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There are lots of opinions about websites.

Do you really need one? 

How much should you spend on your first website? 

What if you need to change it later? How hard will that be? 

There are lots of things in a new business that feel a bit overwhelming. Building a website can be one of those things … BUT not if you have the right person helping you and have access to all the tools you need.

I guarantee you’ll enjoy this week’s Conversation With Coaches. My guest doesn’t call herself a coach, but trust me, she serves as one. 

Nancy Bischoff supports new service-based businesses through her streamlined process for designing a beautiful website that doesn’t drain your resources — time, energy or money!

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Welcome to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the time and get no results. I know what it’s like to wonder what’s the right way, and to constantly worry about doing it all wrong. I’ve learned a whole lot from doing things the hard way. That’s why I help coaches go from doing everything the hard way to making money easy. You want to create your dream life and dream business. That’s all about being free to do what you want, spend what you want, and build the future you want. And do it all with ease. In this podcast, I bring you Simple Strategies for Success for your business that make money easy. So it’s time for EASY MONEY. Are you ready? Well, then let’s go. 


Hey, there, welcome back to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill Wright. And I’ve got another treat for you today. I have got somebody here to talk to me about websites, I have never been interested in building my own website. And so I was lucky enough that when I went through the Life Coach School certification that was included in that entree entrepreneur track. And so I was so fortunate to not have to build my own web website. Obviously, I still had to provide all the information, all the copy, and all of that. But they handled the actual building for me. And so some of you may have a website, you may not have a website, you may have a website that you’re not too crazy about. Or you may have a website that you love. And there are really lots of opinions about websites. Do you really need one? How much should you spend on your first website? What if you need to change it later? I guarantee you, you will need to change it later. How hard will that be? So there are lots of things in a new business that feel a bit overwhelming. Building a website can definitely be one of those things, when to build it, how to build it, who to build it. All of those questions can overwhelm you, but not if you have the right person helping you and have access to all the tools that you need. Now that’s why I’m so excited to be talking to my guests today. Nancy Bishop supports new service based businesses through her streamline process for designing a beautiful website that does not drain your resources and resources being time energy or money. My guest today and as Nancy vicious off is on Instagram at Nancy bash off designs, and I will put those in the show notes as you can also find her at her website And as Nancy be as ambitious off design And on Pinterest But Nancy and I met when we were both in a mastermind together in a mastermind group. And she had a lot of things in common. I felt like whenever she talked in the mastermind, I felt like oh my gosh, me too. There was something that was so fun about being in a group and having something in common and connecting really well with somebody in that group. And so I feel like Nancy and I definitely did have a good connection. And nowadays we just meet every month or so. And we collaborate, we just hang out, we just discuss interesting topics we talk about what’s going on in our business and things that we’re struggling with. It’s just a really fun and interesting time just to connect and I love our conversations each month so I know you’ll enjoy this fun conversation with Nancy Bischoff.   Enjoy. 

Well welcome to EASY MONEY Podcast Nancy, I am so happy to have you here I’m I have thoroughly enjoyed our monthly conversations that we’ve been doing. And so I’m so glad that my audience gets to hear part of the types of things we talked about. Well, hello, thank you, I’m glad to be here.


