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How do you want to blow your own mind? As a coach, as a mom, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a financially independent woman? 

How do you feel about goals? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Depends on the goal? 

In what areas do you confidently achieve your goals? In what areas do you struggle with the goals you set? 

Today, we’re going to talk about all the aspects of goals and how to thrive in setting and achieving goals, so that you can turn your goals into G-O-L-D!

With Felicia Broccolo and Stacy Luckey from Confessions of a Goal Getter podcast! They help us think differently about goals, so that you don’t have to give up your goals in order to give up the pressure!

And don’t forget to check out their podcast Confessions of a Goal Getter

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Welcome to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the time and get no results. I know what it’s like to wonder what’s the right way, and to constantly worry about doing it all wrong. I’ve learned a whole lot from doing things the hard way. That’s why I help coaches go from doing everything the hard way to making money easy. You want to create your dream life and dream business. That’s all about being free to do what you want, spend what you want, and build the future you want. And do it all with ease. In this podcast, I bring you Simple Strategies for Success for your business that make money easy. So it’s time for easy money. Are you ready? Well, then let’s go. 

Hey there, Jill Wright with EASY MONEY Podcast. I’m back this week with another conversation with coaches. This week. I’m so excited to share a conversation with the hosts of Confessions of a Goal Getter Podcast. So if I want you to think about how would you spend your money if money was truly unlimited. Now, I think a lot of us think that if we don’t put limits on ourselves that we’ll be irresponsible with money, we won’t take care of it, we won’t be a good steward. And that can actually limit how much money we make no food. If you think about food, it’s unlimited for most of us, but we don’t eat everything in sight. We still take care of ourselves. So if money wasn’t limited, I guarantee you, you would still take care of yourself. So why not act that way? Now? Why can’t you act as if money as unlimited now, and just be strategic with your money? So are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals, whether they’re money goals, or health goals, or relationship goals, or spiritual goals, whatever your goals are, your goals should come from what you truly want, whatever you truly want, why wouldn’t you be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want? What’s standing in your way? I think this conversation that I’m about to have that I’m about to share with you is so interesting, because so many of the things that we fear about money, we also fear about our goals. So I’m so excited to share this conversation with the hosts of Confessions of a Goal Getter Podcast, Felicia Broccolo and Stacey Luckey. So enjoy.

All right. Hi, my name is Felicia Broccolo, I am the Impossible Goal Coach, you can pronounce that correctly. I am the impossible goal coach. I got into coaching because I felt like I couldn’t lose weight. And once I was able to overcome that goal that felt absolutely impossible for me. I started achieving so many other things that blew my own mind like running a whole bunch of half marathons and a full marathon writing a book, making more money than I ever thought I could make. And now I help other people achieve goals that blow their own minds. So hello, I’m Felicia.

Hi Felicia, so I am Stacy Luckey and I am the Do It Anyway Coach. I have spent decades struggling with anxiety, fear, and recently was diagnosed with adult ATD, which makes a whole lot of sense of what’s going on in my brain. And so I I’m also a big dreamer. And I spent a lot of time hiding under the covers, and playing small in the background because of these really big negative emotions while still having these dreams. So I knew that I wanted to like take more action. And I wanted to live like this amazing life that I was envisioning. But I was scared all the time. So fast forward to coaching and working on myself I learned how to bring these really big scary emotions along and start doing it in new way. So they didn’t go away the fear still there but I’m learning how to start a podcast with a complete stranger. I’ve learned how to start a business and now moving into a group coaching business and I’m doing all these really amazing things. And the fear is still there. So, I have the privilege and honor of helping other people with anxiety, fear and self doubt, start going from that dreamer state to a doer. And it’s just like, it’s amazing work to see people grow, and bring along all those shitty emotions and start doing and living out their dreams.

