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Have you ever thought to yourself, 
“If only someone would just tell me EXACTLY what to do …”?

If you’ve been clicking your heels together while you repeat, 
“There’s no place like HOW …. 
There’s no place like HOW …. 
There’s no place like HOW ….”, 
you’re in for a real treat in this week’s episode of EASY MONEY. 

I’m chatting with the Action Line Coach herself, Debbie Shadid.

Debbie is a business coach with 23+ years of experience. She’s passionate about helping female life coaches who are in their early stages of business learn how to gain more paid clients.

Business feels complicated, but Debbie’s simple steps will help you attract your ideal clients, nail your copy and messaging, and learn how to build a business that supports the lifestyle you crave. She’ll help you define your ideal client, niche, and offer. Then she teaches you how to communicate and connect with that same client. She follows that up by helping you learn all of the technology you need to have a profitable, fun coaching business on your own terms. If you’re ready for someone to tell you what to do, then show you how to do it, Debbie is the coach for you.

Debbie’s Business Building Boutique is currently OPEN. It’s for Life Coaches in the early stages of their business who want to know how to get clients. I tell coaches what to do, then show them how to do it, and explain why they should do it the way I recommend, so they understand how to grow their business beyond our coaching time. 

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Welcome to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the time and get no results. I know what it’s like to wonder what’s the right way, and to constantly worry about doing it all wrong. I’ve learned a whole lot from doing things the hard way. That’s why I help coaches go from doing everything the hard way to making money easy. You want to create your dream life and dream business. That’s all about being free to do what you want. Spend what you want, and build the future you want. And do it all with ease. In this podcast, I bring you Simple Strategies for Success for your business that make money easy. So it’s time for easy money. Are you ready? Well, then let’s go. 

Hey, and welcome back to EASY MONEY Podcast. I’m Jill Wright. And do I have another treat for you today? The coach that I am having a conversation with today has been in business for 23 years. And she decided to become a coach to add that to her business experience. And what I love about her is that she owns every bit of how she decided to build her coaching business. And that was through helping people with the how. Now I have a lot of people that follow me that love that just want to know the hell, they’re just like, just give me the formula. I’ll go and do it. So you’re gonna love this episode because Debbie shitted is going to show us or give us the HOW. Debbie is a business coach with 20 plus years of experience, she had her own business. Before she even did her coaching certification. She’s passionate about helping female life coaches who are in the early stages of business. And she helps them learn how to gain more paid clients. Business feels complicated, I totally agree. But Debbie’s simple steps will help you attract your ideal clients, nail your copy and your messaging and learn how to build a business that supports the lifestyle you crave. She will help you to find your ideal client niche and offer, then she teaches you how to communicate and connect with that client. She follows that up by helping you learn all of the technology, you need to have a profitable fun coaching business on your own terms. She’s the whole package for building your business. If you’re ready for someone to tell you what to do, then show you how to do it. Debbie is the coach for you. The Business Building Boutique that she has opened right now is specifically for life coaches in the early stages of their business who want to know how to get clients. And there, Debbie teaches coaches what to do and shows them how to do it, and explains so that they get to grow their business and keep growing their business even after they’re done working with Debbie. I had such a blast talking to Debbie in this conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

Welcome, Debbie. I am so glad to finally have you on EASY MONEY Podcast. I’m so excited to get to chat and have a great conversation with you today about building your business.

Thank you, Jill. I’m glad to be here. Yeah, glad to be invited. 

Yeah, so tell us a little bit. I always read the formal bio. But me personally, I’d like to hear a little bit more about the person. So tell us who Debbie is on a day to day basis. What would we see if we lived with you or hung around you?


Oh my word? Well, the first thing is, is that I’m a worker. I am I am learning how to be on vacation and I’m learning how to work less is what I’m doing. So it really is true that that’s been kind of my thing that I’m excited about. I also though just became a grandmother which is pretty fun. So that’s kind of the new thing in my life. And if anybody coaches with me, they also know that I have two dogs that are barking occasionally. So hopefully they won’t interrupt us but that’s a little bit about me.