So I want you to I love the story of your journey into business. And you don’t have to go into every single detail. But I think that our audiences would both really benefit from hearing sort of your stops along the way, and how, really about how you think about your journey, and how you decide where you’re going now, where you’re going next, you know, what you’re going to sell now, what you’re going to sell next, you know, all of all of those things, all of those decisions that go into building a business and, and how you stay. So to me, you come across very clear headed in your decision making about where you’ve taken your business. And so I would love for you to share a little bit of that with my audience. Sure. So I think it’s a lot of trial and error being a lot of trial and a lot of air. You have to give yourself grace, and when you don’t get it right the first time because it’s something new, and none of us have had a business before. So unless you’ve had other businesses and been successful and have a model that you follow, I think all of us starting in this online business world are just trying to figure out how to make our mark and how to succeed because we’re all different. And we all have, we can’t do it all. So how I got here, I have a lot of formal education, though I started out as a teacher, did that. And then I got placed in the seventh grade World Geography class. And I knew I was not spending the rest of my life. I had a roommate who was in law school at the time, she was a prior roommate, and we were roommates in college. And so she said, would you come be in my mock trial? I need a witness. So I was like, Yeah, sure. So I did that. And when I will, what do you have to do to get into law school? Because I didn’t know when she said you have to take the LSAT. I can’t, I’ll just take it and see what happens. So I thought if I got a good enough score, I would apply. And if I got in, I would go. And so everything just fell in line, though I got a score that I thought was okay, I thought well apply. I applied to one school, got in went. So then that began my law career. I did not love the courtroom, I thought I would just be behind the scenes doing writing. But then you go where the jobs take you and I ended up in the courtroom. So I tried that for a period of time. And it was not where I felt that I was being the most myself. It’s not a place for creativity. Really, I don’t like to talk on the fly or being asked questions that I just don’t know the answer to because your clients don’t tell you the truth. Just not. It’s great for some people, but wasn’t exactly where my gift for. But I did that for a while and then having my husband and I actually met in court as opposing counsel. So that’s an interesting tidbit. When both of us were working, not knowing what time you’re going to come home and having a child is really difficult. So I was trying to figure out what I could do with the hours, you know, to be home more. And so I took a job as an interventionist in a school. So I went back to teaching and worked with kids that way, but that was what sparked my I was doing a lot of creativity, I was creating the lessons, I worked one on one. So I had to really work with the child and figure out how they were best gonna learn because they’re each different. And so it was a lot of different lesson planning for each of the different grades that but I loved it. And then flash forward, I decided my husband and I meet every year and have an annual meeting where we want our family to go, what vacations are we interested in making? What is the child interested in as our camps go? What are extracurricular activities? Are we going to do what? Do we have any donations that we’re working toward? Like, what do we want to do? And so this particular year, I said, I want to have my own business. And I don’t know what I need to do, but I just, I really want to do that. And he said, Okay, let’s make it happen. So I started out with the easiest thing that I knew how to do that was in the low startup and that was tutoring, because I already knew how to do that. And I liked working with kids and I knew I could work one on one and get them the help they needed. So that was in February of 2020 and then the pandemic hit in March. Tutoring wasn’t the best choice now. Yes, there were a lot of people they needed online tutors, but everybody was taking their classes online, my daughter included so I didn’t have the time to invest So in spinning, we were all just trying to get through, and we didn’t know how long it would last, it was like, Oh, you’re gonna be out of school for two weeks. And then it was the whole school year, and then it was the summer, and then it still went on and on and on. So it wasn’t anything that I could jump into. And then in looking at business models, all this time, I was learning, reading, trying to figure it out and to trade time for money. $20 an hour, I’m never gonna make any money because I only want to work three hours a day.


It’s just it wasn’t worth the expense. So I thought, What could I do? Again, what can I do with what I already know, and move forward. So that coaching would be a good way to like helping people, it’s the same thing. I liked the content creation, because you’re still creating content. So when I had started the business, I had a website, and it was designed for me. When I wanted to change the coaching, I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t know how to update my blog, I didn’t know how to take the bait off. I didn’t know how to change services afraid to touch it, because it was very pretty. And I didn’t want to mess it up. But I didn’t know even how to begin. So I started learning about Squarespace. And that’s where my site was on, and decided that I loved it. And I wanted to learn more about that. So I took courses on Squarespace. And that’s what led to my web design business. And now I design websites for beginner businesses, a lot of coaches. But I’ve done all kinds of field, just service based businesses that need like a five page website. So I don’t go into E commerce or any products or other than, you know, maybe a digital product, but very, very light, just service based businesses. And I just keep learning and growing and never got to work with all kinds of new businesses. And it’s just it feeds my Well, one love of knowledge and then to just differing I get to meet with different people in different businesses. And each one has a different value and different mission statement and what they want out of their business. And I love finding that out and trying to make that come to life with words or design or copy or a feeling when you land on their site. So that’s how it very circuitous route. It all comes together. Because there is an element of teaching. Because the one like myself, I want them to be able to take a date off their blog if they want to or not feel like it like I was like just so nervous to even putting anything on there where they can just change the date if they need to. The other thing is had the legal background, the first thing I check on website is is there a privacy policy? And it’s or are their terms and conditions listed on there. And if people don’t have that, that’s the one thing that has to flag because you need those. So I can talk to the client about that as well. And I think that’s something that just given me a unique, all of it kind of working together in my background to be in this arena.

