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Wouldn’t it be cool if … ?

How would you fill in that blank?

This week’s guest has filled in her blank with multiple things. 

Find out her secret to getting what she wants and getting it in half the time. 

Shannon Resare is a former university professor turned life coach for working moms who work in the tech industry. As the Head of Customer Success at an up-and-coming tech company based out of Utah, she knows the particular challenges working moms face, including guilt, lack of time, and gender discrimination. 

She’s on a mission to change that. Shannon believes that a mom doesn’t have to choose her family over her career or vice versa. Through her Optimize 30 program, Shannon coaches tech moms to become masters of their time so they can kill it as a mom while also being wildly successful in their careers. 

Shannon is married to one handsome honey babe, Jake, and has the 3 cutest kiddos on the planet- ages 2 to 7 years old.

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