I love it. Congratulations that it will certainly, that’s good timing, if you’re working on not being so much of a worker, being a grandpa is probably a good, good way to bridge that gap, right?

Well, yeah, I know that all of us have moments in our life where we think I’m going to do something different. And it’s so interesting how one little person can come into the world who’s so valued, but she can come into the world. And I am thinking like, I’m going to make a million bucks, I’m going to do it really fast, because I’m going to show her how to do it. And I’m going to show her how to work less, right, and how to have really make an impact in the world. It’s interesting how I was already thinking that but now it’s like, kind of elevated like, Yeah, show this little girl, that her grandmother can do it, you know that her grandmother did this thing in, you know, so it does inspire you in a different way.

Yeah, I love it. Oh, it’s so awesome. I love the goal of making million dollars. But I also love the goal of showing her that it’s possible. Yeah, I love that.


Yeah, I mean, look at the incredible opportunity that we all have. And Jill you have. And it doesn’t matter what niche somebody is in, we have an incredible opportunity to have hugely successful businesses at home, and our own schedule, and we all no matter what the niche is, we’re making such a difference in the world. Yeah, like I get all emotional about what coaching does. For people. It’s such, the transformation. And I always talk about like, it’s there’s a trickle down effect. Because what I do in my coaching, and mine is business coaching, but what I have learned from coaching, and when I get coached, and when I become better, I’m better mother for my daughter. And I’m, she becomes different and she’s better for her daughter. Yeah, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s weight loss coaching, or whatever it is, we’re all affecting so many people.

Yeah, yeah. Because when you get better at one thing, you get better at everything. Yeah. When you feel better about yourself, when you’re more confident in whatever you’re doing, whether it’s your spiritual life, or your relationships or your career, your business, when we feel better and more confident and more capable at that, then we become more capable, and everything we do, and every role that we show up.

I have to tell you something funny, when I went to Life Coach School, I’ve been in business for 23 years in my own business, but I also have a couple of businesses, you know, with my husband, but um, and I think I’m a happy, optimistic, positive person, and my daughter and I have a great relationship. But after I went to Life Coach School, she wished, I never talked to them about coaching, I don’t coach, my daughter or my husband. I never I was just up here in my office doing my own thing. She said, Mom, you know, you’re a different person. And I was like, What do you mean, I’m a different person. And she’s like, I can’t really explain it, but you’re just a different person, like the way that you move through the world is different. And she was so astounded by that, that she decided to become a life coach. Now, she’s just took certification, not to sell coaching, but because she was like, if that did that for you, I want to be somebody who has all the same tools, too. So you never know what coaching is gonna do?


Yeah, that’s fun. So when it comes to coaching your clients, when it comes to being a business coach, when it comes to impacting these new business owners, these new coaches, what are you really passionate about?

So my coaching is different than most of the business coaches. Maybe not all of them but I really am strategy. That’s I was always basically a consultant. Now they call them coaches, but I was always teaching people marketing, messaging, branding. My biggest challenge as I was growing my own business was as I kept thinking, just like many of you guys do is like, just tell me what to do. If somebody could just give me some clarity like I like, just commit, I don’t care if you’re right or wrong, but just give me some direction. And that was super frustrating for me. And I know that it costs me a lot of time and effort trying to get things figured out. So my I’ve always had a business where I told people what to do. I mean, I not 100% Right. But that’s really the business I have today. I tell people, here’s what you should do. Here’s how you should do it. And here Just why you should do it so that when you leave my coaching, you’ll always know what to do. Yeah.

And I love that you own that. Because, you know, in our community, it’s like no coach, I max and mine. Win. Yes, I’m like, I think there’s always a place for coaching on the action line. It just depends on the type of client that you’re serving. It depends on what their objective is, it depends on what they want help with. And so I love that you give the people who want to know how a place to go.