Oh, that’s great Stacy. And I am Jill the Money Coach. My name is Jill Wright. And I love coaching around money. And I just, I don’t just coach around money, I coach around everything. And the thing that I’ve learned is I started coaching on money. But what I learned was that all of the limiting beliefs that we have, they all impact our money. And so although my title is The Money Coach, it’s not about budgeting, it’s not about your finances, as much as it is about learning how to step into and believe in how valuable that you are. And so I maybe should change my name to Jill, the value coach. I don’t know, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way. But that is really what I ended up coaching on. I am a former accountant. But that’s never where my heart was. My heart has always been around the people side of things. And the more I learned about myself, the more sense it makes, what I’m doing and how I do it, and how I help other coaches step into the value that they bring to this industry. Because not all coaches are able to connect with how much how valuable they truly are. And that always ends up impacting how much money they make, and the goals they set. And I’m so excited to be talking about goals today with Stacy and Felicia, because that is something that my clients tend to really struggle with.

Awesome. Yeah. So today we are doing a double podcast. So we’re doing a Jill podcast, yo, what’s your podcast called?

My podcast is EASY MONEY, I help make money easier.


I love that. So it’s a double EASY MONEY and Confessions of a Goal Getter Podcast. So we’re gonna be talking about all things, both money and goals. So I’m super excited to talk about money. I feel like money has been a big area of growth. In my journey learning coaching. I’ll share my story first. But I’m interested to hear if you guys have had a big money transformation, Jill, specifically, your money transformation and why you’re so passionate about money. But for me, I always have felt like I don’t have enough. I think that’s a very common money belief. I want more money. I don’t have enough money. And I started, I think I heard this from maybe another coach. But what if we believed that we were rich already? Like, how would we show up if we already thought we were rich? And I really thought about it. I was like, Okay, what would I do? I would maybe get eyelash extensions, I would get a massage. More often. Stacy just showed off her beautiful eyelashes. But I started to think about what kind of things I would actually do. And it surprised me that it wasn’t, I wasn’t like, Oh, I’d buy a yacht. It wasn’t big, crazy things. And I started to figure out how I could start just feeling like I was rich, because what I have learned is there’s so much like energy behind money and like the abundance around it. And honestly, it all kind of blows my mind because I think there’s so much we like don’t even understand about it. But after I started to practice feeling like I had enough and like allow myself to believe like, okay, if I had enough money, how would I spend it? Because it wasn’t like me going out and blowing all of my money. It was still strategic. Like if I if I believed I had enough, I wouldn’t just go below it. And the more that I was able to live into that, the more value I was able to kind of put on myself and see that I was valuable. So I set an impossible goal. After I had mentioned I set a weight impossible goal. And I was able to achieve that. I was making about 30k a year and my impossible goal was to make 100k the next year And I still have my notes from when I set that goal because I was like, I won’t have any time to do anything else. I don’t know how people do this, my whole life is going to be work. It just didn’t seem possible to me. But that year, I committed to like, I’m going to do whatever it takes, like, if I have to become a stripper, I’m going to do whatever it takes. I didn’t, I didn’t have to, I didn’t have to do that. But like, my mindset was, so like, what ever I have to do, I’m going to do, and I ended up like getting promotion after promotion. And then I got like, promoted to a full time position, making over six figures and had coaching clients. And I did it, I hit that 100k because I was committed to taking massive action. So first, that mindset of I have enough and I’m going to treat myself, like I am valuable. And I think, I think people are like ashamed to be valuable or ashamed to like, accept money or to have money. So I think I think there’s something there’s something there. Because I really tried to shift my belief into like, I deserve to have money, like it’s okay to have money. And I did that. And then I went out and like took massive action and was committed to doing whatever it took to make money. And I and I did it. And I made six figures, I think I was like 26 when I did it, which was so crazy to me. And then Jill, this is when I need your help, because I did that. And I was like, Oh my God, that’s so cool. But then I was like, okay, the money didn’t make me happy. I thought once I had all this money, I was going to be happy. After that. I was like, I want to buy a van and just go live in the wild is actually what I want. So I ended up quitting my job and like not working at all, which was amazing, because I was able to save up while I was making money. But I would love your advice on how to continue making money. Because I looked like I thought it would make me happy. And it didn’t. I mean, it did a little bit but not as much as I thought, how do you kind of continue that pattern and like make it sustainable?

