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I don’t always have perfect days.

I have as much drama as the next coach or the next entrepreneur.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not always at my best.

What is your best? How can you show up your best?

Listen in to learn how to show up as the Million Dollar version of you, then go sign up for my new toolkit that will help you SOLVE ANY PROBLEM in your business and get the bonus calls I’ll be doing to coach you live and answer questions to build your MILLION DOLLAR YOU.

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I am recording this podcast on Friday morning, April 30th, at 8:30 am when I normally release my podcast on Fridays at 8 am.

And you know what, I’m glad that’s the case, because I have some really good stuff and that really good stuff didn’t come to me until this morning.

If I had already recorded this podcast, I might not have sat down and wrote it all down.

I have had a long week that felt hard and that felt hard for no particular reason.

Well, I have felt physically rough some of this week. I think it’s just seasonal allergies — it acts like seasonal allergies. Foggy brain, painful headaches, sinus drainage, tickly throat, pressure, dizziness that I suspect is from the sinus stuff. I don’t feel physically bad very often, so when I do, I tend to complain a lot and throw a pity party. Oh, poor me.

So, there’s the physical stuff, but there’s also been the brain drama.

Whenever I do something that feels hard, that feels like it takes a lot of energy and effort to do, it seems that I have these days afterward that feel like I’m trying to keep my head afloat in a pool of concrete. It feels so heavy and hard and exhausting.

And I did some things that felt hard. Public speaking feels hard to me. And I’ve done some of that recently. It went great, but for some reason, after I do things like that, I’m spent.

Maybe part of it is a vulnerability hangover. I put myself out there, now I’m waiting for the fallout and I want to go hide. Maybe that’s part of it.

And I think a lot of people felt this way this week. I know some of my clients did and when we feel this way, it’s tough to keep showing up.

But this week, I did. I kept showing up. I kept doing the best I could. And I’m really, really proud of that, because that wasn’t always the case. Whenever I’ve felt this way in the past, I didn’t always show up. In fact, there have been times that I did hide, sometimes it was for days, sometimes weeks, even months. But this time I just kept showing up.

And as a result, I helped a lot of people this week. I became the coach I want to be – an extremely generous coach that shows up.

I know that I’m not the only one this happens to, which is why I think this is the perfect time to unpack this and talk about it. The thing that keeps us from showing up. The thing that makes it hard to show up is whatever Money Lie we’re believing at the time. What makes it a lie is that it either makes it hard to show up or it keeps us from showing up. What makes it a lie has nothing to do with how true it feels.

One of the lies that shows up for some coaches when they find themselves down, whether physically or mentally, or even both, is

“I’ll be doing my clients a disservice if I show up even though I’m not on top of my game. “

That’s a money lie. And that’s what I do. I help my clients detect money lies by using a process I call MASTER Your Money Mindset. It’s a six step process that helps them MASTER Money, then go on to MASTER anything else in their life and their business.

And this MASTER process is so valuable that I’m going to be talking about the six steps over the next few months.

In April, I talked about the first letter in MASTER Money Lies. In May, I’ll be talking about the second letter A which stands for Awareness, In June, I’ll talk about the S in MASTER which stands for Scrutinize and so on through T for Transform your identity, E for Elevate Your Possibilities and finally R for reinforce and reinvent your identity to keep leveling up who you’re becoming.

Today is the last day of April, so the Money Lies I’m talking about are the lies that we believe that keep us from showing up or that make showing up anyway so hard.

Today I’ll be talking about some of the money lies I’ve believed or my clients believe when things get hard and I feel bad physically, emotionally or both =

One of these lies is:

I’m doing my clients a disservice by showing up.

You do a disservice to yourself by not showing up.

I have never shown up anyway and later thought to myself- “I wish I hadn’t shown up.” NEVER

But there have been plenty of times I’ve not shown up for myself and 

I never not show up for clients.

I’m always my best and my best isn’t always great. I show­ed up to a session the other day.

It’s a client that doesn’t usually send me pre-work, but this week she sent me a thought download and I forgot to read it before the call, so she told me most of it, which was perfect because we got to talk through it. I read it before I went to bed and thought-yeah-that was fine. the way that happened. I decided it wasn’t a problem. Why make it a problem? It Already happened there’s nothing I can do about it. I felt like a horrible coach on the call because she asked me if I read it and I told her the truth, which made me feel horrible. But it wasn’t the end of the world. I didn’t show up the way I wanted that day. I wasn’t “on my game” that day. I struggled just to get through the day, but it was my best. And guess what my pre-work was that day? My best is good enough, because even on my worst days I am good enough. You know why?