Yeah. Yeah, that I mean, that is kind of fascinating. Because I mean, if you took your starting point on that journey you just described and your ending point. I mean, if you had tried to do that on purpose, it’s almost like, you know, you’re trying to shoot something in the wastebasket across the room, or you’re trying to, you know, you’re on the puppet course, and you tried to make a hole in one, it’s like, sometimes the way those things happen, it’s like, oh, I would never be able to do that, again in a million years. And, I mean, that’s what our, our journeys are supposed to be like. And I think, so many times we judge ourselves for, you know, all of those twists and turns that we feel like, Oh, we’re not getting anywhere, we’re not getting anywhere in you, were actually getting exactly where you were supposed to be. So you know, in in our conversations each month, one thing that that I’m really that I really admire about you is that you don’t seem like you are under the weight of all of the shoulds like, it just seems like you’re very open handed with your journey to building your business and to just keeping that fun and that energy and that that alignment with who you are in every aspect of your business. So is that is that something that you do on purpose? Is that something that comes naturally? Like how does that go? For you?

It comes naturally because you know if if you tell the world and when I did say I’m going to leave law and take a part time job in a school working with kids. her like she lost her mind you I got that question a lot. Luckily, my husband is used to my ideas. And sometimes they’ll say, now that one’s a little far fetched, like when I wanted to fly a hot air balloon, it’s like, let’s think about this because you actually have to take like you said, you can’t really back out of the garage without taking off a mirror, and you knock over the trashcan every time. Those are true statements. So maybe a hot air balloon isn’t, you know, the season, just take a few days and see how you feel. So it’s a good sounding board to get sometimes, my ideas can be a little upset, maybe that’s not the right one to pursue now. But I also don’t know, I don’t really know that I never fall into the should because I want to say at times, I think it would be really nice, like my mom was a teacher. And she woke up when she was a little girl, and he wanted to be a teacher. And she became a teacher. And that was what she did her whole life, she never questioned it. And I never had that. I have wanted to be like a stewardess, a pilot, a truck driver for a while a nurse, my roommate was a nurse. And I could do this until I read about a couple of paragraphs. No, I cannot handle a lot. And I didn’t want to read any more of what she was reading. But I think I just don’t worry about I just do what comes naturally to me because I embrace that I am quirky, I have embraced that I am not like everybody else. And everybody on Facebook, and I’m not. And so I just know that I’m going to do things differently. So it does come into play. Sometimes when I get the comparison mindset, like, Oh, you’re doing all of this, and I’m not. But then I have to back down to like, well, who are you, you are not the Facebook person anyway. And it is your life. If not, you’re not missing anything, because you’re not posting on there every day. And I’ve still managed to get business even though I don’t dance on Instagram or do Tik Tok. So, I think it’s just you have to be natural and, and that’s where I have been able to really, most of my business right now comes from referrals, because people that have worked with me, like me, and they’re, you know, asked me to work with somebody else, or introduced me to somebody else. And that’s been really helpful. So I think if that’s working, then I don’t have to dance, which is probably grateful. And I can be my own person. And, and you know, that’s to with coaching and trying, when you look at everything online, there, it’s you have to have a blog, you have to have an Instagram account, you have to have tick tock account, you have to have Pinterest, you have to have LinkedIn, you there’s not enough time in the day to have actual clients and to be on all of those platforms Give me 100%. So I think it’s, you know, the important thing is to figure out what is best for you? And where do you want to show up? And where are your people showing up. And that’s what you focus on. So for me, I like to write blogging, it’s a long term commitment, because it takes a while to build up. But that’s where I’ve decided to focus, because that’s something I really like. And I think I can help with the articles I post on how to improve your website, how you start a website, if even if you want to DIY, what would be the best way to start that. But also knew just knowing that I want to work with businesses, too, that are starting. So it gives me a little bit once I knew that that’s where my heart really was, I would love to help the mom that wants to start a business like I did. And I had no idea where to start. And I feel I have an advantage because I did have lock gold. So there’s a lot of paperwork involved, you have to file an LLP. And so I feel, you know, I could just I did that I didn’t have to hire anybody. I could do my own and not be intimidated by it. But I think if you’re just starting out, you’re like, there’s so much to do when starting a business and it can be overwhelming, that it’s helpful to have somebody just break it down. And if it’s not that batch one step at a time, and don’t try and do it all.