Well, you, you have to be able to, to realize that you can be happy regardless of whether or not you have money, which now you figure it out. Right? So happiness and money don’t really have anything to do with each other. Yes, money gives you lots of opportunities, lots of circumstances that make it easier to feel happy, right? Then if you don’t have money, but beyond a certain point, it’s like the law of diminishing returns, it’s like more money once you have enough, more money doesn’t make you more happy. So why else would you want money.

So I really want more money so that I can have kids and not have to be stressed about working and can like, take however much time off. I want. I feel like that’s my main driving factor right now is because I want to be able to take time off to be with family.

Yeah, and I think that’s what most people see in the availability of more money is more freedom. Right? That gives you a lot more freedom, to be able to have the lifestyle, you want to do the things that are important to you, right, to live out your values to live out your dreams. That’s freedom. And that’s what money gives you. But you have to find the freedom first. And I think that’s the case, whenever we’re talking about making more money. It’s not about making more money so that you can have those things. It’s about experiencing those things. so that money is never an issue money. You can do it just because you want to. So when you did the marathons, did you do them because you thought they would make you happy?

No, definitely not. They didn’t.

Right. So why did you do them?

Because I just thought it was really cool.

Yeah, yeah. So that could be a good enough reason to make more money just because it would be really cool. Yeah, you see the difference? Yeah. Yeah, you don’t do it just because it will make you happy you do it just because you want to. That’s why you make money. And I love that you like brought it back to that why, like, Why? Why do you even care about having more money? Especially because you’ve been able to make it and realize it didn’t make you happy? So? Yeah, right. It’s, it’s like the, it’s gonna suck either way, right? Like, you’re gonna have negative emotion, if you’re not making a lot of money, where you’re gonna have negative emotion if you are making a lot of money. So like, All right, I’ll choose the money then.

Totally Yeah. And I have a perfect example of this. When I was, I don’t know probably around the age when you made your six figures. It was a long time ago, let’s just put it that way. My husband and I, at the time, my first husband, we’ve since divorced, and I’ve been happily married to another man for 20 years. But, but my first husband and I, we were renting, and we finally bought our first home. And our first home was a 14 by 70, single wide trailer. And I’ve never talked about this because, to be honest, frank with you and upfront. I, I’m ashamed of that now. But at the time, I was so proud of myself, I was so proud of us, that we were able to buy our first home. And our payments were like 200, and something like 275 a month or something. And we got this great deal on some land that we were able to park it on. This older gentleman had this huge 100 acre tract of land and there was a he had a cabin on it. And there was like a huge pond out there. That’s all that was on on it. And he was advertising it for rent for $50 a month. And so we’re like, that’s perfect. And I’m like we had no neighbors. And to me, it was like the perfect setup. And so I was like it was in Leland, North Carolina, you’ve probably never heard of that. But it’s outside of Wilmington. And so we were super excited. And he never even charged us rent on there. Because my husband at the time would mow all over it, he run the bush hog for him. So he never even charged his rent. But we were so proud of that thing. Now, if I was living in a trailer today, I would be so ashamed I would be hiding where I lived. But isn’t that interesting that the same circumstance, but a completely different thought about it? Now? Now today, I live in a very nice home, we custom built was our second custom built home in Well, we started in 2013. And it took a little while I won’t even go into all of the miserable details around that building experience. But you know, when when I tell people how large in my house is not like, like, extravagant, I don’t think when I tell them how big it is, they were like for two people. So I mean, I can feel ashamed about the size of my house now. So isn’t that interesting? I could feel ashamed about a 14 by 70 trailer. And I can feel ashamed of a 3800 square foot house for two people, right. So you can have shame around anything. And a lot of people have shame around money, they have shame about not having enough money, they have shame around having too much money. So I think it’s really interesting to compare and contrast those two very different circumstances. And notice that you can feel shame around either one.


