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Is there any limit to how high you can rise? 

ELEVATE means: to lift up, to raise up, To rise higher.

In order to ELEVATE, in order rise higher, you need to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down.

So if you business feels too heavy to lift yourself up and rise higher, listen to this week’s episode.

I would love to see you in Nashville October 22-25 to ELEVATE You & Your Business


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Is there any limit to how high you can rise? 
ELEVATE means: to lift up, to raise up, To rise higher.
In order to ELEVATE, in order rise higher, you need to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down.
So if you business feels too heavy to lift yourself up and rise higher, listen to this week’s episode.
What lifts us up?
Yes, there are circumstances that lift us up.
Here’s what lifts me up.
Helping people move forward in their business.
Helping them equip and empower themselves so they can equip and empower the women they’re meant to serve in their business.
Those things support my mission to equip and empower one million women to create a million dollars in net worth.
That mission lifts me up.
The fact that I’ve been chosen to be a part of that mission, that God had confidence in me to make me a part of that mission, that lifts me up.
Hearing about all the amazing things coaches all over the world are doing to make the world a better place and make people’s lives easier, more peaceful and more powerful. That lifts me up.
But those are all circumstances and I don’t always have control over circumstances.
So I have to find things that lift me up that I DO CONTROL.
ELEVATE means: to lift up, to raise up, To rise higher.
In order to ELEVATE, in order rise higher, you need to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down.
I’ve been thinking a lot about this with my ELEVATE Retreat coming up and thinking about how I’ve lifted myself up and how I’ve risen higher and what equipped and empowered me to do that.
So today I wanted to talk about a few of those things.
For a good chunk of my adult life, I’ve been on again off again with weight loss. I’ve lost weight and gotten fit, then lost fitness and gotten weight.
I’ve been all over the spectrum.
And I’m back on that kick again. Except this time it’s been much different.
I’ve taken the exact approach in weight loss that I’ve been taking in my business and that I teach my clients how to take in their businesses.
And it’s working.
I’m not in a hurry. I’m not in a rush. I’m not doing it to look better, to be someone else, to be more valuable. I’m not doing it to be different because I think who I am is not good enough. 
I’m doing it BECAUSE I WANT to.
How am I doing it?
By just doing tiny things, making tiny changes, however I can and whenever I can.
And by not judging any of it.
I’ve lost 7 pounds since I started at the end of May. I started weighing myself every day on May 30 and I just try different things. I just notice what seems to work and what doesn’t. I develop theories about why and I test them to see if I can reproduce the results. But mostly I just relax into it and keep believing that I am perfect like I am and I’m also capable of MORE.
This is the same approach I’ve been taking in my business.
This is the same approach I encourage with my clients in their businesses. and the same approach I would recommend to you.
If you go back to day one of your business, my gut tells me that’s how you were showing up then. You believed that everything was just part of the process and you were patient, because nothing had yet gone wrong. Your results matched your expectations. Your beliefs matched your evidence. It felt like nothing was at stake.
I noticed this with One of my clients recently when she shared a win in her Slack channel. She gave me permission to share this. This is what she said, “I had a free session with someone who came to my event 2 weeks ago and my only objective was to give him some awareness, whatever we could draw up for him in the hour we had together. By the end, he asked me for some details of how it’d work if we worked together and clarified the cost. He said he’d think about it and let me know. I think the biggest win out of this situation is actually that he knew of me from an in-person event I did in 2019 . So he remembered me from then. I was a lot less polished or experienced then. But the idea that a client could come from a “seed” I planted 2 years ago tickles me.”
Amazing! It’s because of how she was showing up. Back then nothing was at stake. She was just trying some things and noticing what worked and what didn’t. She wasn’t judging it. She was just a casual observer, not tied to the outcome. Just showing up in service, wanting to make a difference. It had nothing to do with being polished or being professional or having on the right clothes. It was all about having the right heart. When she focuses on this in her business, she experiences more wins.
And you will too.
Some of the On fire moments in my business have the same theme. I had the right heart. I’ll share another of those later in this episode.
But I want you to start to look for and notice the things you have done and how you accomplished them.  Look at anything you’ve created and I think what you’ll find more times than not is that you created or accomplished them because you were willing to do it in spite of the risk that it wouldn’t work.
When I thought about this, I thought about people I’ve know that have had infertility issues. I’ve never gone through this myself, but I’ve witnessed second hand and so I can only imagine the emotional investment required in order to go through this. Talk about the possibility of it not working — I don’t know the statistics, but I’m pretty sure it’s much more likely NOT to work the first time than it is likely TO work the first time.
