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Show Notes

How was your 2021? 

What went well? What didn’t go well? Why? 

What would you do differently? Why?

What do you want in 2022?

How are you preparing to get exactly what you want … AND MORE?

If you want help discovering your Word of the Year for 2022, go here and download Your 2022 Word of the Year Worksheet

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Well, you know what that means it’s time to expose the money lies. Let’s get started. 

Well, hello there, how was your Christmas? I hope you got everything that you wanted. And MORE. How about were 2021? I mean, here we are, can you believe that we’re at the end of the year already, oh my gosh, this year went by so fast, it just like is a complete blur to me. But I hope you finished the year strong. 


For me, as I’m sure I’ve been super clear about the last few months, the last several podcasts I’ve talked about how much I’ve grown. So I definitely have experienced a whole lot of growth this year in 2021. My, my word could have easily been curled, because I grew a lot. I feel like the Grinch, you know, where at the end of the movie, where his heart grows so much that it bursts out of the frame, which I didn’t know our hearts had a frame. You know, this is just a movie. So I did, I grew so much. But my 2021 Word of the Year actually was creation. So maybe it was creation of growth? I don’t know. So that’s what I did a whole lot of I did a whole lot of creating new things. So what well for me in 2021, and I encourage you to do this type of evaluation don’t have to do like these same exact questions. 

But look back on 2021. What worked for you? What didn’t work for you? And the most important question is why? What? What worked? Why? What didn’t? Why? What would you do differently? Why? Answer lots of why questions as you’re looking back as you’re reflecting on 2021 As you’re gathering that data, and preparing for great 2022. So what went well, for me, I created a lot, I created a lot of new things, I built new, new things in my business, I built my business, my business did a new level of growth, I built new assets and new programs that I will keep offering in 2022. So it was a lot of growth, a lot of creation. But it gave me a foundation that I feel really, really good about I feel really solid about. It gave me a launching pad for whole new level of impact in 2022. And I’m really excited about 2022 I’m really glad to say goodbye to 2021 it was a year of hard for me, you know creation, growth. Those are things that come with some hard built in lots of new things that I learned lots of things that I found that lots of discomfort. Discomfort is the road to growth. And while I’m super grateful for everything, I mean, everything I learned, super grateful for how much I grew. I have to be honest, I can’t say that I’ll miss the hard things I went through in my business in 2021. So on to 2022. 

What kind of year are you planning to have in 2022 21 was a year of me the theme for me was connecting to yourself. And I was teaching my clients how to do this. I was teaching this at the retreat, and I was going through it myself. I think there are three things that you really need to stay connected to when you’re building a business. And the first one is to be connected to you connect to who you truly are, what you want, connect to how you’ll get what you want. And how you want to get there, be more fully you and be more present being you and I think that is the first key to going far as an entrepreneur and as a coach. I truly believe and I really believe this even more now, having gone through everything that I’ve been through in 2021 I really believe that’s where the gold truly is the gold in your business. The riches in your business are in knowing who you are, knowing what you want and deciding How you want to get there? What is the right path for you, that is so much gold, and just and just being you doing all of it, you know. 

Speaking of connecting to yourself, if all goes according to plan, then I should have a new book on connecting to the one and only you on the virtual bookshelves by the time that this episode airs, because my goal is to write a book a year. And so I have, I’ve wrote a book in 2020, called Money lies. So you can go and check that out on Amazon. I also have a paperback copy now, of that it was just a Kindle version. But now I have a paperback copy if you want to get one of those. But I should have my new 2021 book out by the end of the year, and this episode should air December 31. So it should be out there. Let’s I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get it done by then. So I hope you go check that out on Amazon, just search for Jill Wright. And you should find my two books. Alright. 

So 2021 was about connecting with me 2022, for me, will be about connecting with people. Now that I know who I am. And how I want to show up as that person I want to connect as 100% me to other people being 100%, then that’s where my focus will be in 2022. I’ve not finalized my word of the year for 2022, 2021 was creation. But right now I’m thinking that my word of the year for 2022 will be people, but I haven’t finalized it yet. So I’ll give you an update on the first episode in January on next week’s episode. 