Yeah, that is crazy how the mind works, right? It’s like, oh, once I have the big house. I feel amazing all the time. But that’s why coaching is so important. Like you said you coach on everything. Because it’s not it’s not even about the money as it is like so much ourselves. Exactly. Stacy, do you have a money story? Do you I don’t know this about you. I can’t hear you.

Oh, can you hear me now? Okay. So interesting listening to you ladies. I was writing some notes because like, so money beliefs are something that I’m currently working on. Because I grew up like sleeping on couches. I didn’t you know, I didn’t have a lot of family. So money was like actually nothing that I ever aspired to. I just was always content with whatever I had. And then I was a single mom, and you know, doing hair or whatever. And then I met my husband, and like, was immediately able to be a stay at home mom. So I was I felt like, oh my god, I hit the jackpot, like, this is amazing. And I never, I always thought we just had enough. So I never actually dreamed big or wanted more than our current means. And so like this whole being part of The Life Coach School and listening to Brooke and all that stuff really shifted my mindset when it came to money, that it is possible to that for just a normal, you know, middle class suburban housewife, I can, I can make more money, what like, I had no idea. And then when I started peeling away some of those ideas and those beliefs, what it kind of boiled down to was, my husband is doing what he’s doing. And if we want, like the big dream life, and the bit like these things that I was that I dream about, I’m gonna have to step up. And I didn’t know I don’t know if I trust myself that I can create, and I can build a business and make money. So I was just telling Felicia earlier this morning that we’re actually moving to Maryland. And we were there last week, and found our like our new beginning because we’re almost empty nesters. And so we actually bought a house, and it’s a new build. And so we like got to do all of our finishes, and all the fun, exciting stuff that comes with building a new house. And we for the most part because we’re downsizing. So like the flooring is not as expensive as it would be in my current home and all those things. So I pretty much got all the fun stuff. But I want smart blinds, you guys. I don’t know what it is about, like, I just want to be like Alexa, close those blinds, right? Like, I want these smart blinds. So we go back to the hotel that night, and Brian’s looking him up. And he goes, Yeah, so I found a company to do smart blinds. They’re $500 apiece. And I was like, oh, like per window? Or like, What do you mean a piece, right, like, and so immediately, my brain went to why can’t I have that no problem. And I wasn’t upset about it. I was like, no problem. We’ll just, we’ll get something else. And so I had to ask myself, why do I think that over the next six months, I couldn’t, I can’t create an opportunity with my business to buy us some smart blinds. Right? I didn’t even go there. My brain just said, Oh, too expensive, whatever, not, you know, whatever. I’m just we won’t do it. So I think that’s where I am on my journey is like believing in my capability and capacity to actually build something great that I’m good enough that I can actually build this business to have some of the things that I want. Because we are I do feel like we are blessed. And I think that’s where it comes down to is like, we don’t need anything else. I mean, and I tell him all the time, you could lose your job. And we’re we could live in a shoebox. But as long as I’m in the shoebox with you, I’m fine, right? Because I just feel so content. But there’s a moment where I do think that we are allowed to dream big, even if our life is great now. And in fact, I actually think that’s where we should be starting from is that, like things are going great now. So now we’re just building something bigger, and Lord, whatever it is that we’re doing, but it’s not out of a place of like scarcity or shame or like I don’t have enough I’m not good enough. So those are the those are the things I’m actually working on. Is belief in myself that I can want to make more money. Yeah.

Can we talk about that, like balance of wanting more, but from a good place? Like I think there’s two ways to want more like the I don’t have enough. I’m freaking out everything is terrible. And I want more. Versus this is amazing. And I still want more. Jill, do you have good insight on how to because I think like just leaving the idea for me at least have I want more being like Nope, I don’t want more is like oh, well, I’m going to stop my potential. Right. Like it seems like I have to think I want more in order to keep you know, doing big things and reaching my goals.

