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Do you know what makes YOU unique? 

What makes you SPECIAL?

You are one of a kind. 

You have gifts that you don’t even know make you VALUABLE.

Let’s discover them together.





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Well, you know what that means it’s time to Expose the Money Lies. Let’s get started. 

It’s Christmas time. Don’t you love this time of year, all the gifts and all the snow covered trees and the bows and the glitter. My husband hates the glitter. My husband doesn’t like the gift giving. I don’t know why, I love that part of it. I love Christmas. We don’t really decorate that much, because we don’t have kids. And it just seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to, just go out of town. And then have to come back in. Take it all. But I love the gift giving part of the season. I love giving more than I love receiving. But I do love that part. So I hope you have all of your gift giving done. If not, you’re in trouble. Because Christmas is tomorrow when this podcast is released, it will be tomorrow it will be Christmas Eve. So Merry Christmas. 

I was having a conversation with one of my favorite coaches recently, and she was trying to show me I don’t know why, why she tries so hard with me. But she was trying to show me why she valued me so much. She is definitely one of my biggest cheerleaders we coached each other a while back. And she still talks about how much I helped change her life when it comes to how she thought about money, how she felt about money and the relationship she had with money. And I love that. But I have a hard time seeing the impact that I had on her because she is she was already amazing. When we started working together, she just is such a beautiful person, such a giving person, such a great coach. But it was really hard for me to see the gifts that I gave her during that coaching because I felt like I was just doing what I do. I was just being me, I was just, you know, problem solving. And I mean, I was just doing what I love to do. And she’s amazing, she has always been amazing, she will always be amazing in my mind. And it’s sometimes hard for me to see what a tremendous impact I do have on people because of how I see them. 

You know, when they come to me, I see who they are at their core, I don’t see who they’re showing up as I don’t see the person that they see, which is why they’re showing up that way. And from my perspective, before they work with me, they’re amazing. And after they work with me, they’re amazing. So that’s how that’s why it’s so hard for me to see the deep impact that I have on people. I mean, when they come to me, I see the strong, capable gifted women that they already are at their core, I know that they don’t see that. But it’s hard for me to see the impact I’ve had on them. Because of because I don’t see what they see when they come to me. 

You know, I suppose that’s my gift, the whole time we work together, I’m trying to show them what I see in them. I’m trying to show them who they truly are. And when they see that when they see what they’re truly capable of, and how amazing they really are. They do start to show up differently. They do start to carry themselves differently. They they get older, they get more courageous, they get more abundance. And they do things differently in their business. And even if they’re doing the same things. They do them differently. They become more successful, they have a bigger impact because of our work together because now they can see what I saw all along. And it’s always been hard for me to see that I helped them do that because that’s what I saw. I saw that amazing, strong, capable woman all along. And that’s, you know who they are. So I feel like I didn’t really do anything. I guess what I did do I guess where my gift is, is I help them actually become more of who they are. I help them show up as more of who they truly are. I think it would probably be easier for me if I could see them as they see themselves. That’s something that I have a hard time doing, I have a hard time seeing what they see. Right? They, you know, so many of my clients come to me thinking, they’re such a mess. And that is so far from the truth. They are pretty amazing.

So the fact that they think they’re a mess is such a money lie. And it limits them so much. And I think sometimes they think I’m crazy, because I asked them to do things that they’re like, what? I can’t do that. And I’m like, why not? Sure you can. I mean, of course you can. There, there’s no reason you can’t. So you’re not broken, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you are not a mess. Just like they are not a mess. We are human. And we do make messes. Sometimes, life can be messy. business can be messy, but you are not a mess. 

I suppose seeing other people’s beauty and strengths could be a gift that that could be one of my gifts. And maybe it doesn’t feel like a gift because it doesn’t feel like something I do. “Air quotes.”  As much as it feel like it just happens. It just happens. I just, you know, it just comes to me. Like, it just happens. And that’s why maybe I have a hard time seeing it as a gift. 

Another one of my gifts, is being able to see the limitation standing between you and your dreams. And this one, I do see, I do see that as a as one of my gifts. And it’s a gift that I am really, really good at. I don’t know that I can tell you how I do it again, I just do it. It’s just something that I see. Just like, if you ever heard that, that thing where they play a sound. And some people hear Laurel and some people hear Yani I think that’s the way that this gift of mine works is that I just zero in on the limitation. And there’s times that, you know, I mean, for sure my clients don’t see it, otherwise they would, you know, they wouldn’t, I wouldn’t need to point it out to them. But even other people don’t see it. You know, when I’m coaching in a group, you know, I’ll just pinpoint I’ll zero right in on their money lie their limiting belief. And sometimes the other people in the room are like, wow, how did you zero in on that so fast. And sometimes I don’t know, I just, I just see it. It’s like maybe it’s like X ray vision, I don’t know. But that is one of my gifts, being able to see the limiting beliefs that are standing between you and what you truly want and what you’re truly capable of. And the things that are standing between you and your dreams is never what you think it is. 

And I completely understand because a lot of the things that I thought were standing in my way, keeping me from building the business that I wanted, have seemed like these giant mountains I had to climb or to have seemed like really, really really big gaps like ravines that I really big gaps that I had to bridge. And nope, all of them have just been limiting beliefs that I had to detect and reprogram. Just something that I had to decide was not true. And I had to commit to believing something else. And I had to practice believing that that limiting belief was not true. And that the real truth, the truth that I wanted was true. So that’s all it was about. And that is not like climbing a giant mountain that’s not like bridging a huge ravine. And you know, because I have reprogramed some of those now I know that I’m not a bother. Now I know that I’m not a problem. I’m not a mess. I’m not disturbed by organized. I’m not lazy. I’m not unfocused, I’m not an over thinker, and I’m not an over spender. I’m not any of those things. And when I stopped being those things, I stopped acting like I was that and that’s one of my gifts as well to be able to help people find those lies and stop being those things so that you can be who you truly are gifted and amazing. 

So you are gifted so I want you to be able to find and discover your gifts and be able to celebrate those gifts and be able to practice those gifts because that is so valuable. That’s not why you’re valuable, you’re valuable no matter what. But sometimes we don’t recognize our gifts because they come so easy to us or because they don’t seem extraordinary to us. And that’s why you have to purposefully look for what your gifts are and how they impact other people. And one way to do that is don’t look at that, from your perspective, look at that, from their perspective, from the recipients perspective, in order to see how truly valuable your gifts are, you have to look at how much they’re impacting other people. Because what makes something a gift is not the effort that you put into it. It’s the love that comes through it. That doesn’t matter how easy or how much time it takes, or how much effort you put in. It’s the love that is received from that gift by the recipient, that makes it valuable. And love does not take time. Right? You can give love in an instant. Right? You can use your gifts to impact somebody in a split second, right? 

So you’ve heard that saying, it’s the thought that counts? Well, if you think about that, then the gifts we have to give to the world are about our intentions, and about our “why” behind it, not about the how, and not about the effort that you put into it. That’s not what makes it valuable. It’s about the joy that the recipient gets out of the gift. When you think about it like that, then you can ask yourself, what are my gifts? Where are the areas where what are the things that you do? How do you bring joy to other people’s lives? How do you make other people’s lives easier, that’s what you’re gifted at? Those are the that’s where you’re going to find your gifts when you look at it from that perspective. It makes it so much easier to see what your gifts are and how gifted you are and how truly valuable your gifts are.

So I hope you have a Merry Christmas. And I’ll be back here next week with my final episode of 2021. Can you believe it’s already the end of 2021 I’ll see you then.