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Think about the problems you MOST want to solve. 

The ones that are bugging you the most. 

How could you solve these problems so they wouldn’t continue to bug you?

Money Lies create MORE in your business. The only problem is that the MORE they create is MORE problems!

I’m releasing one of my favorite tools I use with my clients and in my own business. You can get it here: BECOME A PROBLEM-SOLVING NINJA

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This is Money Lies – the podcast – with Jill Wright The Money Coach for Life Coaches and Entrepreneurs. whose mission is to equip and empower one million women in business create $1 million in net worth by showing up powerfully and claiming the MORE they’re MADE for.

At the end of Episode 50, I left you with a few questions to explore for homework.

Here are those questions:

  • Were there Money lies from that  episode that felt true for you? I asked you to Write those down.
  • If not, I asked you to  look at where you are in your business
  • Where do you feel you are?
  • Where do you feel you should be?
  • Where would you rather be?
  • Why aren’t you there?

This is where we’ll pick up for this  episode, so go ahead and recall  that homework.

If you haven’t listened to that episode, here’s a question you can ponder.

  • What are some of the problems your currently have in your business?

If you’re in a place where you can take a few minutes, write down as many as you can think of.

Now take a few seconds to think about the problems you MOST want to solve. The ones that are bugging you the most.

  • What makes these problems?
  • What about these problems bugs you so much?
  • How could you solve these problems so they wouldn’t continue to bug you?

This is one of the things that I coach my clients on.

It’s true that my coaching sessions with my clients are not all about money. They’re about problems. When you have limiting beliefs, you have no limit of problems. Because what you focus on grows. When you have limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, you focus on problems.

So, it should be no surprise that when you focus on problems, you find more problems. Until you become overwhelmed and stuck.

But problems feel so real. And that’s precisely why they have such an impact on us and on our business.

It doesn’t matter what area of your life these problems show up, they will impact your business. Because how you think about one thing is how you think about most things.

I had this client at one time that I could tell she was really struggling, not just in her business, but in other aspects of her life. I am very patient, especially with clients. I truly do believe that we cannot possibly know what is best for our clients. We cannot possibly know what their journey is supposed to look like, the lessons they’re supposed to learn, how they need to learn them, the heartache and heartbreak they’re supposed to go through.

All I know is that every one of my clients is MADE for MORE. 

I don’t know what their more looks like or when they will get there or what their journey to more will look like. I do my best to stay open and do my best job as a coach to hold space, not have an agenda, not believe their stories and show them their brain.

And in the process equip and empower them to achieve and receive their more.

So, back to this client I mentioned, On her sessions I could tell she had some drama and discontent. Around her life and around her home. She wasn’t aware of her emotions because she was resisting them more than allowing them.

When she did feel them she judged herself for having them. I could see the thoughts behind the judgment, that went something like this. 

“I should be grateful for what I have.”

“Shouldn’t everyone be grateful?”

“I shouldn’t complain, especially when there are so many people suffering so much worse than I am?” (#firstworldproblems, right?)

I knew this was impacting her negatively, not only personally, but in her business. What I know you know (but I don’t think you think about in the context of money), is that every thought that doesn’t serve you. Every negative result doesn’t only impact your life. It impacts your finances.

I know you know that if you have drama going on at home, it can impact you at work, but I don’t think you realize how pervasive a limiting thought pattern can be throughout every area of your life or business. When my clients show up to work with me, they don’t realize the extent to which their money mindset is impacting them.

Money Lies are super sneaky and my guess is that you have no idea all the limiting beliefs hiding under all the layers.

I had no idea when I started coaching on money how well hidden these lies are. That’s why I’m so passionate about detecting and exposing them so that they don’t limit the joy you feel in your business, the impact you have on the people you’re so passionate about helping and the financial rewards you experience from your business.

My mission for this podcast is to dive deeper into those things so you can begin to really understand the impact of Money Lies.

My client was one that this finally hit home for recently. The client that I mentioned was angry resentful and resistant. And she experienced a shift that really showed her the effects the work we’ve been doing together. She finally began to see how she could begin to leverage that personal growth to create the same level of growth in her business.

Many of my clients, when they first start working with me, are very careful to bring only money issues or business issues to our coaching sessions. They’re hesitant to use their sessions for things quote “unrelated “ to their business or finances.

