Are you closing the door on money?

Closed door

I coach life coaches around their money mindset. Their money mindset impacts my clients in more than just their finances.

Another area where my clients struggle is time.

Well, you know what they say, “Time is money.”
If you struggle with time, you most likely will struggle with money.

Much like my clients, I have struggled with both.

Have you ever heard that how you do one thing is how you do all things? I don’t know if that’s completely accurate, but I do believe that what we believe will show up in all areas of our lives.

I have definitely seen this in the women that I coach. It’s pretty common to see how what they believe in one area of their life significantly impacts other areas of their life.

The most common crossover in my clients is time and money.
It’s almost like they just slam the door on money.
They avoid it.
They don’t talk about it, they don’t think about it.
They believe it’s meant for other people, but not for them.
They think they’re not good with money.
They don’t know how to make money.

And they are the same ones complaining that they don’t have enough time.

If you’re struggling with time, look at what you believe about time.

  • Do you feel like you never have enough?
  • Where else in your life do you see this?
  • Where else in your life do you feel like you never have enough?
  • Where does that feeling of not enough come from?
  • Do you feel like you’re not enough? Like you’re not good enough?

Do this exercise with your time.
First make a list of everything you have to do in your business.
Just stop and consider your to do list and evaluate the following for each thing on the list:

  • Does this actually need to be done? Why? Who cares about this? Why does this matter
  • Does this need to be done now? If not when?
  • Do I need to do this? Is there someone else that could do this?
  • What is(are) the outcome(s) I’m want? How is this contributing to that(those) outcome(s)?
  • What will happen if it doesn’t get done? How will that impact what I want?

We all have the same 24 hours. Why does it seem like some people have more time? Notice how that 24 hours resets every single day. Notice how you budget your time. Is it similar to how you budget your money? Notice how you manage your time? Is it similar to how you manage your money?

Start noticing what you’re not getting done with your time and why. What are you believing that is leading to those things not getting done?

I would love to work with you on your budget for time or money or both. You can book a FREE budgeting session using the button below.

Let’s get you MORE time AND MORE money!

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Green Eggs and Problems


I am Jill.
Jill I am.
I do not like green eggs, but I do like ham.

I do like my business, but I do not like problems in my business.
Do you like problems in your business?

If you do not like problems in your business, here’s a quick RAD way to think of your problems. After reading this, like Sam I Am, maybe you will like problems. Maybe even problems in your business.

Think of any question or problem in your business. Then use this RAD formula to solve it.

When I think of any problem in my business, I figured out that it can be solved in one of three ways:

  1. By Realizing it’s not really a problem
  2. By Applying knowledge or experience or practice
  3. By Deciding what the right answer is

There’s no drama here.
You’re always are in control and always know what to do.

Let’s think of problems that might come up in your business and see which solution fits.

Here’s one that I see a lot.
I don’t have any clients. This one was a problem for me too. Until I realized that it wasn’t really a “problem”. It just happened to be true in the moment.

The reason it feels like a problem is that sometimes it feels like it will always be true. It feels like a problem because of what you make it mean about you as an entrepreneur.

What makes this a problem?
What are all the possible ways this “condition” might be relieved?
What are all the possible ways this might not actually be a problem?
If you didn’t need to solve this “problem” what would you currently be doing in your business?
What if you did all these things anyway (without solving this “problem”)? What might happen? Well, it might actually solve the “problem”.

If you have dirt on your hands, is it really a problem? No, you just wash your hands.
If you don’t have clients, is it really a problem? No, it’s not permanent.
You just keep experimenting with the things that people in business do to create clients. Eventually something starts working and the problem is no longer a problem.

What’s another problem?
Here’s another popular one. I don’t know technology. Is it really a problem? No, not really. It’s not permanent.
This “problem” could also fit into the second category.

But before we apply this one, you first have to ask yourself if you want to know technology.

You weren’t born knowing how to walk, but you learned. You weren’t knowing how to drive a vehicle, but you learned, or can learn. You can learn anything you want to learn.

Just apply knowledge, experience and/or practice and you can solve this problem. This is the information age. There is an abundance of information to help you gain the knowledge that you need for nearly anything you want to learn. And a lot of it is free!

