to sell to your ideal clients.

Design a sales process that feels good to YOU!

What feels good to you?

Not selling. Selling does not feel good.


It feels gross, sleazy and manipulative.

It doesn’t align with your values or who you are.

It always feels like you’re doing it wrong.


The rules of selling don’t feel good. They feel awful.


A “few” of THE RULES

If you want to sell your stuff, then you HAVE to:

  • Have a big email list
  • Have lots of followers
  • Run ads
  • Post every day
  • Show up on video … A LOT!
  • Pitch yourself to other people’s audiences
  • Coach on money objections
  • Promote, promote, promote (in other words, self-promote … A LOT!)
  • Create urgency (“This offer will self-destruct in exactly three hours!” [insert eye roll])
  • Create scarcity
  • Talk about yourself (but don’t make it about you)
  • Be vulnerable (but don’t share too much)
  • Brag about your accomplishments (but make it all about them)
  • Talk about the results your clients have gotten
  • Have a podcast, a YouTube channel, oh, and an airplane that writes messages in the sky
  • Do Tiktoks and Reels every day
  • Have a huge network
  • Tell ALL your friends and family (by screaming loudly from every rooftop)

Exhausting … Uncomfortable … ICK!

Selling is such a big part of building your business.
Shouldn’t it come from who you are?
Shouldn’t the rules fit YOU?

What are the rules you’re selling by?
Do you like those rules?
Do they feel good to you?

At ELEVATE YOU! Retreat,

Clean Out the Rules Closet and Keep ONLY

What Works For YOU

Why I’m SO excited about this year’s retreat!

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When you’re clear about who YOU are and how YOU want to sell,


What if … ?

You’ve probably been taught there’s a “right way” to sell coaching.  You look around and see it working for other coaches (and they are actually nice people).


You want it to work for you, too.


Wouldn’t it be cool if the rules didn’t feel so …. awful? Wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t dread selling? Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a selling process that aligned with your values and personality?



Surely you’re not the only one who feels this way. 


NOPE! You are NOT the only one.


99.5% of my clients feel the same way.


Which is why I started asking the question:


What if we’re NOT the problem?


What if there’s just something wrong with The Rules???

If you don’t like selling, don’t change you…

Change The Rules!

What’s Included

Learn how to design YOUR selling process YOUR way WITHOUT feeling frustrated, WITHOUT worrying about doing it wrong, WITHOUT fear of getting into trouble.

Overhaul that selling process that just doesn’t fit! Gain a clear perspective on how YOU want to sell so you maximize YOUR RESULTS.

Increase your confidence selling at ANY price!

Community Support before, during and after ELEVATE YOU Retreat and Lifetime Access to Resources inside the Community

Time to do the work, mental space to process the work, all free from distractions and the interruptions of life

The cost of ELEVATE Retreat includes your lodging for September 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 (five nights), as well as all meals during your stay, access to experts for branding and copywriting as well as a branding photo shoot with an experienced photographer!

Powerful coaching throughout the retreat along with compelling concepts, analogies, insights and wisdom from Jill that will allow you to fully shift your mindset to generate more leads and more revenue.  Get coaching on the MONEY BLOCKS impacting your selling.

The next best thing to getting coached is watching other guests experience Jill’s masterful coaching. Plus worksheets to help you dive deep when you’re not the one getting coached. While you’re processing coaching someone else receives, you experience a breakthrough you didn’t even know you needed!

Get daily feedback as you’re designing your selling process, so you leave with a well-tested process that you love and that works (FOR YOU)!

Learn Jill’s proven MASTER process that you can use to not only reinvent and MASTER your selling process, but to reinv­ent and MASTER any area of your life or business

Learn how to avoid and solve the very pitfalls that Jill fell into. Share in the Harvard-like education she got by failing BIG and often — learning from her business blunders can save you from losing essential time and revenue in your own business.

Apply the same lessons Jill captured during her own journey going from where she was selling with resistance — needy, convincing energy — to creating her own selling process that is powerfully aligned with her values and strengths.

Work through the process in depth, in person, with Jill to create an actionable plan to help you reach your sales goals (minus the ick factor)

Experience accelerated results — revealing blocks and releasing breakthroughs in your selling. Get results in four days that typically requires 3-4 months of weekly coaching. Its value is unmatched — the environment, the level of coaching, and the curated design of the experience is so power­ful!


At ELEVATE YOU Retreat, we’ll help you custom design a selling process for YOU.
One that considers your values, your personality, and the way YOU like to show up.

You’ll walk away with a process you feel good about.
You’ll have a NEW, clean process that doesn’t make you feel gross when you use it.
You’ll delight in your process for selling that works!

Test it out at the retreat
Get constructive, powerful feedback
So you know EXACTLY what to change
Refine and Perfect it

We’ll be there to help you break it down and build it back up better than ever!

I’ll be there to:

  • Coach you to help you get clear on what you don’t like and why
  • Help you decide what to keep and what to throw away
  • Help you tap into the real you
  • Help you design the process that works for YOU.


Let us focus on YOU, so YOU can focus on your business


Wish you had more time to process?
Waiting for the time to be right?
Want to make the most of your time?
Now is the time. This is the place.
Reclaim YOUR time for YOU.