Yeah, it’s, it’s interesting, because I, what I find in my coaching is that sometimes when I tell people how to do something, and they have that, what no matter what it is, we’ve talked, you and I talked a little bit about technology, about email marketing, about selling about any of those things. What I find is when they know how to do something, and they’ve gotten, like, all their how to questions and some confusion, saw their thoughts change, like it’s a little bit different, like, then their thoughts really do feel their business. Because it’s like, I solve the dilemma of I’m not sure if it’s the right thing, and at least they have confirmation. Yeah, you’re on the right track, then they start thinking in a really strong way, and then they can grow their business. And I realize some people don’t need that, and some people do so.

Yeah. Yeah. So it clears the the runway, the confusion, the I don’t know how the I don’t know where to start. You’re like, Here you go. Boom, boom. And off. You go. You’re, you’re ready for takeoff. Right? That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. So so we were talking a little bit about before we, before we started recording about, about the branding piece. So let’s, let’s get back a little bit back into that, because I really want people to hear all that you had to say about that, because I love the direction that you were heading in, you know, when? When we were talking before. So go into that a little bit like how you think, how you think about branding, and how you help your clients brand themselves?

Yeah, sure. I’m very, very excited about branding, I people come to me, and they say, well, I already have a brand. I already have a logo, and maybe I even have my colors. And I’m like, okay, great. I’m not going to make you change that. Although interestingly enough, a lot of times I call expanding your brand, people will do that. But my branding and I want to start with you as an individual. And I think this is important when we talk about coaching. And I know there’s a lot of niches and there’s plenty of clients for all of us. But when we talk about, let’s say weight loss coaching, I’m not picking on the weight loss coaches, but like, everybody could could be a weight loss coach, but why would somebody want to hire you? And we’re as individual coaches, people are hiring us, we are the brand of the business, we are the person. And so when I take people through personal branding, it’s almost like we’re deciding from their future self, their successful coach, I say, how do you want to be seen? How do you? How do you want to be perceived that could be the office setup like that people see you as that could be the way that you show up? How do you want your reputation? Like what do you want people to say about you? You know, I have very specific things that I’ve decided I want people to say, oh my gosh, Debbie was so helpful. She helped me more than I ever expected. And she was so available. Like that’s an intentional choice of mine, that I that’s the same way that I help you with your personal branding. We have fun. We do Pinterest boards and some fun things. That to me, that’s the cornerstone of where we start. Because and we do the Strength Finders test, and we I really help you see why those knowing those strengths is important. And let’s lean into those in your business. So it’s almost like you’re designing your business or, you know, to use what Brooke Castillo is working on right now the reinvention. It’s so cool, because you can start your business and you can decide today, how you want to be seen in the world. You can decide where your reputation is starting today, like intentionally. So that’s really like you get to decide what you want to put on. People joke with me about my red lipstick and I’m like, Oh no, that’s the power lipstick. I put that on and I go to work, you know. So that’s what the personal branding is and then The business branding. The key part, let me talk about that for just a minute is that once we get you clear on your sort of brand identity, and who it is you want to speak to, when you have those few pieces together a branding and your colors and your fonts and some of those basic things we all know, when we get that set up, then all the marketing pieces that I help you put together, they all have a very cohesive look, I call that curb appeal. Like your curb appeal is whatever you have on your Instagram, what you’re like you get a drive by like we’re a shopping center there on the highway, literally scrolling through whatever we want to be like, get him to stop, so that at least your stuff looks really pulled together and polished. So that’s kind of what I talk about branding.

That’s it? Well, just out of curiosity, because I told you before you came on, you know, I like to do these more of as a conversation. It’s so, sometimes conversations take a little detour. And so I want to take a little detour, take a detour. Let’s do it. I want to know, I want to know your Strengths Finder, your top five?

Well, number one is Lerner, which let me tell you, here’s what I tell you guys, it for those of you that have taken the StrengthsFinder test, I want you to take the test, and then I want you to look and see how they apply to your business. Because it’s like if you, when you take the Strengths Finder test, you’ll maybe you can put a link to the book in your show notes. The strength finder book, yeah, the strength finder book, because when you take that test, it takes like 20 minutes, you have to buy a new book, because you have to have a code. Probably you can do it online now. But it’s like, it tells you what you already knew, but you didn’t know it. And you’re like, Oh, of course it’s learner. You know, like minds like learner and responsibility and achiever. ideation. I mean, it fits me, I was like, Oh, actually, I am a great coach for business. A learner is that I’m always I’m always on what is coming next. I know. The downside to that though. And this is why I always have people do both is the downside to that is I had to constrain I only work with one coach, I only take one program, I only read one book, like I cannot do all the things. I have to constrain myself because that much learning is not useful. Like you have to implement. So anyway, the you must have taken the StrengthsFinder test too, huh?

