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What did you want to be when you grew up?

How much money did you want to make?

How would you make a million dollars?

What would you do with a million dollars?

In this episode, we’ll show you how to elevate your thinking so making a million dollars doesn’t feel so intimidating.

I would love to see you in Nashville October 22-25 to ELEVATE You & Your Business


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How much money did you want to make?

How would you make a million dollars?

What would you do with a million dollars?

In this episode, we’ll show you how to elevate your thinking so making a million dollars doesn’t feel so intimidating.


I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode of the ELEVATE Series. It was a lot of fun to record and even more fun to listen to.

Kids make everything fun!!

Every year my church hosts a week of awesome activities for kids right before they go back to school. They come to the church and spend the day.

Our children’s pastor does a fantastic job of creating a fun environment for kids to learn and grow.

Each year my husband and I volunteer a couple days to help out with that.

I want to thank my clients for being flexible so I could continue to contribute in this way.

Speaking of awesome, my clients are pretty awesome themselves.

I thought it would be fun to inter­view some of the kids for my podcast. They thought it was cool too.

Kids don’t seem to have to try to elevate their thinking. It seems to come pretty naturally to them. My theory is because they haven’t built up walls of stories (what I call Money Lies) that block them in and hold them back, separating them from their dreams.

2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 tells us this:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

We develop that fear from life experiences before we learn that we can take control of the thoughts producing the fear, the self doubt, the insecurity.

Think about day one or go back to the beginning when you first got certified or when you first started your business before you had any real evidence.

Why was it easier to believe then? Why was it easier to imagine what might be possible?

All you really need to do is to return to that higher, elevated perspective that lifted you up on the wings of possibility

As you listen to these interviews, I want you to think about how you can return to a childlike wonder in your business.

As you’re listening here are a couple things to listen for:

  1. Limited versus unlimited — most of us adults default to a limited mindset, but most kids default to an UNLIMITED mindset.
  2. It was fun to observe how easy it is for them to believe, how easy it is for kids to access possibility.
  3. I really zoomed in to notice how little they rely on evidence from the past to predict their future – again the opposite of what we do as adults.
  4. And I want you to see how much more abundance feels true for them-and how stark the contrast to how much more scarcity feels true for you.

Enjoy these delightful and refreshing conversations with the kids of Camp Awesome.

[Interview transcript]

 Hi, Hannah, how are you today? Good, good. I’m just gonna ask you a couple questions and you just tell me whatever comes to the top of your mind. Okay. What do you think about a million dollars?

 I usually think about, like getting myself something nice by giving some of it to people who need it. Yeah.

 So tell me all the things that you would do with a million dollars,

I would probably buy myself at least a two story house with an attic, or a basement. Okay, then I’d probably buy myself a nice Jeep, and then probably give the rest of charity. Okay. And why would you do all those things? Because I’ve always wanted a jeep and I and for the people who need it, they need that money like, or else they might not survive. Yeah,

So how much of that million dollars Do you think you would need to spend on the house? Probably if I were gonna get me at least a two story about $6 to $7,000 Okay. $7,500. 

 Okay. And what about the Jeep? How much do you think? Um, lease? Like? 16,000? Maybe? Okay. Okay. And then how much would you give to charity? And would it be one charity or many different charities? Okay. Like, do you have some of those charities in mind?

Yeah, like the kids charity. And I can’t think of any other charities.

 But what would you most want to help people with? What do you what would you most want to help them with? What do they need? hunger? hunger? Okay, so you want to end world hunger? Yes. That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it? inward pollution and stuff? Yeah. Yeah. Because there probably are some hungry kids out there. And, and certainly, we want to share our abundance with those kids. Right. So what else? Um, so how would you? How would you make that million dollars? Do you think?

 Um, I would first be an electrician for many years, and then take over my dad’s business.

 That’s pretty awesome. So and how would you How would you get to be an electrician? Like, what would you have to do in order to get good at being an electrician? Go to college and get a degree in electricity? Okay. Okay. Anything else? My brother works for NES. So probably learn from him. So you have lots of resources available to you. And so do you have any doubts or concerns about being able to do that?

I mean, I guess my one doubt is working all night long. Why would that be a concern? Because I want to sleep. Well, I appreciate you being on the podcast. No problem.

Hi, Avery, how are we doing today? Good. Good to see you. So I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions and you answer with whatever comes to your mind. Okay. All right. So what is your favorite, most favorite, most favorite thing to do? Um, I like to do gymnastics. Gymnastics? And why do you like gymnastics? What do you like about it?

