Are you exhausted or energized? What if it were your choice?

Imagine if you were completely in charge of how you felt. Can you picture it? What would you choose to feel right now?

My husband loves getting company, especially when it’s family. It energizes him. It motivates him to do things that he’s been putting off and procrastinating about for months.

I recently noticed that I start feeling depleted even before the day arrives. I love getting company, but what my brain sees is exhaustion. Cooking, cleaning up, getting ready for their arrival, going, going, going, the whole time they’re here, planning the itinerary, where we’re going to put everyone. It can be exhausting.

Then I realized that it doesn’t have to feel exhausting. What if the only difference between how my husband is feeling about the visit and how I am feeling about the visit is what each of us is thinking about it. These concepts that I share with you each week about how it’s our thinking that creates every single experience in our lives — they really do apply to every single area of our lives. Every. Single. One.

Isn’t that amazing? So, I thought about what he might be thinking about this upcoming visit. He’s probably thinking, “This is going to be so much fun.” Or “I am going to have so much fun making sure they have an amazing time while they’re here.” What if I thought those same things? It’s believable to me, for sure.

When I started thinking about this, I noticed that every time I think what he might be thinking, I had these other energy depleting thoughts that were conflicting with thoughts I wanted to believe so I could feel what he was feeling. They were thoughts, images really, of me dragging myself out of bed or dragging myself to bed after a long day, of trying to fit in a bit of work between now and then and in small pockets of time while they’re here. And already I start feeling exhausted, even though just a moment ago, I felt pretty rested and refreshed and energized.

What if I didn’t believe, truly did not believe, that I would feel anything except energized during the entire time they’re here? What if I could be completely present the whole visit, just enjoying this precious time together, this gift of life and family and pure joy hanging out together, playing games, sharing experiences, being grateful for this opportunity? That feels pretty amazing, even though that time isn’t here yet.

I want you to think about a time or times in your life where you expected a negative experience or even had a negative experience. Think about what you expected in advance or what you were feeling during that time. Think about what you might have been thinking and how that could have impacted your actual experience. Picture that in your mind, just like I was picturing the exhaustion. Maybe it’s some type of exhaustion for you too. You do so much for your family, for your work, for everyone but you.

Now think about what you would want to feel if it were possible. If you could choose anything, what would you choose to feel about your situation that you pictured a moment ago? What could you believe that might make you feel this way? Now every time you notice the thought that makes you feel exhausted, try on the thought that makes you feel alive and energized and motivated. Find examples of how the new thought might be true and believable to you. Imagine how you will feel when you truly believe it. Oh, the possibilities! So exciting!

Now I’m re-energized!

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