Which would you rather SEE πŸ‘€ in your business – Problems or Solutions?


I recently challenged myself to 30 Days of Abundant living.

I wanted to practice showing up in my life and my business from an abundant mindset more often than I showed up from a scarcity mindset.

I thought it might be a good idea to do this for 30 consecutive days because that length of time seems like a good timeframe for developing that pattern or habit.

I’m on Day 4 so far.

I’ll be curious to check back in here after the 30 days to see how my new habit is benefiting my business. I’ll update you in a few weeks.

If you want to check it out and follow along, I’m posting videos on FB each day on my More Money Cents page.

What does an abundant mindset look like?

Where scarcity might say I don’t have enough, I never have enough, whether It’s time, money, energy, clients β€” all things entrepreneurs never seem to have enough of β€” abundance might say it doesn’t matter what quantity you have, it can always be enough.

Because how you define enough is completely up to you.

The reason I think this is important is that your mindset determines your focus.

When you focus on what you lack, your brain looks for that and whatever you’re brain looks for, it will find. And whatever your brain finds will reinforce whatever you’re focusing on. That’s why when you focus on problems you find more problems.

Have you ever noticed that people that have a lot of problems are always talking about their problems? What you focus on is what you talk about. Just like wherever your treasure lies, your heart will be also.

Sounds crazy to say, but some people treasure their problems. It’s their comfort zone, because there are no discrepancies between what they believe and what they see as their reality.

At the same time, people that focus on what they have and anxiously and expectantly await and seek out solutions to their problems, they find the solutions.

And what do ya know? They have fewer problems.

They’re the people that are always talking about the amazing solutions they’ve found and sharing them with others.

So, if you’re not finding solutions, you might have conflicting beliefs that prevent you from seeing the solutions.

That’s where coaching comes in. As a coach, I help you see those beliefs preventing you from finding those solutions.

I recently helped one of my clients see how her belief that her client was not ready to face her problems was preventing her from signing that client.

Another client wanted to leave her job to go all in on her business, but because she was believing that the only way to feel secure is to work for someone else, she wasn’t moving forward in her business and she was resenting her job for being in the way of her dream to work for herself.

When you have an abundant mindset, it opens up the possibilities that your brain sees. Therefore, you get access to so many more options that you can explore and test out. You see more solutions than problems.

You become VERY skilled at seeing all the possibilities instead of all the limitations.

I would love to show you how you can do this in your business. Book a FREE session with me to learn how to see more solutions that will allow you to get the results you want in your business.