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What are you claiming as your identity? 

What are you declaring? 

What you say about yourself matters. Stake your claim on the MORE you are MADE for. 

Do you know all the ways you speak about yourself? 

Do you know that is impacting your identity, your life, your business?

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What are you willing to do to succeed in your business?

What’s really at stake?

Stop sabotaging success in your business. Let’s get started!

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There are so many ways our identity is impacted.

It’s impacted by what happens to us and how we interpret it.

It’s impacted by how we talk about ourselves to other people.

For example, do you qualify every compliment or minimize every achievement?

“I didn’t really do much — it was mostly just luck.”

How do you act? How do you treat yourself? Look at what you do and also what you don’t do? Do you think it’s selfish to do anything for yourself? Do you think you don’t really deserve it?

Notice how you feel about how other people treat you, both when they treat you well and when they treat you not so well.

Notice what you say to yourself and what you conveniently NEGLECT to say to yourself. How often do you thank yourself or offer praise of something noteworthy that if someone else did it you would be proud?

When you’re transforming your identity, you’re not creating a whole new person.

Just like Michelangelo when he sculpted the Statue of David, he wasn’t creating David. He didn’t sculpt David out of thin air. He carved away the parts of the marble slab that were NOT David. David was there all along, but no one could tell it was David until all the parts that weren’t David were carved away.

You are already a millionaire. You just haven’t stripped away all the money lies that are preventing you from showing up that way. What is the most fit and emotionally healthy version of you? Whoever that is, she is already there. What keeps her from showing up? The Money Lies she believes. Those are covering the TRUTH of who she really is.

Your identity doesn’t consist of your circumstances, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions or your results. You are not any of those things.

We often, too often in my opinion, make our identity a product of those things. They drive how we see ourselves and unfortunately too often they drive what we think about ourselves. They drive how we treat ourselves and they determine the life we create for ourselves and our family.

They determine the flag we plant in the ground. This is just who I am.

Instead of becoming a product of our circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions and results, we can choose to make our thoughts, feelings, actions and results a product of our identity.

What I mean is this. We can decide who we are first. Then the thoughts, feelings, actions and results we experience will be those that belong to that person.

If we don’t choose our identity, the world will choose it for us. We will become a product of what happens to us. What happens to us we’ll interpret to determine who we are and the feelings, actions and results we experience will belong to who the world says we are.

We’ll start talking to ourselves and treating ourselves as if that’s who we truly are. We’ll start to believe lies about who we truly are and those lies will hide the real truth.

I want you to start to notice how you treat yourself. I want you to notice what you say to yourself. I want you to look out for the words, spoken or unspoken, the sentences that start with I am … , or I always … , or I wish I was … or Why can’t I be … ?

Think about how you decided who your ideal client is. You don’t decide that your ideal client can’t afford your program or doesn’t want to work with you (sometimes you believe these money lies too, but more about that in another episode), you don’t decide on purpose to pick an ideal client that won’t hire you. That would sabotage your business.

So don’t decide that people won’t like you or won’t want to work with you or that you’re lazy or any of the crazy lies you tell about yourself. That also sabotages your business. And it’s simply not true.

Decide who you want to be from a place of wisdom and knowledge and clarity, from a place of love, compassion and faith in yourself. If you can’t find that in yourself right now or can’t access it, let me know. I share generously. I guarantee you it’s there — even if you sometimes can’t see it.

How you talk to yourself and how you talk about yourself MATTERS.

Watch for the statements that begin with I am. I am a hot mess. I am lazy. I am a procrastinator. I am easily distracted.

Watch for the statements that begin with I wish. I wish I was more successful. I wish I was better with money. I wish I was more focused. I wish I could just do what I planned to do.

Watch for the questions that imply less than. Why can’t I figure it out? Why am I so bad with money? What is wrong with me?

Any of these could help you detect Money Lies — beliefs that limit you, limit your growth and limit your business.

They plant your flag in the land of less than, in the land of not good enough, in the land of limits. 

Turn them around. I am a normal human. I am determined. I am someone who keeps going. I am focused.

I am becoming successful. I am already successful. I am good with money. I am focused. I am learning how to do what I plan to do.

I am doing my best. I have so much going for me. I am getting better and better every day. I am chosen. I am called. I am appointed to a great mission.

Be deliberate. Decide who you are. Then own it. The more you own it, the more evidence you’ll find, so be sure you’re looking for the evidence you want.

Decide on purpose what flag you want to put in the ground, because it shapes your identity.

And your identity shapes your world and your experience in the world.

It determines who you are, how you see yourself, how you talk to yourself, how you talk about yourself, how you act, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, what you accomplish and the impact you have. Not to mention the money you make.

Find questions you can ask to uncover the real TRUTH about who you are and that help you discover evidence of that TRUTH. The TRUTH is You are MADE for MORE.


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