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My first retreat happened! 

And it changed everything. In this episode, the first of a three-part series, I share what went well. 

What went well for me, what went well for the women who were there and what went well for you, my faithful audience, whom I dearly love. 

What will you leverage from my experience in your own offers, your own program delivery, your own life?

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Well, you know what that means it’s time to Expose the Money Lies. Let’s get started. 

Hey there, I am so glad to be back and talking to you today about Elevate Retreat. It was fabulous. It was amazing. I loved every minute of the retreat itself. There was a lot of drama leading up to the retreat there. So there were so many things that I struggled with along the journey. The whole journey was so valuable, it was so. So very valuable. I had so many insights, so much wisdom that I developed over that journey. But it was a hard one, it was I will not lie, it was rough. It was, it was really tough. It was emotionally draining. It was exhausting, the journey, but the retreat, and what came out of the retreat was so worth every last bit of pain and discomfort. 


And so what I wanted to do was I wanted to go through a series of three podcasts where I talk about the Retreat, and what went well, what didn’t go well, and what I would do differently. 

And so this is the first episode of the three episode series talking about Elevate Retreat 2021. So, just so you know, I am doing another one, this was so amazing, I enjoyed it so much. And I got so much out of it. And I know the women that attended the retreat, or participated in the retreat, engaged in the retreat, got so much out of it, that I can’t wait to do it again. And so I am doing it again next year. Just so you know, save the dates, the tentative dates right now are September 21, through the 25th. And you can sign up to get on the interest list. If you’re not already on there. If you are already on the interest list from signing up for the 2021 retreat, then you will get automatically get the notifications about and updates about elevate retreat 2022. It will be in Nashville again. And it I don’t think it’s going to be at the same venue I think I’ll we’ll try a different venue. But there’s more lots, lots, lots more details to come on that. So if you want to sign up for the Elevate Retreat interest page, then you can go to my Instagram bio @Jillthemoneycoach or at Jill Wright coaching. Or you can go to my website, to sign up for that interest list. And then you’ll get all of the Juicy, juicy details as they come out. 

But I did want to talk about What Went Well for the retreat. And there were so many things. So I’m not going to go into details on every single thing. I’m going to pick a couple of the details that I feel like well, and that might help you if you’re doing a retreat and no matter really what type of offer you’re doing. Or any type of launch that you’re doing. You know, you’re gonna learn a lot from what I have to say on today’s podcast, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time I’m going to make this short and sweet. The biggest thing that came out of this journey of selling the retreat was the tremendous growth that I experienced just as a person, as a coach, as an entrepreneur as a business owner, just as a woman in business and as a woman trying to become who I truly am. That was probably the biggest thing, the biggest win. 

The biggest thing that went well on your on this retreat journey because I struggled. I struggled a lot and that’s of course where the growth happens. But the other thing that I did that I felt like grew me tremendously is that I trusted myself. And one thing, one of the messages that I shared at Elevate Retreat was that the first person you should trust is yourself. And in order to trust yourself, you have to bet on yourself. And when you bet on yourself, when you invest in yourself, when you bet on yourself, you will win every single time, whenever you’re willing to bet on yourself, you will always win. And the reason I say that is because when you bet on yourself, when you go all in on yourself, that is the best investment that you can make. And I feel like that’s the thing that came, you know, the, the biggest win that came out of this painful journey. And the reason I call it painful is because I did not feel the retreat, I wanted 15 to 16 women there, and we had about eight. So we had about half as many as I had intended. My goal was to break even for this retreat, and I took a huge loss. So, you know, we’ll get into that more in the next week. What didn’t go? Well, those two things were definitely two things that didn’t go well. But today, I’m talking about what did go well. And because of the things that didn’t go, well, there were lots of things that did go well, you know, guests that were at the retreat, they got a lot done on their business, and they weren’t hustling, they were just showing up, they were having fun, they were connecting with each other, they were connecting to themselves, they were connecting to their business, that’s what helped them get a lot done on their business. 

And they just like me, I one of the things that went well was I got a glimpse of who I truly am, how amazing I truly am. And I feel like the guests got that same thing, they got a glimpse to what they’re truly capable of. And they got to visit, they got to question they got to change their mindset around some of the stories they believe that keep them from moving forward powerfully in their business from achieving the amazing the big goals in their business. And I found that I got that same thing out of it. 

So what was amazing, or what went really well was that I showed up as somebody that I didn’t maybe quite trust that I could be. And they got to show up that way too. Because how they showed up each and every one of them was how I asked them to show up, which is you know, come and be who you truly are, and step into the power that you really have, and see what you’re truly capable of. And that’s exactly what they did. And so I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of some really tremendous and amazing things that are possible for them. Even If they were had some success coming into the retreat, I feel like they are capable of so much more success, leaving the retreat because of how they showed up for themselves because of how they showed up for each other. 