I like my coach who’s helping me. Like, do, help me with my cartwheels and all that. Yeah.

And what does your coach do that helps you get better at cartwheels and all of that gymnastics.

She has faith in me. Oh, that’s pretty important, isn’t it? Yes. Yeah. Do you have faith in yourself? Yes, I do. Yeah. And what makes you have faith in yourself? I say in my head. I got this Avery. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. Because who’s in control of what you do? God. Hmm. And who else? And Jesus. And who else? yourself? Yeah, yeah. So whatever we do, we can keep going until we get it. Right, right. Yes. And that’s how we can have faith in ourselves. So let me ask you this. What is your favorite chore to do? Um,

I like to vacuum and clean my room,you like to clean your room. I hated to clean my room when I was younger. So what makes you like to clean your room? What makes you like to vacuum? Well, it’s fine like chasing. And like, I’m trying to put like, and sometimes when I work the fire team, me my sister hope, like in my pop said this year, it looks like we like vacuum.

 Okay? So if you vacuum you get to do other stuff or you get to get other stuff. 

I don’t get like money or anything. But like my mom just told me or I’ll be grounded. Okay.

And so how else do you help your parents? Um, usually sometimes I dust because my sister’s allergic to dust bunnies?

Oh, okay, so you help out? Because if you don’t, if you don’t does then she, her allergies get up or something. Okay. Well, that’s really nice. And how does your sister and how do your parents feel about when you help when you help?

They feel good? Because my mom really worked so hard. So she does. She may? Well, she lets me clean the house. Okay. And how do you feel when you help out? I feel happy in the houses. Yeah. What do you feel happy? Because it’s finally clean. And I get to like, take like to do a lot of stuff after I clean? Like what? Like play my room or play on my switch? Okay,cool. Okay, well, I appreciate you being on the podcast. Okay. Thank you. 

Hi, Braden. How are you doing today? Good. I would love to ask you a couple of questions. Is that okay? All right. What is something that you really, really want? And can you switch? A Nintendo Switch? And why do you want them? To play games on it? Yeah. And what do you what do you like about playing games? Through fun, it’s fun. And so how do you think that you could get Nintendo Switch? I’m gonna get one for my birthday. Oh, when’s your birthday? Um, very soon. Oh, so do you think you’re going to you’re think might get one for your birthday? And yeah, so I kind of want to believe that you’ll get one for your birthday too. 

Oh, wait, if you had to think about a present that you could get for somebody else for Christmas or for their birthday? What would you get? Certainly like, something that they like. So who is something that you would want to buy something for? My best friend’s your best friend. And what what do they like? Baseball, baseball, so you might get them something in Pokemon. Okay, so you might get them something to do with baseball or Pokemon? And how do you how how do you think they would feel getting that present from you? know, how would you feel good. And the present from them? Great. Good. 

And how do you feel when you give somebody else something that they really really want? Good? Yeah. Is it is it fun to give people stuff? Yeah. Is it fun to get stuff? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So let’s go back to the first question. What are you really really good at? Did you think of something? Yeah. soccer, soccer. Oh, and why are you good at soccer. Ball good. I’m a good goalie. Oh, you’re a good goalie. So you keep you keep goals out. You keep other people from score. And that’s really important in soccer, isn’t it? Yeah. And how did you how did you get so good? play my play a lot. By playing a lot by practicing. Yeah. And how much do you practice Do you think how much do you play soccer? A lot, a lot. Like every day, playing much pretty much every day. And so do you like Soccer? Yes. Why do you like soccer? good fun. It’s fun. So you like things are fun? Yeah, I think we all like things that are fun. Well, I really appreciate you being on the on the podcast Braden. 

Hey, Jordan, how are you today? Good, good. I’m so glad that you got to be on the podcast. I just got to ask you a few questions. And then we’ll see where we go from there. So I wanted to ask you, what makes you nervous? What kinds of things make you nervous? Um, not sure. Sometimes it’s like certain things like going into a new school, but if I’ve been there, not really. Okay. That’s really the things that makes me nervous. Yeah.