Okay 2021. For my tastes didn’t have enough people in it. Yes, I’m an introvert. Yes, I enjoy being alone. But I also enjoy connecting to people. And so that’s where my focus will be in 2022. I did a lot of creation. And I sacrificed a lot of connection to do that creation. And so that’s not something that I’m willing to do in 22. Sometimes, you know, we make trade offs to get what we want. But people is not one of the trade offs that I’m willing to make again this year. So if you’re a people, I would love to connect with you in 2022. Because people, it’s gonna be my focus. And if your people, you’re going to be my focus. Okay, so the next thing I’m going to do is I’m making a few predictions for my 2022. And I hope you’ll be developing your own predictions for the year that lies ahead. So I wanted to share a few of mine. 

So I’m going to work with again, here’s the theme of people, I’m going to work with 100 people this year. And how I work with those people will be in the different formats that I’m not now offering. But in total, I want to work with 100 people. So hopefully one of those people will be about half of those will probably be in my build your money foundation course. And I did this course a couple of times in 2021. So I’m improving on the version that I offered in 2021. So if you took it in 2021, you definitely won’t regret doing it again in 2022. Because I’m adding some things, I’m moving some things around. I’m changing it up a bit. But it’s it’s essentially teaching my master your money process. And also supporting you in applying that process to your business in the 2021 version. I taught the process, but I didn’t leave time at the end to actually give you a chance to apply that process and to come back and support you as you applied that that process as you came up with questions and barriers, obstacles. And so this time around, I’m building in a time afterwards to be able to support you as you apply that process as you work through Mastering Your Money. So I’ll be there in support, kind of a support more of a service support role at the end. So I’ll be opening that up by the end of the first quarter in 2022. And so about half of the people that I serve in 2022 will be in that course about a quarter of the people I’ll work with in 2022 will be in my one on one, Master Your Money six month program where we take those principles and we go deep into them, we work together weekly one on one, these are my private clients. And they have access to all of my content, all of my curriculum, all of my worksheets, anything that I have, during the time that I work with you in my one on one program, you’ll get access to and then the rest of the 100 people. So that you know, a half in the built your Money Foundation course a quarter in the one on one master money six month program. And then the other quarter, the rest of the 100 people I’ll work with will be split between my Elevate Retreat, so about 12 people there. And that’s an intensive money relationship building intensive, it’s a four day retreat, September 21, through the 25th, in Nashville, Tennessee, and then the other 12 people that I’ll be working with will be in the container of my Miracle Multipliers Alliance. And that’s a year long group mastermind program where we multiply the money in your business by exponentially growing your capacity for money. And so that’s one that I’m super excited about. I launched it in 2021, it was brand new. So I’ll be launching that again in October of 2022. And so I’ll be super excited to work with 12 new people in that program. 

So that’s my first prediction. I’ll work with 100 people. And that’s how I’ll work with them in those four containers. In my money coaching business, I’m super excited about all of these formats. I do a lot of the same stuff in all of those things, but they’re just different containers, different ways to approach the Master Your Money process, different ways that I apply my coaching, you know, I think if you’re the type of person that likes to dive deep, then I think that your long program would be really ideal for you. If you’re one that likes one on one coaching, you’d like to apply those and get your individual questions answered, get really intense coaching one on one privately, then the one on one program is for you. If you want a high level that you can then go and apply on your own, or with your own one on one coach, then the BUILD YOUR MONEY foundation course is for you. And then if you want that intensive, high touch high intensity, dive deep, get it done quickly, plus connect with a lot of other great people than the retreat, the four day retreat in Nashville is for you. So there’s really something for everybody. And all of it is foundationally based in my coaching on Money Lies, money limitations, that you can use to elevate your business to the level of success you really, really want. I love, love, love, love the way that I have set up my business now that I’ve got the foundation. And now I can just go forward. And I can help lots and lots of people and just keep growing my impact. 