Some work requires space.
Without pressure.
Without distractions.
Without all the noise in your head.
Your space awaits you.


You don’t have to do this alone.
We’re all in this together.
Wish selling was as easy as  1-2-3?
Your wish has been granted.
Get help designing the perfect process.

Let Jill Be Your Guide

2021 Retreat Jill

Jill’s a devoted wife and dog mama who loves loving on people. 

While she’s proud of her accounting accomplishments, which include bachelors and Masters degrees in accounting and passing the CPA exam the first time, she doesn’t enjoy “doing accounting”. 

Despite her drive for excellence and the strong work ethic she brought to her roles in corporate, she wasn’t loving the work and she did not love the 9-5 grind.

What she has always loved is figuring things out, especially people. Jill is passionate about helping people solve problems and free themselves from the mental burdens they carry. She’s always had a knack for finding an easier or better way to do things.

Jill found her dream job in coaching, which afforded her the freedom to fulfill a few lifelong dreams, starting her own business and becoming a bestselling author.

What you might not know about Jill:

  • She’s a Winnie-the-Pooh fan (she has Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore tattoos)
  • Originally she had plans to get her Doctorate in Psychology, but opted to marry instead (but eventually made good on her promise to her mom to go to college)
  • Even though she’s a Money Coach, her coaching focuses more on YOU than money

Let’s Meet Our Team of Experts


Deena’s watched amazing coaches miss out on potential clients because their brand missed the mark.

Branding is a crucial step in attracting the clients you LOVE working with.

Come learn some of her best tips and get personalized feedback.

Create amazing design assets that ELEVATE your business!


We are working with an amazing copy coach.

Stay tuned to learn more!


You have three seconds to make a first impression.

What message does your current branding say about you?

ELEVATE your message through a photo session that captures the REAL YOU!

Karen’s decade of experience means she knows the angles to bring out your best, most confident you.

What 2021 Retreat Guests Had To Say …

“The music activities tugged at my heart and gave me time to reflect on who I am.

Who God says I am.

The opportunity to see myself through another eyes and receive love, tenderness and make connection.”

“You are amazing and provided us an absolutely amazing weekend retreat

Thank you for pouring all of you into a weekend that was all about us.

Thank you for loving us, pushing us and believ­ing in us.”

“You were so supportive and it felt like everything you were doing was for us.

It felt amazing to walk through the doors to such a beautiful place and be surrounded by such a lovely group of women.”

“You are a great coach and have great content!”

“It has been awhile since I’ve been in a group coaching situation, and man is it powerful!”

“So many amazing ladies!!!!
Can’t wait until next year.”

It takes a village to build a business – Let’s do this TOGETHER



All this amazing stuff you get is not even the reason you should come.

The REAL reason to be at this retreat goes so far beyond the four days of this retreat.

It’s the freedom and power to sell what YOU want and how you want,
that does NOT feel frustrating, awkward or sleazy.

It’s the FREEDOM to make as much MONEY as you want,
selling in a way that doesn’t compromise your values, your design or your integrity.

Sell  without compromising what you stand for.

All-Inclusive ELEVATE YOU Retreat is ONLY


$2,000 includes double occupancy room, all delicious meals, the experts, full access to Jill’s coaching and all the amazing content materials.  Upgrade to single occupancy for $500.
If you’re not into sharing a room, I get it. I never imagined myself the type to share a room, that is, until I agreed to share in order to save money. 
I experienced such an amazing connection with my roommate (despite the language barrier – she’s from the Netherlands) that I now take advantage of every opportunity to share a room.

And There’s MORE … 

Get SUPPORT leading up to the retreat via Group Calls and Pre-Work Sessions with our Experts

Come PREPARED to make the most of your time here by selecting one area of FOCUS

HELP knowing what outfits, accessories and props to pack for your custom photo shoot

CARE for you after the retreat via Group calls and peer accountability sessions

And we’ve saved a few surprises for the Retreat – we’re out to WOW you!


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Got questions?

I’ve got answers

What could be possible in these four powerful days?

It’s possible you’ll walk away with solutions to all of the problems you’re struggling with.
It’s possible that you walk away with REAL strategies for solving problems that come up after you leave the retreat.
It’s possible that this four powerful days sets you up to reach your next BIG goal in less time than you ever imagined yourself capable of.
It’s possible that you meet some amazing friends that become your biggest supporters.
It’s possible to experience breakthroughs you didn’t even know you needed.

How will you know what’s possible if you don’t try?

This is for you if…

You’re ready to make MORE money

You want TIME to focus on your business 

You want a BREAK from life’s distractions

You want a SIMPLE, sustainable business

You want to THRIVE, not sacrifice

This is NOT for you if…

You don’t want to connect and be supported

You’re not interested in making MORE money

You know exactly what to do in your business

You have the exact life and business you want

You want a retreat with lots to do

It’s November. It’s 3 am and you can’t get back to sleep,

because you’re frustrated and don’t know what else to try.

What is your selling strategy? Is it working for you?

“Jill, You are an amazing coach!

I really feel like I pulled out the Jenga piece that tumbled the whole structure.

I feel so free and ready to charge money!”