Yeah, and I love this because I mean, Stacy, I love what you said that you’ve always been content with what you have. And I think that that can can be a very abundant attitude. And that’s what I actually recommend to my clients is that they start there. Because it is so much easier to start word “already content”, in my opinion, than to start from scarcity. Because when you’re content, when you know that you have all you need, and you don’t need more than there’s no pressure on you to produce more, and we tend to work better from from no pressure. And then so it’s just a matter for you. I mean, for most of my clients, they come to me and they’re in a lot of scarcity, they have, you know, generally have a strong scarcity mindset, like, I don’t have enough, like you described earlier, Felicia, with, I don’t have enough, I need more. And so I feel like to, I feel like content is sort of this ground zero. And scarcity mindset is somewhere below zero. And then abundance mindset is, you know, above that, that baseline of zero, whatever zero is for you. And so we all have to start with our own baseline, you know, what is my level of content? And what do I want to be content with. And so you get to choose, you get to decide what you want to be content with, and then get to that baseline. And then once your content, then you can want from just the possibility, right, the possibility of it. So I’m gonna go back to the marathon, you were content, I’m assuming that you weren’t doing that to get more to get more fit to get more weight loss to like, do something. Right? You were just doing it because you wanted to.

Right, I was like, That would be crazy. Like laying in bed one night like, that would be crazy to run a half marathon in 12 different states in a year, like, Whoa, what a cool thing to do.

Yeah, you did it from Oh, my gosh, this would be so cool. And this would be a fun goal to set and achieve. And you can, you can have the same mindset around any money goal. It can be feels so different, like thinking about money like that, thinking about like, Whoa, that would be so cool to see what’s possible. For me. I think the action I would take out of that would be so different than like, Oh my god, I don’t have enough. Whether that’s true or not. I feel like usually it’s not. It’s just the mindset. But like I was saying in the beginning, like what if you are already rich? What if you already because statistically, in the world, we probably are if you’re listening to this podcast, yeah. Like then what?

I want to offer a perspective or something for people to think about, because when you were talking about like, the marathon, and you’ve also done a bodybuilding, bikini competition and things like that, what does it feel like to do something in your life, just for the hell of it, just a lot of people might not really understand what that means. And one of the first things that I actually thought about was our podcast, like, at no point did I think, Oh, my god, I well, I, we had a goal originally, one of my goals was to like make this a profitable podcast. But that was not the reason that I said, Yes. And was like, I want to do this. I just thought, well, this would be really cool. This will challenge me, this will be fun. Let’s just see what what will happen. And so I would like, just want to offer you, like, think of a time in your life where there was really no attachment to doing anything other than just because you can, or just because like, ooh, wouldn’t that be fun? I know that that was part of when we talked about doing our 30 podcasts and 30 days, we had asked each other like, why do you want to do this? And one of the things I said was just to say that we effing did, right. Like just because like, how cool. And then when we got to the 30, we looked back and it was like, man, we effing did that. That was really amazing, right? But like, we’ve become millionaires and famous over a 30 day period, but we never came from that place. And so like, let’s look back, so you can tap into that feeling like a lot of people. It’s hard, right? Like, because you’re like, how do I do that when it comes to money? Like, no, I want to make more money. So things will just be better. We’ll go back and think of a time that you’ve had a goal that you’ve just wanted to do it, just because what does that look like for you?

Yeah. Oh, it just it just feels so Good, it feels so much better. I love that. Jill, I wanted to ask, do you have like, what made you so passionate about coaching around money? Like, do you have a story of yourself? And maybe you’ve shared this on your podcast before, but I love a good story. What? What happened?