So I, I if you if you listen to this podcast, you know that I script a lot of things. Because that’s where my comfort zone is. I feel like when I don’t script things, then I kind of trail off and I take detours that maybe I don’t want to take I stumble over my words like I’m doing right now this so this you can tell this episode is not scripted. I’m completely going off the fly just a couple of notes that I took about what went well with the retreat. But I did not script the retreat at all. I laid out the days that I wanted, you know based on the theme. So I laid out a basic outline of how the day would go I had some activities in mind that I felt would be very powerful for them. I just showed up, ready and open to handle whatever they brought to me, given the exercises that we had in store for them given the worksheets that we had for them and the workbook, which I forgot to number the pages on. So you’ll hear more about that next week. And under what what didn’t go? 


Well, some of the really silly simple things that you would think should be pretty easy, you know, some sometimes fell by the wayside. But what went well is that I showed up, as the powerful and amazing coach, I know that I am. So that is one thing that I have never questioned in my business, I have questioned a lot of things. But I have never questioned that I am an amazing coach. And I get plenty of evidence of that every single day when I show up as an amazing coach. And so it makes sense that if I show up at this retreat, as the amazing coach, I believe I am, that things are going to shift for people. And that’s exactly what happened. So I didn’t script it. But everything went so well, I was fully present. I was not in my head about, you know, what I was, you know, the money I was losing or the things that I didn’t do, or the things that I should have done or the things I could have done better. 

At the retreat, I was completely present and completely in service to the women that showed up there. And I feel like that was my biggest win ever in my business. It doesn’t matter the outcome that came out of this as far as financial outcome. Because what happened at this retreat, the amazing connections that were made, the amazing stories that came to light, and that these women got to stand in in for four days, they were elevated. And that was my goal for the retreat. 

My goal was to make it possible for them to be elevated through my coaching. Through the exercises that I chose through the theme that I chose, which was connection. I created an environment in which was highly conducive to growth. If you think about a plant, and in or a garden, if you’re planning a garden, you want to prepare the soil to be able to support the plant life that you want to grow. And so that’s how I showed up to this retreat, I created an environment that was conducive to major growth. And the things that I did the thoughts that I had about that the mindset that I had, around what was truly possible in these four days came to fruition, because I kept stepping into that belief that no matter how many spots I sold, no matter how big a loss I took, no matter what went wrong, that this would still be very valuable and very powerful to anyone that participated. 

And that is exactly what happened. I got, you know, confirmation that everything I see in the women that I work with, is true, because I saw them show up and step into their capabilities, their power, their generosity, their support of each other. It was so unbelievably amazing. I can’t even describe, I just remember the last night of the retreat. I remember, we had a little surprise, I invited a live bluegrass band in and they played for a few hours. And it was a lot of fun. And just the energy that we had, just all being there together and the music and I just felt so much gratitude and joy for them, you know, for the women that and what they got out of it. It was It was unbelievable. They were so so generous with each other. They were so supportive of each other. And it was it was unbelievable. And I mean that it still continues because when we left the retreat, we still have group calls that we’re going to get on to support people for any action items that are going on in their business after the retreat that they you know, action steps that they took away. 

We’re still celebrating wins. We’re still there for each other. We’re a family now and we’re gonna stay a family And we’re going to support each other. And so that’s, that’s what I will leverage taking into every single thing that I do in my business is are the things that I learned about pushing through discomfort, being willing to grow and expand, being able to step into problems at the last minute, which I’ll talk about next week, that I just, I just kept believing that this is possible, what I am called to what I have envisioned for this retreat is possible. 

And I’m going to keep stepping into that belief in order to make it happen. 

So how am I going to leverage that in my business, I am going to leverage what went well into my newest opportunity to work with me, which is Miracle Multiplier Alliances, and Miracle Multiplier Alliance is a mastermind group. For coaches who want to multiply themselves in their business, it’s a year long mastermind group will meet three times a month, and I’m limiting it to 12 spots. 


So everyone will have the opportunity to be elevated, it’s going to be just as amazing as Elevate Retreat was because I’m going to use everything I learned from doing the retreat to elevate and multiply the women who joined me in this mastermind group. So they’ll all have the opportunity to be elevated. And that will happen through coaching by me through brainstorming through collaboration through resourcing in the group, and through the mighty networks, private group in between calls. And so you will be elevated and multiplied through the synergy. And through the alchemy that happens as a natural byproduct of a group that will be carefully curated by me, that is to ensure that there’s diversity in a variety of different ways. So my goal is to make it non homogenous, so that there are different human design profiles, different areas of expertise, different strengths, different perspectives, different Enneagram types, so that everyone in the group brings their own unique perspective and strengths in a way that serves to multiply the entire group. I am so excited about this, I cannot wait to get started. I’m just like, oh my gosh, can we just start tomorrow, but we won’t, will officially be starting the group January one. And once I get the group finalized, then I’ll announce the dates that we’ll be meeting each week, three times a month. But there are details I still need to iron out before I open it up for applications. So just be on the lookout for the details on how to apply because I will be sharing those soon. And I’ll see you next week.