So try doing new things that you’ve never done before. And why do you think they make you nervous? Or, or anxious? Or because there’s people that I don’t know. And it’s a whole new place? And what about that is kind of scary or makes you unsure. Sometimes when you’re new, and you first get in, you have a fear of other people hurting you. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Because sometimes people can be mean. So this week, we learned that God made us all special and unique. So what is unique mean to you? I’m different, different. And you do things? Basically, different than others. Yeah. Yeah, we’re all a little bit different. And He does that on purpose, right? Because we need all of our special gifts to help each other and to support each other and encourage each other. So how did God make you unique? Tell me what makes you special and unique. Um,I love singing. And I like being a waitress. It’s kind of fun doing that. So you like serving other people? Yeah. And I also love swimming, swimming. 

So what do you like about serving other people helping other people? I guess is just giving it because I guess when it comes out of the kitchen, I like carrying it to them. Yeah, that part’s just kind of fun. Because I, because I get to use my skills that I have for that at different times. And tell me tell me about your skills for that. What makes you good at that?

I can carry lots of things at once, at least three cups in my hand at a time. And two plates on each arm. So you like doing things that you’re good at? Yeah, yeah. And how did you get good at that? Um, I don’t know. It’s just like, I have good balance, like, Okay  Yeah. So at some point, you just decided to help somebody in that way. And you thought, wow, I’m really good at this. Yeah, I did that to my mom a few times. Okay. So you brought stuff to your mom. And you realized that you were really good at it. And so it made it fun, right? Um, so how do you feel when you get to do the things that you’re really good at?

Happy? Yeah. Because usually all of them are my hobbies that I do all the time. Okay. Now, what do you think if you if you could make money doing that, how would you feel about that?Well, I would be able to take care of myself if I made money. Yeah. And I could use my specialties to also help others.

And to think that you could make money doing that either singing, you know, stuff that you’re good at, or and that’s fun for you. Do you think you can make money doing that singing and serving people? And? Yeah, yeah, because everybody, there’s all kinds of people that want that. That kind of skill, right? That they want somebody to serve them and they want somebody that loves serving them, because if you have somebody that serves you, and they’re just really grumpy about it, then it’s usually not much fun to have them serve you is it but if you’re really happy and you enjoy what you’re doing People like having you do that for them. Right? they’ll usually pay for it.

So did you want to sing something for us? that make you nervous? So there, I guess we found something that makes me nervous.  Singing when you’re not prepared, right? Okay, well, maybe sometime you can prepare and you can come home and sing for us. Do you think you’d be good with that? One time? Maybe? Okay. All right. Well, I’ll take it. I’ll take a rain check on that. Okay. Well, thanks so much for being on the podcast. Jordan. This was really fun. Thank you. All right.

Riley. How are you today? Good. Good. I’m so glad you decided to be on the podcast because I can’t wait to ask you a couple questions. So I want you to tell us where does money come from? Comes from a building. Okay, like a bank or Federal Reserve? What do you want to do? Or what do you want to be when you grow up? Chef? Or chef? Why do you want to be a chef? Cause I like cooking? You do? What do you like about cooking? I don’t know. I just like cooking. You just like it. You just like to whip stuff up in the kitchen. And so what kinds of things do you cook? Desserts, cookies and a lot of stuff. Yeah, yeah. And do you do you do like, better eating the stuff you cook or giving it to somebody else to eat? I sometimes test it and then give it to the person. Oh, you test it to make sure that it turned out. Okay. And then you let them have it? And do they enjoyed the stuff that you make?

Well, sometimes I make it with my sister. It’s actually really good. It’s a dessert. Yeah. Yeah. What’s it called? What’s it having? As blueberries? Peanut Butter, and I forgot what else? Okay. But it’s really good. Well, you have to make that for me sometimes. So I can try it. So when you grow up, you want to be a chef. And how will you do that? How will you become a chef? get hired. get hired? Yeah. Do you think you’ll have to go to school or practice a lot? Do you have to go to chef school? Maybe? Yeah. And what makes you think that you will be a good chef? Hmm. Because I’m good at cooking. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And how did you get so good? My grandma taught me.

Yeah, so you learn from somebody else? And the more you do it, the better you get. Right. Yeah. And, and also, when you enjoy something, then you get better and better at right. Because when we’re not good at something, and we don’t like it. What happens? You’re not good at it. Yeah. And we don’t really like to do it. So we don’t ever do it that much. So we don’t ever get better at it. Right? What’s something that you feel like you’re not?I don’t know what I don’t like doing I just like everything was pretty good. That’s pretty cool. Right? So you’re pretty happy kid then. Right? Do you ever get mad? Sometimes Sometimes? What makes you mad? What do they do that annoys you? Kevin always make loud noises and fine. Yeah, cuz you’re. You’re pretty quiet, aren’t you? Yeah. Do you ever make them though? Sometimes, what do you do that makes them mad? Can’t think of anything? Hmm. So what are you what are you grateful for? are you grateful for your brothers? Brother and sister? Yeah. So what are some things that you like about them? They love me. They love mom. And I love them.