Yeah, what happened for me was like I said, I was an accountant. So you know, I’ve always kind of been a numbers person. But I don’t love doing accounting, even though I do just love numbers. Constants since a little bit strange, but you know, back to husband number one, when we got divorced, we were in a little bit of debt, we had moved to a new city, and we had upgraded from a single wide to a double wide. And I had gone out, bought all kinds of new stuff, and you know, everything, it was brand new, came straight from the factory. Sounds kind of funny, but it was fun. And so I had put all this new stuff in, we had bought a new car, I had gotten, I had finished my master’s and gotten a real job, you know, I had started working for a CPA firm, you know, the world was our oyster. And he came home from work one day and said, Oh, we got to talk. And, like, out of the blue, he said, I don’t want to be married anymore. Blew up my world. I was devastated. And I went through a period of about five years after that, where everything, like I questioned reality. I was like, okay, so what in the world are we doing this for? If, if you can’t really count on anything anyway, you know, I said, I do. I meant for life, you know, till death do us part, all of that stuff. He decides, sorry, you know, hate it for you. And here I go, you know, and so I kind of just just did whatever the hell I felt like it really. And I had no boundaries, I had no filters, I got fired during that time was the only time I ever got fired. Just, I just was not acting like myself, because I just, I was I didn’t care. And so I ended up being in a bunch of debt, and ran my credit cards up and all of that. And until I got to the point, right. I got this, I had gotten this new job, and I was moving to a new city. And I didn’t have any relatives around, I’ve really didn’t have any close friends in the area. And so and it was, you know, a couple 100 mile move. And I didn’t have the money. And I didn’t have the room on my credit card to pay the moving company. And so I borrowed it from a former coworker. And when I got to the new city, I said, Okay, this is it, I am taking my life back. And this is it. So it wasn’t that I was bad with money. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the knowledge. It was what I was thinking and believing. And this was way before life coaching. But I essentially coached my way through that, even though I didn’t know it was life coaching was at the time. And so when I did become a life coach, I was listening to Dave Ramsey a lot at the time. And so when I chose my niche, it just was very clear to me. And, and plus my journey into life coaching was a whole God thing. He was just leading me all the way through. So it was extremely clear to me when it was time to choose my niche that it was going to be around money. And so I started coaching divorce moms, because I know that they really struggle with money, especially if they weren’t the primary breadwinner or if they weren’t the one that was taking care of the money or the finances. And that’s where I started. So it was about a year later that I figured out Oh, okay. No, I’m supposed to be coaching coaches around money because so many coaches get held back by their money mindset. And like I said in the beginning, it’s not so much money, it’s about their value.  Oh, you know, like you talked about it early on. And so that’s, that’s how I got here.

Wow. Cool. I mean, I don’t know if cool story is the right way to say it, but just been through a lot to have to overcome that and prove that, you know, you’ve been able to do it. And I’m sure you learned a lot in that in that process.

Yeah. And that is kind of the part of the story that I left out was, once I made that decision, and I also made a decision that if I never got married enough, I’d never had kids that I would be okay. And probably about five, four or five months later is when I met my current husband. And so we got together, he was extremely good with money, he’s more of a saver, I used to call myself more of a spender. But that has changed since my money mindset has evolved. And spending and shopping is no longer really important. To me, it was a way that I buffered before. But it’s just, it’s just not as interesting as the rest of my life. And so it really is no longer a buffer for me. But, you know, together, you know, he had a good job, I had a good job. And he has managed our finances extremely well. And so in 2018, I decided to leave my corporate job. And this was after about six months, he looked at the finances just crunched the numbers and said, You know what, I think we have enough money. And this was when I was 52, he was 53. I think we have enough money saved, to be able to make it until we can tap into our 401 ks and our retirement savings. Because you can’t do that without penalty until you’re 59 and a half for us to both quit our job because we were kind of both miserable in our jobs. And that’s what we did. I left he left his job and April 2018. I left mine in May 2018. He’s full time retired. And I’m, of course doing my life coaching business.


That’s awesome. So cool. If there was like one tip that you could give the world about money, what would it be? 

Um, it’s not the secret to happiness. But it is completely and totally available to you. That’s awesome. I loved your juicy tip. But no, it’s good. That’s a good one, the solid truth. I just, I was gonna see if we could take it from a goal perspective. So if they’re, if our listeners are ready to build some wealth, or start creating and generating manifesting, whatever, however, they want to say, more money. How would we like? How would we start out? As far as like a goal? Like, step by step, maybe a goal related process to beginning this journey?