Yeah. My my top one is ideation. Responsibility is also number. Yeah, for me. And I don’t have it in front of me. Yeah, yeah. But you know, some of the top ones relator. I think that might be five or six belief, I think is is up there in the top 10. connectedness. Yes. So I’m sort of a idea generator for for sure. learner is way down for me. And achiever is not that high either. But you know, relator a lot of the blue ones. Yeah, yeah. The relationship ones are high for me. So I have a lot of blue. And I, I guess that’s the color I paint with. I’ve heard some people say, is the blue. So yeah, very relationship driven. Yeah. And idea. Idea driven. Oh, intellectual is also high for me. So I’m a thinker.

So the idea thing for both of us is high. And that is so valuable, because you’re helping people with their business to that is so valuable to be able to generate ideas. And like on the fly, you’re creating, like somebody’s telling you, like I’m stuck on this, or I don’t know where to find the next client or something. And you can come up with an idea. And so can I, the downside to that is and this is why I think the strengths is so good is that I have to manage not giving too many ideas. Yes. I get so excited about things for people. I love brainstorming. Yeah, like I can like roll them over with ideas and then they leave overwhelmed. And that of course is never my intention.

Right? Yeah, I I have that same challenge. So fun to see, you know, I mean, I know when we first connected I was like, you know, so I don’t know, I just felt so connected to you. And I just felt like we had some some similar sort of ways of thinking that I just, I just love and I love hanging out with you because I’m always like, fascinated by how fast your brain is. But when it’s good, and when it’s bad, Jill, you just pointed out a bad how fast my brain moves. And I, it’s I have to work on that like, slow down Debbie for the people. Yeah.

That’s great. Yeah. Because you’re such a good resource. So yeah, when you have that dialed in, you’re, you’re like firing on all eight cylinders. And you’re like just giving them every single thing they need. And that is, that is what I find so awesome about you is like, I’ve never come across yet, you know, in any of our conversations where you didn’t have an answer first. The beautiful thing you guys that are listening to this, though, is when you lean into what you’re good at. And that’s what was a clear thing for me is like, when I came to coaching Life Coach School, and they were like, you can’t be in a line coach, for just a second. I was like, Huh, what am I going to be? And then it was like, Well, no, I just the only thing I know, my whole entire career. I’ll make value in that. Right? Oh, yeah. Right. You can make value and find a place and take your special guests and show up as you know, a coach that owns it and becomes. Yeah, yeah. And that’s something that I’ve been really tried to just drill into people. And that’s not a very pleasant, that’s not a very pleasant visual. Is it?

True that, like, their brain breakthroughs that we have, we’re like, you guys gotta listen. Listen up, because what I’ve learned is, yeah, exactly the things that that sometimes tend to hold us back, you know, once we decide to lean into, those are the things that make us successful. And so that’s just what you were talking about me? Because, you know, I can see another coach that might have said, Oh, well, I can’t do that. That’s the wrong way. But, you know, having your own back and in leaning into that and saying, Okay, well, this is what I want to do, because this is what I’m good at. How can I make it work for me? Is the question that we really need to answer not what is the right way? But how do I be myself? How do I lean into what I love doing? And what I’m really good at? And how do I make that work? And bring me success? Yeah, so the one thing I want to add to that, that I’ve been thinking a lot about, is when we talk about niches, and that’s basically what we’re talking about right here, whatever it is that you could lean into. A key factor that’s been on my mind that I’ve been helping my clients with is, and as I discussed, niche with them is like, okay, you can do anything you want, as long as it’s money making, like pick a niche, I always refer to it as like, don’t, that they don’t just need a band aid, that they really are bleeding, and that they really are going to pay for coaching for it. Because I want people to make money and I want people to be successful. I want them to make a difference in the world. So niche choice, you could be anything, but if you want to make money in a faster amount of time, I say like if you want to take the long road, you can pick any niche, and it might take a while. And you might have to sell at a lower price and it’s a slow road. Or we can shift your niche just slightly and maybe make it so that they are bleeding a little bit more, you know, their problem is a little bit bigger. And there’s a little bit more urgency to hire a coach. So money making niches guys, if you’re listening question yourself, do I have a niche that and don’t go change your knees? Just change your message just a little bit? Like, yeah, just change your message slightly, so people can see why they need help with coaching.