Hmmmm …. sort of like business. All the things we try in our business — much more likely to NOT work the first time than TO work right out of the gate.
And look at all the  couples that do it anyway. Because there is possibility and as long as there is some possibility there can be hope. And as long as there’s hope, there can be action. And as long as there’s action, there’s possibility that it will work. As soon as you stop believing in possibility there is no hope and where there is no hope there is no action and where there is no action there is no possibility.
Consider how your entrepreneurial journey might be similar to that difficult journey through infertility. The emotional investment, the dangers of disappointment, the feelings of inadequacy or undeservedness.
What is possible in your business? How does that impact how you’re showing up? So ELEVATE is about elevating and expanding your thinking so you can elevate and expand your possibilities so you can elevate and expand your hope so you can elevate and expand your actions, which then elevates and expands your possibilities.
That’s why this step in my MASTER process is so important. Because you’ve transformed your identity-now it’s time to leverage that new truth, that new identity to elevate and expand your thinking, your hope, your actions and your possibilities to create Results that Reinforces who you are and what you’re truly capable of.
So whether it’s infertility, who you are as a coach, who you are as an entre­preneur, who you are as a friend, a mom, a sister, a client, a daughter, whatever role you’re focused on in the present moment, you can have MORE of what you want, not because you need it in order to validate your value, but because you’re already so valuable.
I said I’d share one more example of how I was on fire and how that fueled me to create more possibility in my business.
A few years ago, I had gone to The Life Coach School Mastermind.
Like many other coaches that attended that Mastermind, I came home on FIRE.
One of the things I was really on FIRE about was applying to Master Coach training.
The problem was I didn’t have the money to pay for it.
So I presented this problem to my brain and by Monday morning when I sat down to journal my brain had solved it.
I would simply create an offer and I would sell it.
At this point in my business, I had never filled my practice. At that point, I rarely was even able to book consults. The HOW completely eluded me.
I had NO clue how I would do this and do it by the end of the year. I would have to borrow the money to pay for Master Coach training, but I had a plan to pay it back by the end of the year, by selling this offer.
I decided to offer 3 months for $2500. And how I decided to do that was to make it a complete no brainer.
The idea that came to mind is to offer my program to twelve people I hand-picked at no cost to them up front. I would ask them to pay a small amount each month of the program, like $100 or so, then if they found it valuable, they would pay the balance at the end of the program.
I sold fifteen people, but two backed out. I started the program October 1 to go through the end of the year.
Mind you I had not filled my practice yet in my business after more than a year of trying, but once I decided that this was happening NO MATTER WHAT, once I made it non-negotiable, I filled my practice in a matter of about three weeks.
The moral of the story is that I was already capable. It was only once I truly believed that and I decided to prove it and made it non-negotiable and had a very No MAtter What attitude and reason for doing it, I did it.
Now I didn’t achieve the results I set out to achieve. I didn’t collect $25,000 by the end of the year. And I didn’t get accepted to MASTER COACH Training. But what I did get was every bit as valuable.
I created so much in my business that quarter that would then go on to fuel even bigger things in my business.
What I want you to notice from this is not what I did or what I got, but who I was being, how I was showing up.
I was on FIRE for me. I was on FIRE for my dreams. I was on FIRE for my clients.
ELEVATE is about CONNECTING to YOUR Fire. That’s how you ELEVATE your thinking, your possibilities and your business.
So if you’re believing It won’t work.
If you’re believing It doesn’t matter what I do –
If you’re believing it will never happen for me.
First notice that you’re believing those Money Lies.
Then build awareness around them. When is the first time you ever remember feeling that way? What led you to believe that?
Then question them.
What won’t work? Why?
What doesn’t matter? Why?
What won’t happen for you? Why?
Then turn it around until you get to the minimum viable product that is possible.
Start there.
What can you believe without a doubt is possible?
What do you desire so strongly that your desire can fuel your belief?
Think back to the infertility example. Those parents want it so, so badly that they’re willing to risk the disappointment, the failed attempts, the financial investment, what people think, all of it.
What do you desire so strongly in your business that you’re willing to risk the disappoint­ment, the failed attempts, the financial investment, what people think, all of it, in order to get what you deeply desire?
Because that’s what can fuel your belief in the tiniest possibility, the smallest glimmer of hope, the most minute action forward, that fuels that possibility and that forward moment­um that you are willing to continue
That’s what you need and that’s what elevating your thinking can do for you.
You know YOU are MADE for MORE
Come with me and ELEVATE Your MORE!