What I Love about Here

We spend so much time wishing to be “there”.

But how do we know that “there” will be better?
What will be “there” that we don’t have “here”?

I decided to make a list of what I love about “here”. I hope you’ll make a list for yourself.

What I love about here:

  • I love learning new things and there are so many new things to learn HERE
  • I love discovering new things about my brain and I can’t learn those things by not looking HERE
  • There are so many things to coach myself on HERE
  • I never run out of content HERE
  • It’s not boring HERE – there’s always plenty going on HERE
  • It’s such an adventure HERE
  • It’s a lot like an escape room or an obstacle course or a scavenger hunt HERE
  • I’m in charge of my journey HERE
  • I have plenty of resources and support HERE
  • I know I’m working for God HERE
  • Failure is not a bad thing HERE
  • I’m learning how to love and care for myself HERE
  • I’m learning how to make time to pursue my interests HERE
  • Everything I’m doing just makes me better, my business better, my clients better HERE
  • I don’t have to know how HERE
  • There’s no pressure HERE
  • I feel peace HERE

I don’t know ANYTHING about what things will be like “there”. When I really think about it, I don’t even think it’s possible to get “there”. Because “there” is always somewhere other than where I am. Because where I am is always HERE.

So, I’ve decided that I’ll just stay HERE.

And I’ve decided that I’ll just love HERE, wherever that happens to be.

This makes sense to me. I like this strategy. Living HERE right now and creating what else I want to be HERE.

How can you remain present in the here and now, while also maintaining an awareness of the future that you’re heading toward? How can you keep an eye on the future without living there?

What would it be like to be living as the you that you’re becoming, but doing it in the present? Doing it HERE?

It’s my mission to make sure that women like you recognize the value you have within you and that you give yourself permission to fully access that value to create the business you want making the money you want. If you’re stuck, not sure how to translate what you have to offer into making money in your business, it’s probably because you’re another unfortunate victim of a limited money mindset.

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