Yeah, so if you were to lay out sort of the first three steps for a new coach or entrepreneur, hopefully I’m not putting you on the spot too much. I mean, I kind of have an idea what I would say but I’m curious what you would say are the most important things for them to worry about first, I would say growing their confidence, because their business is 100% about selling and how they come across and that can be something that is intimidating. And if you don’t have Commonweal you could work with me I’ve never had a client before but I would you know and some really cheap because or do you want to work with him and say I guarantee I can help you I have a new coach but I have worked with all these women that have had proven changes that come out and do and she’s the one Are you approach it would be one that one way, I also think just to not be overwhelmed by all of the things that you can get you thrown off because you can be busy in your business, or 80 hours a week and still not make any headway. Pick a platform, pick one that you really like that you want to get on and engage. And then stick with that it is all trial and error. So that if that’s not working after about three to six months, then you know, maybe that’s not the one for you, and then you switch it up. But you don’t know until you try so that you don’t have to be on all of them, give one or two of them your all and then see what works best for you. The other thing I would say like even though I do websites, I don’t believe you need that to start, you just need to have an audience. So whether you’re collecting emails, or whether you’re doing your audience on stories, or whether you’re creating things on Pinterest, you just need to have somewhere for them to go. And even to start with a one page website works just as well, you just need a place where you can have people go to find information about you. So I think like that could be an Instagram page, or it could be a Pinterest page, or it could be just one a one page website, I will say that to look professional, if you are asking for high ticket income, so your coaching package is say $1,500, or whatever it is, that’s that would be you know, considered a lot of money to them. If you’re out there on a free website, it just makes you look cheap. Because if you’re asking them to pay, but you’re not willing to pay for a professional website, I just makes you question me anyway. And that might not be everybody’s opinion. But if you’re trying to do something for free, I think you’re going to have a business go on and make it a business I get to l get yourself protected. And really start it and give it your all because if you just say well, I’m just going to do this on the side. Now, if you have to start a side hustle because you have a full time job, or you know that we all start somewhere. So I’m not saying that, but make it professional, make everything you do professional, and then it will just grow from there.


Okay, cool. Yeah, that’s interesting, because I’m sure if you asked 100 people, you would probably get like, 95 different answer. Right. That’s what that question, my opinion. And that’s why you can get down the rabbit hole, what am I supposed to do all of these people have, and I think you find, you know, a couple that you really like, and they are successful, and you want to emulate them. But also like take it with a grain of salt, what works for you, because you’re successful. And that one way that might not be what is best for you. And so, or they have maybe other means of support, or and you knew you’re trying to go all in and your payment. And so it’s different than somebody that you know, just doing it for fun and has Yeah, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, not apples to steak dinner.