Okay. I don’t want to put you on the spot. So feel free to say, No, I’m not willing to do that right now. But hey, are you willing to coach me on my niche?

Sure. Yeah. Okay. But remember, it’s not a model, coach. I’m not doing a model on your Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I want you to be 100%. Yeah. Yeah, it’s absolutely no question. No question about it. Okay. So, a lot is one of the things that I’ve struggled with is that I call myself a money coach. And I know in my heart hearts that probably 90% of coaches need need me, let’s just put it that way, maybe they don’t need a money coach. And maybe that’s my problem. I know what they I know they need what I have to offer. But it is not one of those conscious things. And so I know I have to speak to what they really want, what they think they need. And so how do I connect what I absolutely know they need and would pay for if they knew that they needed it? Or if they knew that they wanted it? It could be a money making niche, like you were talking about. So shift me from that to where you would have makeup? Or how you might coach somebody around that.

Yeah, so this is interesting. And if I get off track gel, please bring me back to the question that you asked me. Because I kind of took a long time to ask that question.

Yeah. Because when you sell coaching, and I tell my clients this when they’re picking their niche, sometimes it’s like, but there’s a scary feeling of but I want to coach him on this. And I, I always say like, you don’t actually know what you need coaching on until you get there. And I think that’s what you’re saying Jill is like, if you could get them to understand what they really needed the coaching for they would pay for it, but they don’t understand that. So if your marketing is telling him that, like you have to pick the thing that somebody’s bleeding over. So for you, for example, you know, what does somebody want with money, they want to feel secure, they want to feel like they can that they’re capable, not only of making money, you know, making money, as well as managing money, because a lot of them feel like they’re not good with money. So even if they make it, maybe they don’t have a lot of confidence that they can manage it. And also, they’re not sure they want to be somebody who makes a lot of money. They think they do. But they’re, they’re also afraid of it or intimidated by it.

This is so interesting. Oh my gosh, Jill, this podcast could be so long, because this is another thing that I think women need to do. If they had a really big why, and so many of the women that we work with are not paying the mortgage payment. And I always say this, if you’re not paying the mortgage payment, you better figure out what is going to keep you in your chair at your desk making your thing, it better be something that’s really motivating to you. Because it’s really easy to not do the hard stuff in a business. So you’re talking about really a deep why that they have to discover when somebody says they don’t want to make a lot of money. And I know from a church point of view, sometimes too, there’s this mixed up thing, like I already have an abundant life I already have so much and and so you know, maybe that person needs to tie it to causes that they’re going to support instead of like feeling greedy themselves, if that’s the experience that they have, but for certainly discovering a why. But let me take you back you said people want to make more and they want to be good with money. So the opposite. opposite of that is they don’t know how to make more, and they aren’t good with their money. That’s really the problem. Right? So the problem needs to be I call it poking at the problem. We want to really show if they’re not good with money, and they don’t know how to make more money or they kind of hit a ceiling. What else happens in their life because they’re not good with money or they can’t make enough money.


Um, for my ideal clients, they feel like they’re limited in what they can do if they’re relying on their husband. So they hit this place where they can’t do what they want because they don’t want to ask their husband for the money because they don’t feel like either they don’t feel like they deserve it, or they’re not bringing in enough to justify, you know, spending their family’s money, that type of thing.