Yeah, I would. I mean, the first step, as I mentioned before, is to establish your baseline. What is your baseline? Where can you be content? Where do you and not where can you be content, but where do you want to be content. And I talk so much to my clients and in my programs and everywhere I show up about wanting what you want. And I think it’s so important to give yourself permission to want what you want. And that’s where I start with goals, when I say, you know, what goal am I going to set? I just asked myself what, what would just like be so cool to say I achieved this year. And you know, what do I want? And then establish kind of, you know, I mean I I personally believe that goals are pretty arbitrary. And so I I love goals, and I think they’re so important to to help you think at a much higher level. And so, I think I when it comes to smart goals, I really don’t believe in the realistic part. Now. What I have my clients do is I help I have them set red goals and RED stands for Realistic, Expansive and then Delusional. And so they set a realistic goal. What can you pretty much count on and Then expansive is what is a little bit of stretch for you. It seems like it’s next to impossible. But it does seem possible, it just maybe seems hard. And then delusional is what you would call an impossible goal. What would be so crazy for you to be able to say that you achieved, and a lot of my clients have sort of almost like a trauma response around goals, some of them do, where they get into it, it’s like a fight flight or freeze response, where they just freeze it just schools completely shut them down, because they put so much pressure on themselves. Well, one of the guests at my retreat last year, she had a lot, she had a little bit of that. And she was, like, terrified of being disappointed. And so she would not let herself set big goals, because she didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on herself and burn herself out and, and stuff to reach the goal. And so what I coached her around was, can you hold the possibility that you can handle disappointment, but also hold the possibility that you could be delightfully surprised? And so when she process through that, she was able to put herself in a place where she could hold space? For both possibilities? Yes, I might not reach my goal. And I might be disappointed. And I know I can handle that. Because I’ve handled disappointment before. And what if wouldn’t it be cool if I actually reached it? And so I think that’s really important. To be able to set big goals is to be able to hold space for the possibility of hitting them and the possibility of being disappointed. And then you can step into who would I be if I did hit it? And who would I be if I didn’t, but I tried anyway.

Yeah, and the goal doesn’t make us feel right. Like I said, Oh, I did this thing. It didn’t make me that happy. Right? We’re always in control of that. Like, what if you knew that your goal couldn’t make you disappointed, or you’re not hitting the goal couldn’t make you disappointed, but you the way that you’re talking yourself, the way that you’re beating yourself up, is what’s making you disappointed, and that we can figure out how to change. And I think that’s why coaching is so important, because you’re right, people do think like, oh, well, I can’t set this goal. Because if I don’t hit it, I’ll be disappointed. Like at the fact like this goal is going to come beat you up if you don’t, if you don’t hit it. But we know that’s not the case. Right? It always there’s that middle step of the way that we talk to ourselves the things that we believe about ourselves. Yeah. Awesome. Well, that was great. Do we want to tell everybody say where? Where people can find us Jill? Where can everybody follow you if they’re not listening to you on your podcast already?

Yeah, again, my podcast is easy money. You can find that on any podcast platform, EASY MONEY, Jill Wright. And you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn at Jill Wright Coaching. Or at Jill The Money Coach. 


Awesome. My Instagram is @ Felicia Broccolo, hopefully that pops up because it’s hard to spell. But I recently wrote a book that was my impossible goal last year. And you can read all about me all about my money, story, all the things that I’ve learned about money and every other impossible goal that I’ve achieved in my book, you can get it on Amazon, it’s under $15 and that’s a great deal for a book that can change your life. So search on Amazon Create The Impossible Life or go to and you can find my book there and you can find me on  Don’t forget the Do It Anyway and I am launching a founders membership group coaching program in July. So really an awesome opportunity. If you’re new to coaching and you just kind of don’t know what all of this is about. Maybe you think it’s too expensive and it’s not for you. This is the perfect opportunity to get in to a group coaching environment where there’s other people who struggle with anxiety, fear and self doubt, to connect with others. So you’re not alone, you’re not isolating and really learn how to start taking action to become that person who’s going from a dreamer to endure, I can help you do that. So head over to the dude anyway, Over there, you will find the three simple steps to conquering your fear by tonight. Or I might have a quiz on there so that you can find out your do it anyway, type. I’m playing with different freebies. So either way, you will benefit you will love it, go over there, join the waitlist. And let’s get some coaching on guys that do it anyway.