And everybody has a different definition of success. For me, the reason I did it was to have freedom, flexibility I didn’t want to have it wasn’t about the amount of money I made it was I don’t want to have to go to my boss and say, My daughter needs to be picked up early from school because she’s growing up currently, I want to be able to do that. I want to be able to be there after school with her and work on the homework or do activities. And I don’t want to have to, you know, work a job that’s from five in the morning till two in the afternoon. So I can have you know, and now with the way I have it set up, we can do it, we can work at the same time I can, it’s just all very, very flexible. And I try and schedule actual conversations with people, you know, when she’s at school or in the actual workday, and then the evenings and afternoons I can have more flexible work schedule, which is really my definition of success not having to ask somebody permission to you know, be with your family.

So yeah, yeah, and I think I mean, that would that would be one of the things that I would list as one of the things to do first is really to decide what this needs to look like for you. Like, you know, what do you want to invest? What do you what is most important to you? Is it flexibility Is it freedom is it financial reward is you know, knowing what it is that you want this for? And what it is that you want it to ideally look like, then you can start to craft because you may have to make a lot of decisions as an entrepreneur. And so having something to ground those decisions in, you know, a set of values, a mission of vision. Not that though any of those have to be complicated. It can just be three simple bullet points. When you start thinking about what’s your mission? What’s your purpose? Why are you here? What are you here to do? Just asking really powerful questions like that, and, and establishing a foundation upon which you can make those future decisions will really help ground you and anchor you in who you are so that you can filter your decisions from that. And then you don’t have to make it mean, oh, I’m not doing that, even though that coach or that business owner is doing XYZ B, being able to come back to that, that foundation and say, Yeah, that’s the decision that I made for me, because that’s, that’s what I wanted, they might want something completely different, they might have a completely different objective, completely different mission, vision and purpose, even why they’re doing it or, or what’s most important to them. So. So I think that, to me, that would be like, the first thing to, to be able to give yourself is that foundation upon which you can make really powerful decisions for your business and for your family.


Yeah, and I recommend writing that down. So on the days when you’re like, frustrated, or just like, oh, they will come?

Then you have that, you know, like, this is why I’m doing it not only for the flexibility for my family, but who do I want to help like me, I’m like, I really want to help the new businesses. And so if it takes me longer to help them set up an email servers that I wasn’t planning on, because they should already have that done. But that’s why I want to help. So do I take the time and do that? Yes. But then that’s why I’m in this business anyway. So yeah, I think that, if you forget, it’s good to have it written down. So I have my I have mine written down, I have done a little book, I had it on my phone, but it’s buried in all my notes. So that wasn’t, for me, it had to be in a notebook. I know exactly where to go with that, and kind of what my goals are. So each year, an income goal, but really, I do it by how many people I have a goal to help for that particular year. So it’s increased, because when I first started, I wasn’t able to do as many and I didn’t, but now that I have a little more experience, I can help more. I’m like, each year the number goes up to how. 

Yeah, yeah, and knowing because you’re such a learner. And that is, you know, one of your I think that’s one of your top strengths, too, right? Yes, yeah. And knowing that about yourself, helps you establish that framework. So I like that you, you just talked about that. Because when you’re making decisions on the scope of your services, you can make those decisions from a place of okay, what’s best for my client. And what’s best for me, what’s best for me is to learn more about that, so that I can either know that I don’t want to learn anymore, or know about it so that I can help future clients, right. And so that’s a decision that you can make from a very powerful and very purposeful place, versus making that decision from lack and scarcity, which would look like, Oh, hey, if I don’t do this, for her, she’s going to, you know, not give me a good review. Or she might fire me or those are scarcity thoughts, but doing it from a very powerful and purposeful place. Does this make sense for me? Does this make sense for them? Because maybe you’re not the best person to do a particular thing for that client, when they ask you a question. So they may ask you something that’s not in your wheelhouse, and that you don’t feel plays to your strengths that you maybe don’t want to learn about. And you know, it may serve them better to actually refer them out to help them find a resource for that.