Even on my worst days, I can help someone. Some of my clients were struggling that day too. They weren’t having their best days, but they were doing the best they could and the least I could do is show. up and tell them it’s good enough.

What if you just showed up anyway? Showing up anyway is an option. Because when you believe you’re doing a disservice by being there for someone, you’re believing your best isn’t good enough.

Here are some other Money Lies you might be believing.

I’ll do it wrong.

I’ll do a disservice.

I’ll harm someone by showing up.

I’ll hurt business by showing up. I’m not at my best.

I’ll damage my reputation.

My best isn’t good enough.

Think about the consequences of allowing your brain to believe any of these in the situation where you’re just a mess. You give it license to believe it. you might be thinking- but they’re true! Or they could be true! to that I say So what! whether they’re true or not you’re still doing yourself a disservice by believing them.

I’ll tell you how You know if they serve you. How do you feel? What do you do? what do you avoid doing? How do you act? What happens when you believe it?

It doesn’t matter if they’re TRUE-that is not how I decide to believe something. This is for another episode- I believe there is one absolute Truth-God’s truth-His Word- His Spirit-that represents truth to me. Even that I put to the test I’m about to share. Everything else-Everything else is subject to question to see if it serves me. How does it make me feel? What does it feel who am I when I believe it? Who am I when I don’t believe it? Who do I want to be? What does that person believe? Even if I don’t yet believe that, I can commit to believing it, I can question what I do believe until I can see that it’s a lie when it’s not useful, when it’s not leading me to the life I want for myself. Believing what feels true, even when it does n’t lead you to the life you want is A form of self-sabotage.

How we think about one thing is how we think about most things, so test out some of those thoughts in other areas of your life. See where else you’re believing them. See how they’re impacting you.

I’ll do a disservice.

A similar thought might be they’re better off without me.

Are you believing that anywhere? With that thought plaguing you, not likely you’re going to make many offers to help people and even the offers you force yourself to make will come with an energy that is welcoming, energizing and empowering-that makes people think, “I want to be a part of that!”

I’m not saying you should show up for everything every time no matter how you’re feeling. I’m not saying you should always feel like showing up.

I’m just saying you have a choice and I’m just sharing the potential consequences. When you’re believing a lie anywhere, you’re potentially opening yourself up to believe it everywhere. Just be aware of the lies you’re believing and the results they can lead to. I cannot possibly know what’s best for you.

If I’m supposed to coach you today and I’m not on my game, I can ‘t know if it’s better for your coach to show up a little off her game than not show up at all. If I show up not on my game, it’s possible that I mess up, I don’t help you as much as I do on other days. But maybe I still help you. Maybe I still make a difference. I can’t possibly know that, so you know what I have to do. I have to focus on what I do know and what I do control and that’s doing what’s best for me. And that’s showing up. 

I want to be the kind of coach that shows up-for myself and for others-especially for my clients. no matter what. If I say I’m going to be there and I can be there- barring internet demons or an emergency-I WILL be there. I’m not telling you to be there no matter what. I don’t know what’s best for you. I only know what’s best for me. I’ve never regretted showing up when I didn’t feel like it. It’s usually quite the opposite. It fuels me.

I think this was a bad week for a lot of people. But I showed up anyway and I saw a lot of other people showing up too. I hold bonus group calls for my 1:1 clients and even after we stop working together, they are invited to these bonus group calls. the women on my 1:1 group call this week showed up for themselves on this call. They gave so much, in terms of being vulnerable and they got so much by just showing up.

And I got so much by just showing up for them. I wasn’t on my game, but I helped them anyway and guess what? That fueled me to keep showing up that day and the next day and here I am still showing up. That is what I fueled by showing up on Monday.

I’m here recording a podcast on Friday, even though I still feel bad, even though I still don’t feel like it.


Even when the day isn’t the best I’m always doing the best I can. And so are you. And you’ re best is always good enough. Remember Episode 51-You are NEVER doing it wrong. Even when you haven’t shown up; you didn’t do it wrong. You did your best and that is never wrong.


I’m not saying you don’t evaluate and understand why you didn’t show up, but not from a place of judgment or defeat, but to see what you could learn. What went well-there is something didn’t go well? Do different next time. And you will ALWAYS be MADE for MORE!


In your business you will have trouble.

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