Awesome. And we have a podcast called Confessions Of A Goal Getter if you’re not listening to it right now.

Wow, so much fascinating stuff in this amazing conversation about money and goals. I loved how Felicia talked about having enough money and how her mindset shifted in a way that allowed her to show up as rich even before her circumstances reflected that. And so I wanted to kind of recap what that takes, based on what she said, it takes a mindset of I have enough, I have enough money. And it takes a mindset of I am valuable enough to get and have money. And it takes a mindset of I realized money won’t make me happy. So why do I want to make and have money in giving yourself permission for that to be okay? To want what you want. And for money to be a source of freedom or a source of just additional impact in the world, whatever it is that you want money for giving yourself permission for that, okay? So what you can do is you can just be happy now, and then go get what you want. Typically, when we start from a place of content or happy, then we’re much more likely to get to our goals more quickly. And if you have a money goal, it’s also going to get you to more money more quickly, right. So once you have enough, more money isn’t the thing that makes you more happy. More money gives you the freedom to live, give and invest at the highest level at the level of who you truly are. So, I mean, I would just advise don’t do things because you need to, but because you want to. So if you think about what are the things that are on your bucket list, they’re not things you need. They’re things that you want, just because you want them. So why do you want them? This is no different from wanting more money, you know that those things on your bucket list aren’t the source of your happiness. And neither is money. Think about making the money you want. The same way you think about your bucket list. 

So I love how Stacy talked about her limited mindset around money, and how she found coaching and really opened her mind around what was possible for her. Like, yeah, as a mom, I am able to create as much money as I want, I’m able to make as much money as I want. It was it was fascinating to hear talked about how easy it was for her to let go of what she wanted. But she was talking about, you know, getting the nice blinds that she wanted, because of her brain’s habit of eliminating anything that seemed outside of possibility for her, it was just kind of automatic. So it’s not even conscious a lot of times. And so you really do have to be looking for those things that your brain does automatically, that end up limiting you, they’re not always going to feel awful. Sometimes, they just, you just don’t notice them at all, because there’s no feeling to highlight that for you. So just be aware of that awareness is so important when it comes to on limiting your money mindset and reaching those impossible goals. And they talked about they asked me what’s the balance of wanting more, kind of doing it from this place of wanting more because you don’t have enough or wanting more because the possibility of having more is so exciting or so just fun. And so that goes back to sort of that bucket list idea. Because we have bucket list items because they sound cool or exciting or fun or just seems kind of interesting to us. Whatever that reason is right? It’s not because we need those things on our bucket list. And so if you come To the to wanting more from that same place, then you’re going to feel much better about it, you’re going to enjoy the journey more, and you’re going to enjoy reaching that goal or checking off that thing on your bucket list so much more than if you come at it from this needy place. There’s wanting more because you desperately need more, which feels very desperate, needy grasp be. And we all are familiar with that sort of thing in our coaching business when we’re trying to build our business. I think at some point, we all get into that, oh, my gosh, I need to sign more clients or I need to get more consults or I need to build my list, right? Whatever it is, you’re needing to that comes from sort of a desperate needy grasp, maybe you put a lot of pressure on yourself. But there’s wanting more just because you want more. And that feels very abundant, that feels easy, and you’re unattached to the outcome, so doesn’t create that pressure. So when you make decisions from needing something comes from a scarcity mindset, and it generally will lead to a result grounded in scarcity, it creates pressure and hard and it creates a result. That’s not enough, right? When we come from a thought of not enough, it creates not enough. When you make decisions from wanting something. It comes from an abundant mindset and generally leads to a result grounded in abundance, it creates freedom and possibility. So think more about your goals, the one that that have felt easier any goals in your life that have felt easier. And think about where was your mindset and think about some of the goals that felt harder or that you haven’t achieved or that feel impossible? Where’s your mindset around those. 

So it was so great to have you join us this week with Felicia and Stacy and chill. So I just want you this coming week to go get those goals. I’ll see you next week. 

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