Now one thing I will ask you to consider with regard to getting additional knowledge, experience, certifications or practice is whether you actually need this to move forward in your business. I’ve seen people (myself included) fall into the trap of pursuing this additional knowledge, experience, etc. and get distracted from their main purpose in their business. I’ve seen people buffer with these things.

To avoid falling into this trap, ask yourself a few questions:
Is this distracting you from your purpose, your mission or is it leading you toward your purpose and mission?
Is this a way to escape the things you would rather not do in your business or do you need this in order to do other things that serve your mission?
If you didn’t have to do this, what would you be doing instead?
How does the cost (time, money, energy, lost business) of getting the knowledge compare with the cost of paying someone else for their knowledge (outsourcing, delegating, etc.)?

Now if you’re problem doesn’t fit into either of these two categories, it might fit into the last category of problem. There is no right answer.

When there is no “right” answer, this is the best kind of problem, because YOU get to decide.

You have some really great insight and wisdom already within you. And you have a higher brain that has your best interest in mind. When you ask your higher brain a well-designed question, you will get the “right” answer for you.

Your brain does not like unresolved problems. So, give the problem to your brain in the form of an open-ended question and it will work on the problem until it finds the solution. Then trust yourself to solve any problem that comes up.

When you know to solve any problem in your business, you no longer need to get stuck and can always keep moving forward.

If you do happen to get stuck, I recommend that you check out my free video series How to Get Unstuck In Your Business ( and find additional ways to get unstuck.

What problem in your business does not fit into one of these three? What question do you have that isn’t answered by one of these?

Book a FREE Strategy session and get started building your dream business in the background of your dream life!



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Who the heck told them they could do that?

Tennessean Womens Suffrage

My husband and I both retired early a couple years ago.
We never expected that to be possible for us, but we did it.
Thanks to some hard work and discipline on our part, some really good money management on my husband’s part and some really amazing blessings on God’s part, we had the financial margin that afforded us this opportunity to live the life we truly wanted.

The first thing I did was start working on my life coaching practice. This is the most amazing work I’ve ever done. If you would have told me twenty years ago that at age 50 I would retire early and start a life coaching practice I would have probably said something like, “What planet are you living on and what is a life coaching practice?”

What made this possible for us? To be honest, my theory is that God had a plan and God’s plans never fail, in spite of the humans he has to work with. But to our credit, we also had to step in and follow. We had to take that next step out of faith and move forward without knowing what the future would hold.

When you look at history, you see so many others that had to step out in faith and build something they had no business believing in. Even with limitations as big as the ocean, they believed that something more was possible for them.

What about Beethoven? An amazingly gifted composer who had a hearing limitation. What made him believe that he could compose what would become some of the greatest pieces of music ever written when he could barely hear?

Look at the Women’s Suffrage Movement. What gave the leaders of that movement the idea when they started in that they would ever succeed at winning the right for women to vote? You would think after trying for a few years that they would have given up. But the battle that eventually concluded in the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 lasted more than seventy years! How do you sustain your belief over that length of time?

What about Helen Keller? She was the first deaf-blind woman to earn her bachelor’s degree. Who gave her permission to make that dream a reality?

There’s an infinite number of limitations that can keep us stuck.
What many people don’t stop to think about is that there’s also an infinite number of possibilities that we can believe in to move forward.

It’s ironic to me that some of the people with the greatest limitations also see the most possibilities in life. They have this sense of hope and promise that they would seem to have no business believing in. Yet, through their abundant mindset, they create for themselves an amazing life.

People aren’t born with evidence of possibility. Our lower brain is designed to identify problems and limitations – it helps keep us alive. But we also have a higher brain that was designed to identify possibilities and help us thrive and prosper. The key is to let our lower brain keep us alive, but engage our higher brain whenever our lower brain limits us.

When I set my sights on putting myself through college to earn my bachelors and masters degrees in accounting, pass the CPA exam on the first try and retire early, I had no evidence to prove that I could do that. I didn’t ask for permission. I didn’t wait for someone to give it to me or tell me I deserved it. I just believed I could do anything I set my mind to.

What will you believe is possible for you?

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