Yeah, I mean, I think that’s your right, that’s a big problem. So it’s like, make money. So you can, what is it, a lot of us that get into coaching, by the way, like you’re having this awesome retreat come up. We want to build our business. And maybe it’s not necessarily to support the household, I always tell people, like, figure out a dream trip to take your family on, or your husband on or whatever, make that your goal that out of your coaching money, you’re going to generate enough that you will pay for the trip, like I’m going to pay for all of it locks the whole thing. That can be a goal, but also, how about just make enough money so you can do the things that you want to do in your business? Yeah, right. So that you don’t have to say, I want to go to this retreat and explain yourself. And I’m sure that there’s a little bit of shame sometimes that goes with that. Because it’s like, I’ve already paid for coaching. And I’ve already done this. I don’t want to ask for anything else. So yeah, so make money to do the things that you want to do. In your business. I’d like yeah, write your copy. Jill, the pain points that you want to point out, then are you do feel guilty, asking your husband to fund another one of your quote projects? Yeah, there’s a I mean, you want to sort of do a model and figure out what is the feelings, there’s some shame, there’s some, then I’m sure there’s a little bit of like, he’s gonna think I didn’t make any money yet in my business. And of course, they don’t always understand what it takes to build a business. Unfortunately, you don’t know what it takes to build a business we start might feel make them feel inadequate. Yeah. So those are the things that you want to point out to them. I know that that sounds terrible, but you want to say you want to make more money. Because deep down, you feel guilty going to your husband and asking for more money. Right? You want to and you think you deserve it, and you do deserve it, but you feel ashamed. Like he’s gonna ask me if I made any money, or my sister in law is gonna ask me how have you signed any clients? Yeah, yeah. It’s like, oh, my gosh, don’t ask me that question. So that really would be an excellent thing for you to explore. Because not, not everybody, and I think a large percentage of coaches, they would be super content with making, you know, 3040 $50,000, like, they would be singing like crazy, so happy. Like, I want to have five clients. And that would be awesome. And then I want to generate some money. So I can go to the mastermind. So I can go to Jill’s retreat so I could organize something with my friends, and I don’t have to go ask for it. Like, that would be beautiful. Come work with me. I’m going to help you make more money. In an easy way. Like doesn’t have to be hard. Right? I agree. Anyway, you don’t have to be a sold out coach. I always I, in my marketing. I say, you know, I hate to use the word booked up or sold out. Because what is that to? Everybody? Really? I want to give people permission to have three clients. Like it totally okay. Yeah. That’s perfect. That might be exactly right for you. So yeah, yeah. So I would get to the make money with that part when it comes to good with money. How is the good with money a problem? If we’re talking about mostly couples, husbands and wives? How is the good money a problem for them in their marriage or a problem for them with their personal finances?

Yeah, I think it’s, I think it’s really I think it’s really, that they feel shame around the way that they might have handled money in the past, or even the fact that they haven’t handled money, maybe a lot of times that comes up, like if they don’t do things with their money that they think they should have. It really does. Yeah, it all comes down to the shoulds. I should have done this differently. I should be different. I should not, you know, I shouldn’t have spent money on that. Or I shouldn’t spend money on things that I don’t need lots of lots of shame around how they have handled money, or maybe how they’ve ignored money.