Yeah, yeah, that’s pretty awesome. Love is like the best thing ever isn’t. Well, I really appreciate you coming on the podcast, I know you were nervous. But how was it? Good? All right. All right. Thumbs up. Yay. All right. Thanks, Riley. 

Hey, Gavin, how you doing today? Good. Good. I am so glad you decided to be on the podcast. This is really not that scary, is it? Yeah, you’re right. Yeah, I was nervous when I did my first podcast. But now I’ve done like 60 something of them. So it gets better. It gets easier. So why do you think that people work? I actually don’t know how to answer us. Okay. Well, we’ll come back to that one. Do you What would you want to do when you when you have to work?  What job would you want? Or would you want to start a business?  I start a business and if I actually get did get a lot of money, I would actually donate it to the Children’s Hospital to help out some adoptions also. Hey, wait up some kids. Okay. Okay. 

So what business would you want to start? What do you like doing most? animate? I’m animating, animating? Yeah. Okay. Well, you could probably make a lot of money doing that, right? Yeah. Are you good at that? Not really. So how could you get good? practice time, practice? Yep. I just want to learn from other people. Maybe? Yeah, take a class in college. So why would you want to start a business in animating? To donate with success? Okay, so to make money and that you could donate to things that you are passionate about? What makes you passionate about giving to children’s hospitals? helping children out? Yeah. 

Why is that important to you? So that they can have a better life? Yeah. Yeah. It’s important to you to make sure that other people have a better life. Yeah. Because so do you feel grateful for the life you have? Yes. What does it mean to you to feel grateful? Why do I now forget what grateful means? Because you’re nervous. Yeah. So what else are you grateful for? First, tell me what grateful means. Grateful the way I think about grateful is I am glad to have something I appreciate having something. Okay.

I would get a I’d be grateful for success for donating.  And this morning, and this week, you know, Pastor Mike was talking about serving others, right? Yeah. And being a servant and being obedient. So that would be part of that. Right? Yeah. And how do you feel when you get to donate?  Happy, Happy? Yeah.  Yeah. Feels good to give great, doesn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I appreciate you being on the podcast. And I can’t wait to see all of the stuff that you animate when you when you get to become an animator. And do animate class in college. Okay, yeah. Yeah. So I hope you keep us up to date on that, because that’s pretty exciting. Yeah, not many people know, I’m an animator. Yeah. Um, I like I family brownstone. Now. How did you? How did you learn that? You enjoyed animating? What? How did you become an animator? Once was watching cartoons, and I thought, you know, I think that I could do this. Yeah. That’s what I’m trying to do. Cool. Yeah, that’s how we find what we’re good at. And our special skills is we just find stuff that we’re interested in. And we try it right. Yeah, yeah. All right. Well, I appreciate you being on the podcast. This wasn’t so bad, was it? Yeah.

 I just want to thank the kids of Camp awesome for being on my podcast. And I loved every minute of it. I had so much fun, and I hope that you guys come back next year and agree to be on my podcast again, then. Thanks and have a great school year. 


I want to take a few minutes to highlight some of the lessons I took away from interviewing them and leave you with some powerful questions you can take to your quiet time to ELEVATE yourself and your business.

I ABSOLUTELY loved what Avery said about her coach. That’s what I love about my coach too-she has faith in me. Do you have a coach that has faith in you? I want to invite you to borrow that faith in you-it can be a source of great power in your business.

Another lesson I took away is that  nothing is really impossible for us to accomplish. It’s really just a matter of time. We get impatient and stop trusting the process.

All we have to do is decide what we want, decide what we want to invest to get it, believe in the possibility, then keep going.

All of these are skills we can cultivate. Seeing possibilities is a skill you can continue developing much like Braden develops his skills in soccer, by practicing them every day.

Seeing possibilities is one way of elevating your you can rise higher and step into the more you’re made for.

I loved talking to Hannah about having a million dollars.

