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The New Year is upon us. 

I have established my 2022 Word of the Year. 

What will you focus on for the year? 

How will you use this focus to grow you and to grow your business? 

Tap into your power to grow what YOU want this year.

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My 2022 Word of the Year is Abundant . I was on a call with a Mastermind group I’m doing with Ceri Payne- a brilliant coach-love her so much. She had a guest speaker who I absolutely adored – I had never heard of her before. I didn’t know her, but I absolutely love her energy. You should check her out. You should follow her. Her Instagram handle is  Kamden_ADHD. 

And she was talking about creating a vision board. One of the components of her vision boards has been her Word of the year, so she spent a few minutes discussing this with the group. 

I had already chosen my word of the Year. I had done some work around this and I did some more work around it using Kim Job’s planning worksheet, but what Kamden asked us to do helped clarify even more, in my mind, how to really step into that, embody it and live it out. 

I want to share my insights on my word to help you think about ways to make your word more real as you go through 2022. All in answer to the questions:

What will you focus on this year? 

How will this focus grow you? 

How will this focus grow your business? 

What power will you tap into to get more than you can ask or imagine in 2022? 

How will you use this to Make Your Predictions from Episode 88 come true? 

My 2022 Word of the Year is Abundant:

One of my first  thoughts about a word of the year was Enough.  But Abundant is next level version of enough. 

I see ABUNDANT as a pre-requisite for so many other words that I felt come up as possibilities. 

Here are a few words that made it into my ten top: 

  1. Faithful
  2. Courageous
  3. Rebirth
  4. Risk
  5. Miracles
  6. Powerful
  7. Bold

But I ultimately chose ABUNDANT.

Why is this the perfect word?

Abundant is really what I stand for. It’s what I try to embody and what I offer my clients. 

Abundant encompasses many concepts. 

When you’re living in an abundant mindset, from an abundant mindset, you

– Can trust: Yourself, God, the process

– Become powerful

– Show up courageously

– Create enough

This is the perfect word because this is how I want to stay laser-focused this year. 

On the Mastermind call, when I thought about the word abundant, I really see it as an umbrella covering three primary areas of focus for this year. I see Abundant as a prerequisite for these three things:

Under the umbrella of Abundant, I want to focus specifically on:

– Connection

– Trust

– Strength

Kamden asked us to spend a minute thinking about our words to see how they made us feel.


For the umbrella word, Abundant, it made me feel:

– Relaxed

– Ease

– Margin

– Freedom

– Unencumbered

For the Word Connection, it made me feel:

– Connected

– Full

For the Word, Trust, it made me feel:

– secure

– solid

– provided for

– surrender

– Faithful

For the Word, Strength, it made me feel:

– Strong

– Powerful

– Bold 

– Brave

It was interesting to connect to these words in this way and it felt promising, optimistic, light-hearted, life-giving, substantial, whimsical or playful, energetic, purposeful

In the past couple of years, I’ve chosen a Word of the Year, but I’ve never interacted with it in this way. It’s really exciting and empowering to actually feel the energy of it coursing through me. 

I think it will be interesting to see how this impacts me throughout the year. 

It will be fun to go through and actually create my vision board with these words and see what my imagination comes up with when I feel full and limitless and abundant. 

I love how Kamden described her vision board. She said,

This is a message for your soul.

This is a reminder of who you are.

This belongs uniquely to you.

I’ve been really trying to challenge my imagination lately.

I’ve been trying to imagine things that I want.

I’ve been trying to imagine that I might not know I want yet.

Just to be open to all possibilities. 

There are things that people manifest all the time. 

I can certainly see evidence of manifesting undesired outcomes. 

It’s so much more difficult for our unintentional brain to manifest desired outcomes.

Because there are so many conflicting beliefs limiting us that we’re not even aware of.

That’s why it’s so important to keep dreaming. 

That’s why it’s so important to put whatever you want in your Result line. 

Everything I have is a piece of my story.

Everything I don’t currently have is a piece of my story.

What do I want to put into my story? 

What do I want to call up from possibility to join me in reality? 

I remember getting this image of Jumping into a pool of possibility and promise and purpose — 

I think on my vision board, I’ll show a picture of a pool full of words that inspire, motivate and connect me to my true self and to the deep desires of my heart. 

It’s so much fun to think about it this way. 

Reach out to me and share your Word of the Year.

Share how you’re calling your dreams into reality in 2022. 

I’ll check ya later, Hummingbirds!