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What is your biggest challenges as a coach or entrepreneur?

For me and my clients, it’s figuring out what I should be doing in my business. 

There are so many different ways to build your business, and every expert has a little bit different strategy for doing it. It’s hard to answer the question, “What’s the RIGHT way?”

This makes it really easy to believe when it’s not working, “I must be doing it wrong.”

So, how do you really know when you’re doing it wrong?

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Once I coach myself on this, the point I always get to is, I cannot possibly know what’s best for them. And it doesn’t serve me to believe that something I’ve done is wrong. especially When it’s already done – it’s in the past, so it’s not like I can do anything about it.

What it does serve me to believe is that whatever happens, whatever they believe whatever they need to work through is the experience they need to go through in order to get to the next level of growth. And I cannot possibly know what that’s supposed to look like. Because I’m not God.

I just have to show up in the best way I know how, with the best intentions, from love and not from fear, from compassion and grace and not as if I know what’s best.

I always do my best to show up from love. And that’s all I can do as a coach is to always show up from love, and to always be working on my craft.

I know that I’m always doing the best I can. As a coach and as a human being. Because as coaches we are ultimately human beings.

I’m not perfect and I never will be.

Despite my best efforts to stay on the straight and narrow, Sometimes I go down the wrong path. Sometimes I have an agenda, sometimes I don’t hold space sometimes I get in the pool. I am human.

Knowing that I’m human and knowing I’m not perfect, the result that I want for myself is to show up as the best version of myself that I’m capable of. In that very moment, knowing that my best is not always going to be the same level of quality. There will be days that my best is good and days my best is phenomenal. But whatever my best happens to be on any given day, it’s always enough.

It has to be, because it’s all I’m capable of in that moment. It NEVER serves me to decide it’s any besides enough. Because it’s always going to be the best that I can do.

So, you might wonder

How do I know when I am doing it wrong?


You are NEVER doing it wrong.

I would just make that non negotiable. I don’t care if I say it. Even if Brooke says you’re doing it wrong.

It NEVER serves you to believe you’re doing it wrong.

Until it leads to the results you want.

When you believe you’re doing it wrong and it fuels positive emotions and positive results for you, then you can consider it could be true, but there are rare exceptions to this rule.

I love turning things on their side. I love challenging the status quo for my clients, because their status quo is I’m doing it wrong.

Sometimes my clients make it mean I think they’re doing it wrong, but let me say this loud and clear  —  I NEVER am thinking that.

I cannot possibly know what is best for you. I want what is best for you but I am not god. The only ones who know what’s best for you is you and god.

You know what’s best. You don’t always see it. You don’t always do it. That’s where I come in.

I’m going to challenge you. I’m going to make you fight for you.

I’m not going to stop challenging you because you get bent out of shape. As uncomfortable as it makes me, as tempting as it is to believe I’m hurting you.

Because I love you — I’m going to keep bringing my A game. I’m going to let you resent me.

I’m going to make you uncomfortable if that’s what it takes.

Because I can’t possibly know what’s best for you, I’m going to do MY best to help you become your best. Even when it doesn’t feel the best .

So this episode is a very long way to say YOU ARE NEVER DOING IT WRONG.

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