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If you’ve been listening to this podcast for any time at all, you know what makes building a business hard.

If you haven’t been listening to this podcast, go back to the first few episodes to find out.

In this episode, I’m sharing some key insights into the process of solving the problem of HARD in your business.

When you get done with this episode, be sure to go get my new toolkit that will help you SOLVE ANY PROBLEM in your business. When you sign up, you’ll also get the bonus calls I’ll be doing to coach you live and answer questions to make everything easier.

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Episode 54 – Exposing Money Lies With Jill Wright Transcript

It’s a well known fact. Building a business is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Have you ever heard that before? Do you believe it? All the evidence is there. But why do they say this? What makes it hard?

MONEY LIES. Lies about building a business. Lies we believe about ourselves. That’s what really makes it so hard. If you can detect and expose those lies, you can make it easier. And I’m all about making it easier for coaches and entrepreneurs to make the impact and money they’re meant for. 

Which is why I’m sharing my MASTER Your Money Mindset process. I started in April with Money Lies — that’s in episodes49-53 how to detect and expose Money Lies, examples of different Money lies, how they’re so often something we’re not even aware is operating in the background, like a computer virus.

If you’ve ever had a virus on your computer, do you know when it got on your computer, how it got there, how long it’s been there? Not usually. So how do you learn it’s there? Because you start noticing that your computer doesn’t seem to be working quite right. Its performance is off. It’s slow and unresponsive.

When you start investigating those performance issues is usually when you detecting and expose the virus. You realize there’s a virus that’s been operating in the background, slowly taking over your computer and limiting its performance.

This is just like Money Lies. A Money Lie will slow you down in your business. It will have you procrastinating or not performing as you should. It will have you eating up time and space in your brain with junk instead of productivity.

It limits your performance and it’s not until you start investi­gating the performance issues that you realize you have a Money Lie operating in the background.

In our business, when there are performance issues, we often misdiagnose the problem-the reason our business is underperforming. We think it’s a marketing problem, a niche problem, a copy problem. We hire a business coach or a social media coach or a sales coach. But what I find with my clients is that the root cause is their Money Mindset.

Money Mindset is usually the last place we look for the problem even though it’s one of the most common problems for entrepreneurs. Why is that the last place we look?

It’s nebulous. What is Money Mindset? It’s not something that most people know how to treat and it’s not something most people even like to talk about. Most people feel uncomfortable talking about money. A lot of women don’t like talking about money because they don’t know a lot about it.

Our parents didn’t talk about it and if it WAS talked about, the conversations were limit­ed, women were on a need-to know basis and the only thing we knew was there’s never enough so watch your pennies because it’s really hard to come by.

This is EXACTLY why I AM talking about it. I’m on a campaign to share my MASTER Your Mindset 6-step process. Each month I’ll be sharing examples and strategies to shift and MASTER Your Money Mindset

In April I started with the M in MASTER Which is for Money lies-you first have to detect and expose the Money Lies you believe in order to MASTER Your Money Mindset. If you haven’t listened to episodes 49-53, go back and listen to those.

In May I’m talking about the A in MASTER which stands for Awareness, S in Master is for Scrutinize we’ll talk about that in June, I’ll talk about  the T in MASTER in July, then E then R, until we’ve covered all 6 steps to MASTER Your Money Mindset.

Be sure to keep tuning in to get everything you need to MASTER Your Money Mindset so you can MASTER making the impact and the money you’re meant for in your business.

It’s all part of my mission to equip and empower one million women to build $1 million dollars in net worth. It’s about stepping into your power to create what you want to see in the world using the unique gifts you’ve been given.

In May we’re talking about the A in Awareness so today’s episode I wanted to talk about what that really means. What does it mean to build awareness around the Money Lies? Awareness is just a process of gathering data. It’s data that will help us discern and decide if a belief serves us. It’s also data that will help us take the next step in the MASTER Your Money Mindset process, where we question the Money Lie and uncover the truth.

We’re going to build on this AWARENESS step over the next couple of weeks.

Tell my story of what I discovered on my birthday. And talk about how we build awareness around the Money Lie: I don’t deserve all this.

You think that what makes building your business so hard is who you are.

What makes building a business so hard is WHAT YOU THINK about who you are.

If I believe I don’t deserve all this, I might get all I deserve, but I probably won’t get all I’m made for. I’ll only get and keep what I think I deserve.


That’s why awareness is so important. Not as important as detecting the Money Lie, but it does help move the process along.

Awareness is a Deepening of the understanding of Money Lies we’re believing

Understanding: what does understanding offer? Clarity.

What does clarity offer? Movement. Progress.

When we have a better understanding, we can develop an effective strategy against them.

We’re waging war against Money Lies and Awareness is where we gather intelligence we’ll use to develop our battle plan.

Who am I when I believe this lie?

I’m a person that might also believe

I should be small. I should be as invisible as possible. I shouldn’t be better than others. I shouldn’t shine brighter than others. I’m no better than anyone else.

And because of this, I believe I don’t deserve all this.

Where does this come from?

Why does it matter? If you know where it comes from, you can examine the model of that version of you and have compassion for what they were believing and why and stop blaming.

Where does this thought pattern lead?


We’re all just doing the very best we can. NO EXCEPTIONS. Awareness is looking at how that’s true and choosing, deciding. what I want my best to be right now. Maybe it’s awareness around the decisions you haven’t made so you can make them on purpose now.

It’s noticing what triggers that feeling that comes from that Money Lie. It’s experiencing that feeling physically and noticing how it affects your body. It’s noticing how it affects how you show up, how you act, how you react.

And ultimately what it leads to. All the different facets of awareness will help us better understand what we’re dealing with and what we can do about it.

Awareness is also becoming more aware of what the problem truly is. It’s getting to the root of the problem, understanding why it’s a problem, so you can uncover the solution.

If you listened to Episode 52, you know that I released a Toolkit to help you solve any problem in your business. And building awareness helps you identify the real problem not just the symptom. Because you can’t find a real solution if you don’t first identify the real problem.  



In your business you will have trouble.

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