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ELEVATE Retreat was my first time hosting a retreat. 

Like when you make pancakes, the first one isn’t always pretty, the journey to get to this retreat wasn’t always pretty. 

In this episode, the second of a three-part series, I share what didn’t go well. 

What can you learn from my painful lessons that will help you avoid having to go through these painful lessons yourself? 

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Well, you know what that means, it’s time to Expose the Money Lies. Let’s get started. 

Hey, so this week, we are talking again about our my lessons from the Elevate Retreat from hosting my very first retreat. And if you missed out on that, there are still plenty of ways, plenty of opportunities that you will, you’ll get to work with me and to learn from me and to be mentored by me from, you know, this podcast is a great opportunity. 

There’s a lot of free resources that I offer all throughout the year. One of those, one of my favorites right now is my solve any money problem toolkit, and you can get that on my website, And so last week, we talked about what went well for the Retreat. And I think a lot of things went well. And I’m still finding things that I’m refining, and exploring more. Getting into more details and learning from I’m still learning from everything that happens at the retreat, and leading up to the retreat, most of the lessons that I learned were in the journey leading up to the Retreat. And so this week, we’re talking about what didn’t go well. And I have a list of about 10, or 12 things. 

But I’m not going to go over every one of them, because some of it was just stuff that happened. That I don’t know that there’s a real lesson from like, for instance, one of the staff members at the venue was not my favorite, let’s just say her customer service skills were a little bit lacking at time. And I mean, it wasn’t anything huge, or, or anything like that. And I don’t know that I could have done anything about it, or I don’t know that there’s any lesson to be learned from that. Other than, you know, just the way that I showed up, which I talked a little bit about last week, you know, even in that situation, I felt like was a very version of myself that I was very proud of just stepping into the tools that I develop the tools that other people have developed that I use, from my coaches, to the group programs I’ve been in from, you know, just the exposure to the rest of the life coach, school community, just all of those things, just stepping into the person that uses those tools, is just something I’m really proud of. But, you know, one of the things that I definitely think didn’t go well as I did too many things myself and I, and sort of combined with that I did too many things last minute, because I was selling right up until about a week from the Retreat, trying to sell those spots, I didn’t leave myself very much time to prepare. And so a lot of things were happening at the last minute. And as you can imagine, when things happen at the last minute, they don’t come off as necessarily the best version of whatever it is that you’re trying to create. And so that is definitely something that I would change next time. Now, one of the biggest things that didn’t go well is that I lost money. My goal when I decided to be obedient to the call to host a retreat. 

One of my goals was just to break even, I know that retreats don’t necessarily. They’re not intended necessarily to make money. It’s more either a mission that you want to fulfill, or it’s part of the mission that you ultimately want to fulfill which was the case for me, or it’s just a great way to connect with your clients, your potential audience. People who might be in the periphery people might who have thought about working with you, but maybe haven’t made that decision. Just a way to build relationships. and help people in sort of a different way, then, you know, the normal six month program or my foundation group program, you know, it’s just a different setting and a different opportunity to look at things a little bit differently. 

And two, I like the immersiveness of it. So my goal was not to lose money, but that’s what happened. And so that’s probably the biggest thing that didn’t go well. Another thing that didn’t go well was the selling Yeah, I spent a lot more time selling than I probably needed to that I probably should have. And I think one of the reasons one of the lessons that I learned was that I wasn’t selling the most important aspects of the Retreat. And one of those, one of the biggest aspects of the Retreat that I should have been selling was me. And I wasn’t doing that. And as a result, another thing that didn’t go well was I had rooms that went unused, which means that there were more people who could have been impacted that were not there were more people that could have had breakthroughs, but did not because it didn’t sell out. I could have sold about twice as many spots as I did. And so that definitely didn’t go well. 

Now, the biggest thing that didn’t go well, during the journey to put this Retreat on to host this Retreat was how I felt on that journey. And how I felt was like a failure. Along the way, it was really, really hard. I kept trying things. And it just felt like nothing was working. And a lot of that was happening because of the money lies that I was believing on that journey. Because of the evidence that I had in front of me that, you know, not many people were sending, signing up, I started believing lies, because of the evidence that I was seeing. And so instead of being intentional, and deciding on purpose, what I wanted to believe I believe the Money Lies. 