I think so. Yeah. And when we first having an initial conversation with the client as well deciding what platform they want to be on. So if Squarespace, if they already have a blog, and they’ve been blogging for 10 years, you probably don’t want to switch that with Squarespace. So you want to look at that as well and to just look at the overall picture of what is their goal. And beginner businesses that have never had a website before haven’t been new. Squarespace is the perfect place to start because it’s a small learning curve compared to WordPress, which I’m still learning and finding to be very difficult and I think show it’s very beautiful. but it can also have a higher learning curve. So it just depends on the client. But if you’re starting a new business, and it’s not web design, you probably don’t want to be investing in learning all about that you want to be working more on your business. So that’s why I recommend Squarespace to new businesses because they can, I have a friend that’s a dentist, and he’s on a WordPress site, and he’s had the money to pay for a developer. But now he wants to change the hours for his summer hours. And he can’t, because the way it ended up, he can’t just go into the page and click on it and change it, it will affect all the child parent relationships on. I don’t know how to do it. I’m like, Yeah, I’m not the person to help you with that. Complex as far as web development, maybe a year or so because I’m going to class. But I think that that’s why I like Squarespace. Just for peace of mind when you’re starting out, and you don’t have to learn as much. When you’re learning everything else. Everything is new, you know, you need to know how to have what email are you going to use? Or what is your business name going to be a YouTube, you have to be thinking about trademarks, are you going? What are your signature offers going to be? And it’s just here, like you said, so made a decision. And if you just add one more turn so that the big learning curve? Yeah.

Another thing that, that I really have noticed, as we’ve built our relationship over the past several months, is that you just seem extremely good at leveraging and squeezing out all of the goodness from the process and learning from everything you do, like you talked about earlier, you kind of just take everything with a grain of salt, because I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs sort of start to get really stuck in what doesn’t work and, you know, get really deep into, you know, like, oh, maybe I’m meant not meant for this, maybe I don’t have what it takes. And just get to that point of you know, what’s the point anyway, this is never going to be successful, just getting really stuck in the mud, when it comes to things not working in their business. And what I’ve noticed about you is you seem to move on pretty easily now. Maybe, maybe that’s part of the ADHD.

I do I do move on quickly. And I do like I do suffer from shiny object syndrome. So if something else seems exciting, I will be more interested in that. I also think that you’re gonna fail. So the point is, just as Why didn’t work, it didn’t not work, because you didn’t do it. Like, I have an envelope sitting on my counter downstairs. It’s not working because it didn’t get into the post office, my friend that should be getting a gift in the mail is not getting it because it’s just sitting there. So is that your problem? Like you’re just not doing what you should be doing? And then saying you’re failing? Or did it go there? And you know, it got lost in the mail. So you actually did your part, but you had no control over? What what happened to that letter, kind of the same thing like control? Well do what you’re supposed to do. But if it doesn’t work, don’t blame yourself first. Why isn’t it working? So did you do everything in your power to do it? b Did you have the right resources? Because if you didn’t if or if you put the letter, you know, it’s post office and you gave it to FedEx, you’re using a wrong resource, they’re not going to get where it needs to go. So you have to look at the overall picture. And so I think really, that’s partly because I’m you know, I am a little bit nerdish. So what didn’t work and why. So you look at the why or why it didn’t work. And you know, it can go back well, did I do what I was posting? No, I took a nap. Or I decided to read a book, or I just didn’t want to do it, because I put it off. And so you look at that, Tim, you have to be honest, I’ve given it my all, you could be giving a lot of your time and energy, but it’s in the right ways to move your business forward. So if you’re never telling anybody you have an offer, if you’re not talking about your business, people ask you what you do. And you’re like, Oh, I’m just doing it online. But you’re not telling them. I’m a coach. I’ve seen great results. I have great clients. Let me tell you about it, and then they could be interested or not, but at least you’re talking about it and you know, being more confident in what to do and talking about your service. Yeah. So what I heard, I mean, the big thing I heard you say was Don’t blame yourself first. So kind of a lot of my clients. I mean, that’s their default response. It’s like, oh, there must be something wrong with me instead of there must be something wrong with the process or what step You know, did it go off track? You know, instead of looking at the data, they immediately and I mean, that makes it very difficult to solve the problem, right? Because you’re looking at the wrong problem, you’re not the problem, there’s something in that process that you need to tweak. And when you’re focused on yourself being the problem, then you’re not looking at the real problem, you say, you’re not finding the real solution, which is only going to spiral you into more things not working. Right. So and then I heard you say, be honest with yourself, like, what is your role in that? What acknowledge and own take ownership of what you do control? And how you are showing up and then make a decision, right, take control to the next thing that you’re in control of? So if it did get lost in the mail? Now what? So what now? What right? What can I do, I can send another one, right? I can, you know, maybe if I, if there’s tracking on it, I can maybe file a loss, you know, a claim on it. You know, so many of us get kind of spiral in it because of that, that belief that I’m the problem, right? We don’t look for the real problems. So if we think we’re the problem, then we’re not going to identify those other solutions. Yeah.


