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What are you willing to do to succeed in your business?

What’s really at stake?

Stop sabotaging success in your business. Let’s get started!

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What are you willing to do to succeed in your business?

What’s really at stake?

Stop sabotaging success in your business. Let’s get started!

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Are you afraid to step into the spotlight?

Are you holding back, playing small, not fully putting yourself out there?

That’s fine if you want to keep sabotaging the success you wanted.

It’s fine if you don’t really want to help the people needing and wanting your kind of help.


But it’s not fine if you are MADE for MORE. And if you want that MORE.

what are you willing to do to succeed in your business?

Being afraid is not a very powerful reason to not step into the spotlight, not if you really want to help people and not if you want to become successful, whatever your definition of success is.

Stepping into the spotlight comes before success. It’s on the path to success not at the destination.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself to step into being more visible.

I’ve had to.

Who wants to book a call and get coached by the invisible woman?

How do you know when she shows up for the call?

Can you picture signing into Zoom and just seeing what looks like an empty chair?

Can you imagine what it might be like having someone ask you questions and coach you while you’re looking at an empty chair?

I think I might be more than a little creeped out.

I’m a pretty open person and it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers, but even I might end up asking for a refund.

who knows?

I guess if it’s really good coaching, maybe I could get used to not being able to see her. I’ve had coaches that coached me by phone and I got used to that. It’s one thing when the camera is off or when it’s by phone, but someone hiding — that’s different.

Anyway, that’s what I’m talking about today. Stepping into the spotlight. Owning who you are, what you do, who you help, what you charge, the money you want to make, what you really think.

Are you willing to do all that in order to make your business work for you?

A lot of my clients have so much resistance to that.

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve had a lot of resistance to that.

And the reasons can vary.


There can be any number of different reasons you might do this, but this I know for sure, all of them tie back to a money lie, a belief that’s limiting your growth and limiting the growth of you business.

If you’re a coach that wants to coach people, people want to see you. They want to get to know you — the real you — and anything that’s preventing that is costing you. It’s also costing your clients — the people that want and need your help.

I made a few discoveries that helped me better understand where my need to hide or be invisible came from. I’ve been making a lot of discoveries this past year or two that have helped me get better at being more visible. And they all have a lot to do with this month’s theme of identity. So why are we so resistant to stepping into the spotlight where we can make a real difference to someone?


What you believe about yourself is usually the reason. Money lies you believe about yourself.

Beliefs like: I’m not good enough. I’m not worth it. I don’t deserve it. It’s not available to me (because of one of these others). I’m wrong. I’m doing it wrong. There’s something missing or wrong with me. I’ll never figure it out. Nobody will listen to me. Nobody really wants to hang out with me. What if nobody likes me? What if they get offended by what I do or say? What if they tell all their friends and everybody finds out I don’t really know what I’m doing?

We feel super vulnerable stepping out there. What if we look silly, or crazy, or what if we say something stupid? what if we make a fool of ourselves? What if people don’t like what we have to say? What if someone who’s more of an expert points out a flaw in my work? I’ll be embarrassed or I’ll be devastated. Wouldn’t it be better to just wait until I’m more certain? Until I’m more polished?

How do you get more certain? How do you get more polished? By doing it. That’s how.

Besides …

What’s at stake

What’s at stake for you?

What’s at stake for the people you wanted to help?

What’s at stake if you put it out there and your worst fears become reality? 


What’s at stake if you don’t put it out there at all?


Who is the person who builds your million dollar business?


What does she do?


Describe what I described to Natalie who is the person who is embarrassed? How does she handle herself?


What are the consequences to her of being embarrassed?


Creating $1 million in net worth comes with emotions. That’s what my mission is all about. It’s not about the money. It’s about the strength you build as you learn how to handle, allow, feel, process the emotions that make it suck. If everyone was fully equipped and had this skill set, it wouldn’t be such you would have already done it by now. You don’t just complete an Ironman by waking up one morning and deciding to go do an Iron man. Hey I’m feeling pretty good today-I think I’ll hop on over and do an Ironman.


No-you train for it. You prepare your body. You go through all the mend drama and mental chatter and you learn how to overcome it and press on persist, persevere,-under pressure, under stress you learn how to get It done anyway.


It’s not for everyone. Just like building a business is not for everyone. But it is for you. The only difference between who you are now . how you show up and who you’ll be when you’re proud of what you’ve built is what you’re believing about your- pelf and where you are and where you should be. When you “arrive”, you’ll feel proud because you’ll know ‘ ‘I did it”


I built this. I have what it takes. I didn’t give up. I did it because I kept going. I did it because I kept believing I could … until I finally did. I supported myself when others doubted me. I showed up for my clients even when I doubted myself. I believed in them until they could believe in themselves. I invested in me even when I was terrified. And I did it! I did it! I … DID … IT!!


If you want to be ready to step into the spotlight, be ready to step into what you’ll do when you’re there. How you feel, who you are, how you see yourself when you’re tremendously successful is a great place to visit often in order to step into the spotlight.

  • Stepping into the spotlight, where you can help the most people, is a prerequisite for making money and making an impact. But stepping into the spotlight is not dependent on eliminating the fear.
  • You grow stronger by stepping into the spotlight even when you’re terrified. There will always be situations where you’ll have fear or anxiety or trepidation. There are always risks to growing yourself and growing your business. But that’s not a reason not to do them. That is the very reason to do them.
  • It prepares you for even tougher situations. Instead of building a life where you’re always comfortable, build a mindset where you’re always capable and strong. Become emotionally invincible instead.
  • Stepping into the spotlight comes before success. It’s on the path to success not at the destination.
  • What’s really at stake anyway? Whatever you’re afraid of, it’s not life or death. It’s only a feeling.

So go step into the spotlight — go step into your MORE!!



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