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Today I’m talking about an infinitely renewable energy source that can vastly improve your life and your business.

It can help you get anything you want.

If you’re not using this, you definitely need to listen to this episode.

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What’s the most valuable asset in your business?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s an infinitely renewable source of energy.

1 John 3:18 says,

Let us not love with words, but with action and in truth.

Love is my most valuable asset.

So here’s a belief model I want to share with you. With a useful thought that serves me. Feel free to make it your very own if it serves you.

In this model, my circumstance is:

C: My SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is LOVE.

  1. I give from an infinite supply of Love (because my source is infinite because God is my source and He is Love and He is infinite-unending

F: Generous (if I am overflowing in love, I can give and give and give and never run short-I always have enough) I believe that being gener­ous creates abundance. If I give from an attitude of abundance, I always have enough because I’m always expecting MORE and when I’m always expecting MORE, MORE always arrives right on time.

I never run out. Just like my dog’s food. Before the food bin is empty, I’m ordering more. It always arrives before we run out. To my dog, there’s always enough. He expects to always have enough and he always does. When we always expect to have enough we always do because we’re looking for the bin to be refill­ed before it’s empty. Whatever we’re looking for we find because we’re looking for it.

Just like the other day, this happened with flour. We don’t use that much flour, but last Friday we made coconut shrimp and I noticed we didn’t have much flour in the canister, so I asked Tim to put it on the grocery list. He said he thought he bought flour not too long ago. He went in the pantry and found a half a bag that hadn’t been emptied into the canister.

It was funny because he asked me if I looked for it and I did, but I didn’t find any. I even commented that I probably didn’t see it because I didn’t think we had any. My brain wasn’t expecting to find any because I didn’t think we had any. If we had any, why would the canister be empty? What I believed my brain found evidence for. I thought we didn’t have enough, but we had it all along-it’s just that I wasn’t looking for it because I believed it wasn’t there. I believed we had none and I created that reality. Until I questioned it and we uncovered the truth-we do have enough flour.

That was a VERY long way to make my point that We have the abundance we look for and feeling generous helps us expect more.

Back to my model.

A: I love others fully I presently. Love is an action more than a feeling and love produces THE BEST RESULTS.

R: I am loved. I generate an infinite supply of love. An infinite supply of love flows through me.

I think love can produce any result. Love is one of the most valuable assets in the world. One of the most efficient fuel sources. And it’s the most abundant. It is UNLIMITED. So tap into this infinite source and see what results you can produce. It is available to anyone. Anyone can generate it. It doesn’t require a special skill set or expertise. There is an endless supply. It’s the most perfect form of green energy that’s ever existed. You don’t need to deplete anything in order to generate love. It’s a renewable energy source.

If you want MORE of anything, start with LOVE. As long as you have love you will always have enough. What are the ways you can convert this unlimited resource into MORE of any limited resource?

Love has so many good uses.

Use it as a filter for decisions.

Use it as a pain reliever.

Use it as a pair of glasses — everything looks different when you look through the lens of love.

And if you want to scrutinize your money lies and uncover the truth, love is the best truth serum.

Here’s what I mean:

Take the money lie from a recent episode that I detected on my birthday earlier this year.

I don’t deserve all this.

This money lie could impact every area of my life.

I don’t deserve to be in a meaningful and loving relationship

I don’t deserve to have flexibility and freedom in my career.

I don’t deserve to do something I love AND get paid for it.

I don’t deserve for my husband to run errands for me.

I don’t deserve to be recognized for my accomplishments.

I could cause me to show up very small or invisible in my life or my business.

It could impact others when I show up that way, limiting my contribution to them.

If I look at this through the lens of love, I can see that it’s not who I want to be or how I want to show up in the world.

I can see that I would never want anyone else to believe this lie.

I can see that I’m as worthy as anyone else

I can see that I do deserve it, because all humans deserve to be cared for. All humans deserve to be loved.

And I am a human.

And you are a human too.

What do you deserve?

What looks like love to you?

How can you be more loving to yourself and others when you no longer believe the money lies?

I’ll leave you with a model I recently built with one of my lovely clients. When I coach them I coach myself. It’s so good.

Really I feel like me coaching others is the best way to coach myself.

Here’s the model we uncovered:

C: Abundance

T: I do deserve it, all humans deserve it and I’m a human.

F: Love

A: I’m a team player, I don’t compete, I don’t feel guilty, I receive, I acknowledge what I’m receiving and what I’m contributing by receiving, I don’t deprive others of the opportunity to give

R: I love myself by receiving, I love others by letting them enjoy the rewards of giving

When we question the money lies, we can do that in love and curiosity and compassion. We can let go of the judgment and stand in the power of knowing we are designed for and capable of MORE.


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