I think that’s where coaching comes with it. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have somebody else that’s looking outside of your bubble, to ask the right questions to pull you out of that for you, then you just have more comments, okay, it’s not my fault. And there are other solutions. And you’re just sometimes so blindsided, because it just seems so daunting, or one decision after another, or there’s a couple of failures in a row. And you’re just like, you know, you’re spiraling down the wrong way. So if you have a sounding board that just says, Why don’t we look at this a different way, can really help. So we didn’t, we did talk about what we can our coaches needed, but I think all of them need a coach themselves, because I don’t think that you can move forward. You can, I’m not saying you can’t move forward, we can all do personal development and be better humans. But I think we’ll get there faster. And growing a business is what you really want to do. It helps to have a coach that can move you along and keep you grounded.


Yeah, so good. Yeah. So how can if you know, there’s new coaches out there listening to this, and they don’t have a website? Or they maybe don’t like their website? How can they get in touch with you? How can they get help from you? How can they learn more about you, I do have an Instagram account (@nancybischoffdesigns) that I haven’t posted on since I think Happy New Years. I’m kind of get more active in that, because I have several blog posts out now. So that’s my goal, I’m on Pinterest. And also my website is the best place because you can contact me directly from there, you can look at my site and see if you like my style, you can also I have a couple of blogs on there. And anytime I do an interview or do some tutorials, they’re there as well. So I can find that out and that is  But we can think that you and the design that Okay, I will definitely link that in the show notes. I really have enjoyed this conversation, just like I enjoy all of our conversations, but I’ve really appreciated all of the insight and the wisdom that you offered. People out there just starting or, you know, ramping back up, some of us, you know, get the shoulds in the quits and we kind of slow down for a little while. So anybody that is, you know, trying to reinvigorate their business or get back going again, you know, reach out to Nancy and get help with that and reach out to me and, and get help with the mindset piece of it and the scarcity piece of it. So I really appreciate you, Nancy, and I look forward to our next conversation.  Yeah, thank you. It’s been good time.