And I’m, I think we can all think of a time when at some point in our business, that we were doing this. And so some of the Money Lies that I was believing was especially toward the end when I was really just trying to fill the rooms. And really just, you know, if I was paying for the rooms anyway, I at least wanted somebody in there. I at least wanted somebody to enjoy themselves in Nashville, even if they didn’t come to the Retreat. But when I didn’t even get people to fill the rooms, then I started believing I can’t even give this away. At some point in my journey, I believe I’m the problem. I’m why this isn’t selling. And that related, actually back to what I found out in an RTT session a couple of weeks before the Retreat, led back to a childhood belief that I started believing when I was probably about 5, 6, 7 years old, that I’m a problem and I should disappear. 

Another money lie I believed was this isn’t working. What am I doing this for? You know, I kept returning to the fact that yes, I am called to this. This is for a purpose. But another mother in law’s I believe no one’s listening. No one cares. No one gets it. No one understands what I’m trying to do here. And the only reason that happened was because I wasn’t conveying that very well. You know, I had this big vision for this Retreat. And I wasn’t selling that vision. I wasn’t selling what I was called to do. And that was because of all of the subconscious money beliefs. It was Money Lies I was believing. And so that was my biggest lesson from this was Yeah, even Jill The Money Coach believes Money Lies. And yeah, there are many lies that I’m probably going to be uncovering for the rest of my life. And that’s okay. Because the amount of growth that I experienced by doing this Retreat was worth every last little bit of discomfort. It was worth everything that I experienced because of how I moved forward and how much I grew. I mean, I think you know the Grinch The movie The Grinch, where at the end, his heart grows by 10 sizes or something. I feel like I grew at least that much. 

And the last time that I can remember growing that much was when I went to Byron Katie’s 9 Day School for The Work. I grew a lot during that time frame. And that was also an immersive experience, I feel like this whole journey to hosting my first Retreat was a very immersive experience, I had to sit in a lot of money lines, I had to, you know, experience a lot of those lies, I had to experience the results that they were producing, which was not selling the Retreat, not selling as many spots as I as I had envisioned.

 But at the end of the day, I hosted the exact Retreat that I wanted to host. And that was a huge win. And I would never have been able to get there without going through all of the stuff that I experienced along the way. So yes, go out there and do big things that you could fail big at, because it will be worth it. And that is the biggest lesson that I got out of this. The biggest lesson that I have learned so far in my business was during this Retreat journey, and it was so good, because when I came out on the other side, not only was I more of who I truly am, but I saw myself in a completely different light. And that was worth everything to me. 

So I’m doing another big thing, I am going out there and I am putting another big thing out there. And it is along the same lines as the Retreat. It’s not an immersive experience. But it is the same vibe. It’s the same energy, it’s the same intent, it’s the same vision is just an extension of the Retreat. And that is my Miracle Multiplier Alliance. It’s a group coaching program. For coaches who want to multiply their business without multiplying the amount of energy they spend working on their business. It’s for coaches who want to come and be part of a select group of coaches, who are going to be supported by me falsely supported by me, supported by some experts that I’m going to bring in, it’s a year long program, we’re gonna meet three times a month, we’ll also be meeting quarterly to set goals and plan for the quarter. 

And it’s going to be just like the Retreat, the same energy, the same vibe, the same level of support, we’re going to be supporting each other, I’m going to be fully supporting every single one of you, it’s going to be about me serving everyone in this group, and not only elevating you, but multiplying you, multiplying you multiplying your business, multiplying everything you’re capable of, and making possible every single thing that you want. And that’s what I am so excited about, that starts in January and it runs through December 2022. And if you’re interested, then I’m going to be announcing the enrollment opening soon. It’s actually going to be in the next couple of days. So keep an eye on Instagram. If you’re on my list, keep an eye out for the emails with the link so that you can apply for this amazing group. 

So until then, I will see you next time.