Is your brain creating problems or solutions?

Yesterday morning, I got up and started my normal morning routine. I’ve started implementing Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning – Jill style. If it’s still dark outside when I get up, I make a cup of tea and drink it while I enjoy quiet time, in prayer, bible study or meditation or just listening to what the spirit has to say to me for that day. I complete as much of my process as I have time for before it gets light out.

For example, I have some beliefs that I want to practice thinking, saying and feeling. I have a persona of who I’m becoming that I visualize as if I already am that person. This way the decisions I make throughout the day, I make from being that person instead of the person I perceive myself to be right now.

Once it gets light, I go for a short walk. The fresh air usually opens up my brain so I can welcome in inspiration, insight, wisdom, whatever I might need based on my schedule on any particular day. 

On my walk, I typically do a lot of thinking and come back with some good insights and thoughts to start my day. But yesterday, when I returned from my walk, I didn’t really recall anything specific that I thought about. I just remembered enjoying looking at nature – the deer, the birds, the wet areas left over from the rain overnight, and enjoying taking in the brisk air, the water I was drinking.

I did feel pretty tired — more on that in tomorrow’s newsletter – if you’re not getting my weekly inspirations every Friday, get on the list (

Anyway, I felt tired and I was really wanting coffee. I brewed a cup in the Keurig. EXCEPT, as it was brewing, I noticed that I forgot to put the coffee pod in the Keurig!! Instead of brewing coffee into the cream and Splenda I had just put in my cup, there was only hot water flowing into my cup.

Now I had a nice cup of cream, Splenda and hot water — yummy (I think, not so much)!

Now, the old Jill, the Jill I was before learning about coaching, would have gotten upset that I just wasted perfectly good cream and Splenda, beaten myself up and ruined my whole day over this one little tiny mistake.

But the new Jill, the Jill that has retrained her brain to be open and curious about everything in the world, I just wondered what I could do with this nice fresh cup of hot water, cream and splenda.

I could put a Chai teabag in there and have another cup of tea. But I was really counting on that caffeine.

I wondered what might happen if I brewed an espresso shot instead into this nice cup of hot water, cream and Splenda.

My Keurig has an espresso shot option, so I brewed two espresso shots into my cup and stirred it all up. Guess what I got – a nice tasty cup of Americano! I didn’t even know I could make an Americano in my Keurig. And boy was it good! It really hit the spot!

Now, because of a “mistake” (open to interpretation), I now know I can make an Americano with my Keurig. Life is so good!

My lesson in this was that my brain will always find a solution to any problem. If I want my brain to find solutions that make my life better instead of problems that make my life miserable, all I have to do is train my brain to always be open to anything being part of the solution and to stop resisting or arguing with my circumstances. If I know that my circumstances are supposed to be this way, then I can just skip the drama where I argue that things should be different and instead I can focus on a solution that makes my life better.

The next time you brew up a nice tasty cup of hot water (or whatever “problem” comes along), when what you were really craving was something much more powerful, see how many options you can create from that “mistake”.

Then enjoy choosing the option that makes your life better.

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