So that’s what you want to talk about until now. I want to go review your website for you. But that is what you want to talk about is like, I’m going to help you be good with money. So you never have to say again I should have so you never have to Have that sick feeling of shame? Like, what in the world did I just do so that you can be I’m going to empower you. So we can drop all the guilt that you have from whatever was because we can’t change the was so that you won’t face a shirt again. Right? So let me help you make some more money to be able to have the freedom to do what you want to do. That’s the positive part. So yeah, unfortunately, when you sell coaching, and I’m not criticizing, I’m not directing you. But you know, everybody listening totally open to whatever you have people. Yeah, expose the problem, like the problem really is here is I want it to be uncomfortable when somebody lands on your website. And I want them to say, like, Oh, my God, she really does get it. She’s right. I do feel this sick feeling in my stomach when I so desperately want to do the retreat that Jill’s done in September, but I know I have to figure out a way to go ask my husband. And I know he’s going to ask me that question. Do you have a client yet? Like, I don’t want to have that, like, let me help you make enough money so that you can do those things. And you can go in and say, instead of asking, you can go in and say guess what? I’m going to Jill’s retreat, and you can be excited and delighted and also show up. You’re at your retreat, feeling delighted about being there, because they took themselves there. Yeah, yeah. I’ve got to get something out of this. I have a client who’s in the reinvention thing, and she’s like, Oh, my gosh, I told my husband, this was the next thing that was gonna get me reinvented. And it’s still not like she’s still like, she’s somebody who’s looking for the House to do. So she just hired me the answer. Yeah. So she just hired me. Like, I still don’t have actually my business builds the marketing any of that. I thought the reinvention would be the answer. So yeah, I would really poke around on those problems. And then the second part I’ll leave you with is, after you stir up all the problems, the shame over not being good with money over all the shoulds that’s like a heavy backpack on their back that they’re carrying around, and about why they want to make their own money, then you want to talk about what I call over the rainbow the pot of gold. Like, imagine, this is what it could be like, like you could get on a plane to get to Nashville. And you could be getting delighted with yourself because you bought your own plane ticket and paid for it. And you know that you can go to that retreat. And you know, you can order a spa service, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Yeah, like, you want to paint the picture of how exciting it would be to go in and not have to ask your husband for money to support your business. If that’s the case. I know. We’re drilling. Yeah, on that one. But 

yeah, just an example. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you so much, Debbie. was pretty awesome.

Hopefully somebody else?

Yeah. Oh, I yeah, I guarantee there’s somebody out there, you know, scribbling away going, Oh, my gosh, I see it now. Which is fantastic. So, yeah.

So we just don’t see our own problems. That’s why coaching is so valuable. Somebody else has to give me their awareness. And that’s all I’m saying in that copy, by the way for is you give them the awareness that they don’t that they can’t put into words. Yeah, yeah, I’d be quiet now.

No, that’s good. That’s awesome. So and this is exactly what you do in your business building boutique. Right? So tell us about that.

Yeah, thank you for asking about that. So yeah, it’s I work with coaches, who, you know, I used to say, just new coaches. And now I really want to say coaches in the early stages of their business, because sometimes I get somebody that’s been certified three years, and they still haven’t done anything. Or maybe they’ve done a little bit. And they’ve worked with other coaches, and they kind of have some things set up, but they really just don’t know what to do next. So I work with coaches anywhere from deciding on the niche like we’re talking about to I love to get this copy piece, the words that you say really figured out. We talked about the branding piece. Ultimately, though, all of that leads to learning how to market your business and put yourself in front of people to be seen, because if you’re not seen, and the biggest problem with being seen as most people don’t know what to say. So if we figure out that what to say part in the beginning and we get their branding pretty, then they know how to represent themselves. And it’s like fuel for all the rest. Then we can talk about building email lists and that kind of stuff. So all of that is what we do. And of course I encourage people, like, let’s do a beta launch right away, I’ll help you figure out. And by the way, a launch to your business could be for private coaching, not just group coaching, I think we can think I’m going to do a launch for group coaching, but you could launch for private coaching sessions to so. But to get all those pieces, and I love it when people say I need to make money right. Now, let’s figure out how to do that at the same time as building the business. Okay, so you address the short term revenue piece and building the long term revenue stream.

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. You always have to have a person who’s going to buy today, and that’s the most fun ever when somebody finds you and they because you had yourself out there. That’s the part I have to help you do. You people buy coaching today from you that met you on the same day. They buy coaching, they watch you and they’re watching us, Jill, right now, end of July, this is being aired, they’re watching or something about that time. There’s they’re thinking like, I’m gonna hire Jill, once fall comes. So they’re watching you, and they’re gonna buy just a little bit later. And then there’s going to be people that are going to watch you for a year. And they’re thinking like, whatever it is you coach on, like, I know how to do keto, I can finally lose the weight, or I know how to improve my marriage with my husband or I know how to, they’re trying to they’re watching. But they’re trying to figure out how to do it themselves. And one day, they’ll have the thought I can’t do it. And they’ll remember you. Yeah, that’s really good, because I just had a session with one of my clients yesterday. And one of the winds that she brought to the call was somebody randomly reached out to me was like, Yeah, wasn’t random.