I explain that it truly doesn’t matter what area we detect and expose the money lies and work through my six step MASTER process. The benefits of that work can’t NOT impact their business and financial health. Just like your emotional health can translate into physical health and vice-versa, improvement in your thought patterns in business and finances will translate into improvements in your personal life and vice-versa.

This became crystal clear for this  client I’ve been talking about when she had a breakthrough recently. She realized that how she was showing up in her business was not only what she was doing in her business but in so many other areas of her life. 

She was experiencing discontent in her life and one area of that discont­ent was in her home. There were some things that were bugging her about her home and instead of doing anything about it, she continued to live with it. She continued to accumulate discontent and defeat about not being able to do anything about it. 

I asked her to make a list of everything she wished she could change. I helped her prioritize the list based on cost time, money, etc. and list them from easiest to hardest and that list that used to feel overwhelming and impossible, she recently checked the last thing off the list. 

See, this appears to have nothing to do with her business, but when you understand that how you think about one thing is how you think about most things, you can leverage something outside of your business to move you forward in your business. Here’s what she was believing that kept her from doing anything about the things she wanted In her home:

“I don’t have the time.”

I don’t have the money.”

“I don’t know how.”

All common Money Lies my Clients believe.

Not only that, there were also lies like:

“I don’t get the things I want.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it.”

“It won’t happen for me.”

“It happens for other people, but it doesn’t happen for me.”

She used to hate her house, but now that she’s taken care of the list of things she hated about it, she actually enjoys it. Not all of the things she hated she had to change.

There are five components to the belief model taught by Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School.

  1. There are circumstances, some of which we control and some we don’t
  2. There are thoughts we believe
  3. There are feelings we experience
  4. There are actions we take or don’t take, how we show up or don’t show up
  5. And there are results we get

I use all of them in my coaching to effect the changes that my clients desire.

I have a theory that there are really just three ways to solve any problem.

And in fact, I’ve been using this concept so much with my 1: 1 clients lately that I decided to share it with you.

So, the day this podcast is released, I’m also releasing this amazing tool so you can start to use it in your life and your business.

In tackling her list, my client  used all three tactics. Each item on her list represented a problem, so for each thing on her list, she applied one of the three ways to solve that problem.

Some of those problems needed to be broken down to smaller problems. I think it ended up taking her about a year to tackle that list, but she didn’t just tackle the list, she tackled Money lies in the process.

She became a new version of herself every time she mastered a money lie represented by a problem on the list.

So, the problems in your business and your life each represents a money lie that makes that a problem and this tool helps you figure out how to solve every single problem on your list.

So, just like I asked my client to do, I want you to make a list of every single problem you want to disappear from your life or business and go grab this free tool available on my website. 

I’ll post the link in the show notes. It’s

Tackling this list empowered my client to tackle any problem that arises, just by using this simple tool to cut through the drama.

That’s why I’m super excited to make it available to you.

She’s now someone who knows how to create whatever she wants in her home. And if she can do that in her home, she can do that in relationships, in her finances, in her business. 

She is capable. 

She can figure anything out.

She knows that she can bring anything to completion.

She knows what she’s capable of.

She has evidence that her thoughts create her results.

She learned how to be more patient and compassionate with herself.

She learned that she really does deserve the best in life and now knows how to get MORE of that.

What’s possible as a result of checking off the things on that list is so much greater, because she can look back and see how that list felt before she started and now see that she made all that happen.

She now knows she has the tools, the resources, and the capability to make that happen in her business. Whatever seems impossible, she can look for the problems making  that impossible and she can apply the Three Ways to Solve Any Problem process, which means she NEVER has to stay stuck in her life or her business. She always has a way out of the uncertainty the insecurity the defeat the discouragement the inadequacy she might feel.

It doesn’t matter how small the thing/the problem you start with is. The smallest problem can open up the biggest doors in your brain. People normally look to solve the big problems in their life or business thinking that some huge breakthrough is the key. But I look for the lies you’re believing, no matter how small.

The smaller the better actually. It’s the smaller things that are really easier to make quick progress on and making progress on those smaller things gives you evidence, hope, encouragement empowering you to tackle the bigger things.

That’s why I love the tool I’m sharing.

So, think of the problems you have in your business, big or small.

Go grab this tool and get to work on the smallest problem on the list.

Reach out to me with any questions at

You deserve to experience more joy, more impact and more money in your business …

Because you are made for more!

In your business you will have trouble.

There’s no eliminating problems showing up in your business.

But problems don’t have to mean something bad.

What if problems are just an opportunity to exercise those problem-solving muscles you’re developing?

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