I’ll tell you what, I have been so blessed in the people that I’ve met since I’ve become a coach and the people that I’ve been able to connect with have conversations with collaborate with people that I’ve been involved in their business and they’ve been involved in mine. It’s just the people that I’ve been in groups and Masterminds with. This is just such an amazing community. And I know that I myself personally have not even scratched the surface of the amazingness in the life coaching community and in the world of small business owners. It is just amazing. So you There are a few things that I hope you caught in Nancy’s journey as she was talking about her journey to becoming a website designer, it was, to me it was very interesting. I hope you found that is interesting as I did, but just in case you didn’t catch these parts, I just wanted to highlight them. Because I think it’s so important to remember, as you’re going on this journey, as you’re exploring your your role as an entrepreneur and your role. As a coach, as you’re building your business, I think it’s so important to remember some of these these things, and to remember what kind of attitude you want to go into this journey with, especially if you’re just starting out, you can skip a lot of the drama and the getting stuck and, you know, missing out on certain things in your business, if you know this upfront, and you know what to look for. So it really is all about the mindset you use in approaching your business and your life. Because your attitude about the journey, so influences what that journey holds for you and your experience on the journey. And if you’re going to be on journey, wouldn’t you rather enjoy and get something out of the experience instead of just getting from point A to point B? Now, Nancy mentioned that the way she ended up going to law school and becoming a lawyer, when she said yes to some things, just because they sounded interesting to her at the time, just happened to be where she was at. And she just happened to be open to what was right in front of her. And the opportunities that presented themselves. You know, not every one of those yeses actually worked out to be something that she wanted to do long term, she said she didn’t enjoy being in the courtroom. But it doesn’t mean you know it, they are where she ended up spending the rest of her life. And that’s okay, because they did lead her further along her journey and served such a valuable purpose. In her subsequent endeavors. She became a teacher. And that led her to be invited by her friend to participate in a mock trial, which then led her to apply to law school, get accepted, complete her law degree, and go on to become a lawyer. Now, a lot of that knowledge that she gathered during that part of her journey she uses as a website designer, because she works with new business owners, new entrepreneurs, she has a lot of that legal knowledge that she can then use to that she can then share with those new business business owners as sort of just an additional area of knowledge that she can contribute to that relationship with her clients, and make their journeys easier. And you know that this podcast is all about making things easier. And that certainly makes things easier for her clients, for you know, them to have access to her knowledge that she has gained in her teaching career in her law career. So as her journey progressed, she met her husband, and had she not become a lawyer, because some of us might say, oh, yeah, I did that law school thing. And I went on to become a lawyer, but it really wasn’t what I wanted to do. And then we would proceed to judge ourselves for wasting all that time and money, right. But had she not become a lawyer? Would she have met her husband in the courtroom? So she met her husband, they went on to have a child? And if that hadn’t happened, would she have looked for an option for a more flexible schedule in order to care for her daughter? And would she have gotten into tutoring? And if she hadn’t gotten into tutoring? And if she hadn’t been a former teacher, she wouldn’t have gotten into tutoring? Most likely, because would she have chosen tutoring as her first business? She said, Well, that just seemed like the easiest thing to try. And so if she hadn’t gotten into tutoring, would that have led her to her current business. So you know, all of that stuff led her to explore all of her options along the way and be open to all that she had in front of her and wallah. She’s doing some things that she loves. And she’s such a perfect fit for helping new businesses build a beautiful website because of all that she has learned herself along the way. If she hadn’t built that website, ever hadn’t had that website built and then switched businesses then she wouldn’t have decided to to try to see if she could figure it out herself. And she wouldn’t have learned all of that. So all of her past endeavors perfectly prepared her for her current role for her current business. And it’s quite likely that all of that experience along with her current role is perfectly preparing her for her next role. And so don’t discount anything that you’ve done anything that you’ve experienced anything you’re currently doing, whether it’s successful or not successful, whether you feel like it was a waste of time or not. My point is to embrace every part of your journey while you’re on that journey. And looking back on your journey, because you can trust that it has perfectly prepared and is perfectly preparing you for your next destination. I hope you enjoyed this fun conversation with Nancy Bishop, be sure to connect with Nancy on her website and on Instagram at Nancy Bischoff designs, or I think that’s right. I think I’m remembering the right website. But I will post it in the description in the podcast description in the show notes. So be sure to check out everything she has to offer. And you know, even if you don’t need her help right now, she’s definitely an amazing person to get connected with. She has a lot of knowledge. And she’s just so much fun to talk with. So I will see you next week right here on EASY MONEY. Bye y’all. 

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