That’s right. It’s not ever random. I was somebody randomly reached out to me or reached out to me out of the blue. I don’t even know where she came from. And she wanted to do a console and she wants to work with me. And I was like, yes, that is exactly what we’re doing. We’re, we’re planting those seeds. We’re getting those those plants in the ground that we’re going to harvest at some point. We don’t have to know when we’re going to harvest them.

Yeah, that’s exactly right. Joke. Yeah, you gotta cultivate the ground. It has to be watered. You have to be patient. Businesses are not built in a day. Yeah. Yeah. You don’t cut you could get a client today. But businesses are not built in a day, right?


Yeah. Yeah. So what else do you want people to know about you about business building boutique about, oh, you have a podcast also called Business Building Boutique. So that’s something that people can go check out. You know, I’ve listened to several episodes, awesome content, awesome information. Just wonderful. And you have monthly workshops to donate to do I have a lot of member that Debbie does a lot thing I do have a lot I am, I want to say to you that if you will follow me, I do have these free workshops. And I’m not an arm Twister, I sell coaching and everybody knows it. But you can come to my workshops, and I teach you an entire solution. So if you need to learn how to do like an opt in for your email, let’s say you’ll learn the whole thing start to finish, I might try to sell you coaching at the end or set or tell you and I don’t even like to use the word try. Because really, we can all decide, I’ll tell you about what I have to offer. And then you can decide. But most of my workshops, that’s maybe one in every four, most of my workshops are just workshops, where I still believe Gillette, I know you do, too. If I do good in the world, and I could get emotional and I treat and I help people that it will come back to me and what’s meant for me will be for me and what’s meant for you will be for you. So I want if you need help with your business, just get in my world. Yes, I’m selling coaching, but get in my world, and I’ll help you whether you buy coaching from me or not. So anyway, I can attest to that. Does just just go through your business and do what’s right, you guys and you’ll be rewarded for that.

Yeah, yeah. And that’s why I love having these types of conversations with other coaches that have similar values to mine. And I know similar values to so many of the coaches in our community who really do that, that’s their biggest why’s they just want to do good in the world. And they want to make some money doing it.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you can do good in the world. Old ladies, but you need to get with Joe and make some money because doing this good in the world costs money. Yeah, it costs money to be in business. It costs money to educate yourself. It costs money to market yourself doesn’t cost a lot. I don’t have people running paid Facebook ads until they’re at $100,000. So it doesn’t cost a lot. But still, you have to invest in yourself.


Yeah, yeah. So true. Well, this has been fantastic. I can’t wait to do this again. I love having these conversations with you. So I really appreciate your time today. I really appreciate all your wisdom and insight and your help With my copy. Well, Jill, you’re a delight to thank you for having me, we had the opportunity to have dinner recently together. And it was so it was so nice. So thanks for having me on your podcast wasn’t that so much fun. I am so glad that I asked her to help me. You know, just give me an example of how she helped somebody with their niche because it was so, so helpful. She helped me figure out how to poke the problems and help me see how to paint the picture of the over the rainbow the pot of gold. And I hope that helps you start to draft some copy for your website and your marketing as well. So go and check out Debbie, follow her on Instagram. And check out her business building boutique. Her podcast is called the same name business building boutique. And she has so much great content, so much great information. And her coaching is just so inspirational and so, so practical, and she just tells you everything you need to know she gives you exactly what she wish she had had when she started in business, which I think is amazing. So go check out Debbie shitted and it is I’ll also post those links in the show notes. And I will see you next week. Love what you heard today, there’s more where that came from. Just head on over to Jill the money and get your free and simple Financial Freedom Guide. Stop worrying about money. Stop trying to manage your time. Instead create ease and freedom in your business. It’s the first step to making money easier. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s episode. See you then.