So that’s my first production. And like I said, I’m super excited about that. My next prediction is I’m predicting that I will be in 100 different venues as a guest, whether it’s speaking, teaching one of my core money solutions, or just coaching or on a podcast or in other virtual and in person events, I will be in 100 different venues. So the work that I’ve done on myself this year has really prepared me for all the people. All the people remember the theme of people, I am going to go out and preach money to the people. That’s one way to put it. I don’t think of myself as a preacher. I actually don’t really even think of myself as a teacher. But I do think of myself as a very powerful coach. And so whatever format that’s going to be in 100 different venues, speaking coaching all the people and so that means that I’ll be much more visible in 2022 So look for me everywhere. 

My last prediction for 2022 is that I will finally achieve my delusional financial goal. I will be honest with you each year I’ve been in business so far I have fallen short of my financial goals. I do not mind setting big goals. It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. It is the way that I put myself out there and in the way that I find lots of creative ways to try to hit my goals. But I haven’t done it yet. This year, I have a big goal. And my prediction is that this year, I will actually for the first time in my business, hit my annual goal. So I want you to be cheering me on. And asking about it whenever you see me, because the more I have to talk about it, the more chance I have that I will actually get it, the more chance I will have for people to coach me on hitting it. So I’m asking for your help. 

So the next thing that I want to ask you is what are your predictions for your business? For 2022? For your money for 2022? Is it paying off debt? Is it reaching your delusional goal? Whatever that your predictions are, I would love for you to send them to me reach out to me on Voxer or Instagram. Or you can just email me at Jill at Jill Wright Coaching. Com  And I want you to share your predictions. If you have predictions for me. Tell me your predictions for me. But I do want you to share your predictions for your business for year 2022. And the other thing I want to know is what is your Word of the Year for 2022. If you don’t know your Word of the Year yet, then I’m going to leave you with a few questions that might help you discover the perfect word for you for 2022. So here you go. I’m gonna give you a list of a bunch of questions. I don’t even know how many there are but a bunch of questions, I’m just gonna read them off real quick. So if you have to slow this down, if you have to take notes or, or the other thing you can do is just email me and I will send you the list. I completely don’t mind doing that, actually, now that I think about it just on the fly, I have thought of this. Why don’t I create a worksheet and I will attach it to the show notes for you. Or I’ll put the link in the show notes for you. So that’s that’ll be even better. So here they go. 

What did you learn in 2021? That you’re grateful you have to support you in 2022? So what did you learn in 2021? That will support you in 2022? What did you miss in 2021? That you want to get in 2022? See, I missed all the people, I want to get all the people in 2022. So that’s an example. 

What are you willing to risk in order to get what you want in 2022? 

And what do you most need to focus on in 2022? In order to get what you want? What do you need to focus on? What’s the area where you want to make the greatest impact? Where do you want the greatest growth in 2022? What meaning do you want to take away from 2022? What meaning do you want by this time next year? What do you want to love? Or how do you want to love others well, in 2022?What is the next big step you need to take? So if you’re if you’re thinking that you want to get to the next level in 2022, what’s the next big step you need to take?

How can you be bold? What’s the next bold step you need to take? What’s the next courageous step that you need to take? Next one is how do you want to feel at the close of 2022? Maybe that’s your Word of the Year, maybe your Word of the Year is an emotion. So how do you want to feel during or at the close of 2022? What is the legacy you want to leave? For your kids, for your family for just people you love for people for cars that you’re passionate about? What is the legacy you want to leave? What is your favorite way to surprise people? Maybe you’re afraid favorite way to surprise people is through generosity. Maybe your Word of the Year is generous. What does the world need more of? Whatever you think that is you can show up in be that in 2022? Maybe that’s your Word of the Year. And who do you want to be a hero to that could lead you to your word of the year. So there you go. Happy planning for your most amazing year yet. And Happy New Year.