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You know you’re meant to coach. 

You know you’re meant to have a business.

But do you also know that you’re meant to make money in that business? 

If you don’t know it now, you will by the time we’re finished with this conversation!

This is definitely one of my favorite conversations I’ve had with coaches this year. I could have talked all day with Molly.

Molly Claire is a 7-figure business builder with a blended family of 10.  She is dedicated to helping women overcome their own limits, make the money they want, and have the time, freedom and flexibility to be with the people in their life that matter the most.  Especially the little ones.  Molly loves to help new life and weight coaches make their first 10K as a coach, while establishing a strong business foundation for the future. 

Molly hosts The Masterful Coach Collective Podcast – you can subscribe and learn more about Molly at  

Advanced Certification for Motherhood and Family Life Coaching – enrollment opens October 26th and closes November 9th!
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