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As you can tell from the last two episodes, hosting my first retreat taught me a lot.

It’s one thing to do something and it’s another to leverage what you learn from it.

This week, I’m talking about how I’ll leverage all the growth I gained from my journey to ELEVATE my retreat guests to ELEVATE myself and my business moving into 2022.

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Well, you know what that means, it’s time to Expose the Money Lies. Let’s get started.

Where do you feel frustrated that things aren’t working?

I felt so frustrated trying to sell ELEVATE retreat . The last two episodes I’ve shared What Went Well and I’ve shared what didn’t go well.

Today, I’m sharing what I would do differently. You’re going to definitely hear what I want to say.

I feel like so many coaches are doing the same thing I did when I was trying to sell ELEVATE retreat.

It was a great offer — it was extremely valuable, but I didn’t clearly convey WHAT actually made it so valuable. That’s what I’m sharing today.

I found that if I had only done three things differently, it would have been a completely different experience.

  1. Sell earlier
  2. Set a deadline
  3. Sell me. My vision is what made it AMAZING — my vision for my clients is something I can keep tapping into, because
  • It is extremely powerful fuel for me.
  • It’s what helped me write and promote a book to bestseller on Amazon in 2 weeks time
  • It’s what helped me create an amazing experience for ELEVATE Retreat
  • It’s what will help me create exponential growth for twelve people in Miracle Multiplier Alliance

And here’s how I turned this experience into a gain.

  1. I saw who I really am. FINALLY!
  2. I used my own Solve ANY Problem process.
  3. I kept going, staying present.


What would I do differently?

Sell myself

Sell myself

Sell myself

On me

On the vision

To my audience

I am what makes anything I offer amazing, because I am amazing. I’m a masterful money coach — my superpower is zeroing in on what’s limiting you, what’s keeping you from creating that amazing new thing you want to offer, from solving the problems that continue to plague you in your business, from shattering every block you have to making the money you want to make as a coach.

I’m crystal clear on that now.

And not only am I crystal clear on that for myself, I’m crystal clear on that for my clients.

My clients are doing this same thing — they are trying to figure out how to sell their program, when they should be selling THE MOST POWERFUL AND MOST VALUABLE part of their offer — them. They are what makes their program, their course valuable. They keep trying to add more value so that the people they’re trying to sell it to see the value.

That’s not what’s missing. That’s not what makes people not buy. What makes people not buy is that my clients are not selling what makes what they’re selling so valuable. It’s them that makes it valuable and makes it something their potential clients can’t get anywhere else. That’s what they should be selling. That’s what people will buy.

And if they’re doing that in their business, where else are they doing this?

Where are you doing this?

Where else are you not sold on you?

Where are you not sold on what you want?


What would it take to be sold on you and everything you want?

What would it take to be sold on the possibilities available to you?

This is what I want you to do

The next time you do an evaluation, of a consult, of a project, zoom out and

Notice what you were trying to sell.

Decide what you want to sell next time.

Commit to incorporating that decision into your sales process.

See how the evaluation applies on a broader level to your business and to your life.

Finally look at your clients and how you can use these same lessons to help them.

This is exactly what I’m doing in Miracle Multiplier Alliance in 2022.

It’s my BRAND NEW Group Coaching Experience where together — you, me and a group of eleven other coaches — we multiply the growth of you and your business — WITHOUT doing more. Imagine what it would be like to double your revenue without doubling your time, effort or energy. How would that feel?

You know that I just hosted my very first retreat.

I loved it so, so much.

It was very challenging journey  But the event itself was absolutely amazing.


It was so thrilling to see all the breakthroughs.

I’m ready to match that energy in a year long group coaching program with the same vibe of ELEVATE  retreat.

The energy of the group was so contagious, so inspiring.

Everybody got something of great value, and everybody had their own personal breakthrough.

The support was so valuable, and not only the support that I offered them through my coaching and through the activities, and the ways that I wanted to elevate them and elevate their money mindset and elevate how they showed up for themselves, and for their business and for their clients. But the support that they gave each other was amazing. It was exactly as I hoped it would be.

And we got a lot of work done, But even though we got a lot of work done, it was so much more fun to do it as a group.

That’s exactly what I’m recreating for this Alliance.

It starts January one and it will run through December 31.

We’ll meet three times a month. we will also have quarterly planning sessions.

I’ll call in experts to lend help in areas where I’m not an expert.

And we’ll connect at an in person gathering in Nashville. I’m so excited about that.

Miracle Multiplier Alliance is limited to twelve people by application only to ensure that we have a diverse group ready to multiply the miracles in their business and who will complement each other’s strengths.


It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to get started, so go check it out at

Set up a time to chat with me, fill out the application and start preparing for a 2022 of exponential growth.

I’ll see you there!