How would you use $1 million? This week I want you to create a budget for a million dollars and I want you to do that from an attitude of a child- imagine if you were not operating from limitation from what you believe about yourself or about the world, but instead operating from what you most WANT to believe about yourself and about the world and about what’s possible for you.

Then staying in that same childlike wonder, belief and possibility, write down all the ways you might make that million dollars, again not based on what you currently believe about yourself or about making a million dollars or the limits or costs that you might believe come with that, but from that same UNLIMITED Mindset, like these kids displayed so authentically and so naturally for you.

Remember Hannah and the nice things she would buy?

She’s going to buy a 2-story house with a basement with $7,000. Now you might first laugh and think she doesn’t understand what things really cost. But maybe it’s you who is confused about what things really cost. How do you know there’s not an opportunity out there or a scenario under which she could get a house for that amount?

Brainstorm all the possibilities.

Maybe there’s a house that’s condemned or run down that someone is willing to give her for that price.

Maybe she starts a non-profit and someone donates it in exchange for her paying back taxes which just happen to be $7,000.

Maybe someone gifts it to her but she has to pay closing costs which happen to be $7,000?

There could be any number of scenarios where this might be possible.

Just as a mental exercise see how many you can come up with.

And I’ll even make this exercise in possibility worthwhile.

Send me your list of possibilities. You can send them to me at Jill@jill wright coaching dot com by September 1st, 2021.

the person who sends me the most number of un duplicated possibilities, I’ll award a $25 Amazon gift card.

Then I want you to consider where are you overestimating the cost of building your business?

How is that limiting you?

How could you, like Hannah, just believe and assume that the costs are not as much as you might have thought? What does this make possible for you when you step into this possibility?

What would you be doing right now in your business if the costs were not too high, if it wasn’t too much?

What cost do you want to pay?

If you only want to pay $7000 and you believe it’s possible what new opportunities would you become aware of just by opening your mind to them?

What else do you need to brainstorm possibilities for?

Think about how resourceful these kids are.

Nothing is impossible when you’re resourceful.

And one of the resources you have access to that can make you more resourceful is your mind. When you UNLIMIT your mindset, you ten Limit your resources, you UNLimit your potential.


That’s one of the things that was the highlight for me as I was interviewing these AMAZING kids- was their UNLIMITED mindset. It was so refreshing and so enlighten­ing to watch those thoughts, those sentences in their brain and see how they have no more evidence than my clients, but have so much more belief.


This is what I want you to consider. How do your thoughts differ from these kids?

How do your thoughts limit you?

What are the thoughts you noticed in these interviews that UNLIMIT these kids?

What can you leverage from these interviews that you can start believing that you can step into that could move the needle in your business?

What did you learn from these kids that can lead you to your MORE-to the MORE you’re MADE for?


And how can we take a script from these precious kids and keep going, keep creating opportunities to believe – in ourselves, in our clients and in the possibilities for MORE?


Outro for Retreat

I loved doing my August series the “E” in my MASTER Your Money Mindset process. E stands for ELEVATE and I love talking about ELEVATING your thinking, elevating your possibilities because it REALLY highlights how much the limitations we accumulate over our life- time impact us.

When we can step back into that identity of who we are without all that baggage that we gather and carry that weighs us down-as I hope this episode gave you a glimpse into, it is so much easier to think. And when we have the time and space to think, when we’re not weighed down by that heavy baggage we can rise higher and actually show up as who we truly are, who we’re designed to be and do what we’re called to do and meant to do at the highest level we’re meant to do it.

And that’s EXACTLY what Elevate Retreat is ALL about.

It’s about getting away from the noise, the distractions, the interrupt­ions, the hustle bustle of your life for four days, so you can slow down, get still, let your brain get quiet and listen. It’s about clearing away the clutter and giving yourself the time and space to get clear and focused on what you really want, why you want it And what you’re here to do. Because if you’re not clear on those things, you’ll succumb, your dreams will succumb, to the mental chatter. If it feels like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting where you want to go, it’s probably because you’re not clear and you’re not focused on what you really need to be doing or what direction you’re headed. If it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, if you find yourself wondering why you never get there, it could be because you’re chasing something that doesn’t exist. So come take the time, create the space to get clear and get focused. Let us Focus on taking care of you. Then you Focus on getting quiet, resting, resetting, recharging and reconnecting so you can Focus on your business.

The time at this retreat will be focused on three things:




Your business

This four days will be dedicated solely to taking care of these three areas.


You can do it all, once you truly understand what “it” is.

I can’t wait to save your spot!