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You have always been determined and persistent.

You have always been a hard worker. 

You are willing to try anything.

So, you might be one of the coaches wondering, “What the hell? Why isn’t it working?”

You’re definitely not alone. I’ve been there. My guest on today’s episode has been there.

Miriam is an Intuitive and a life coach, and loves to combine them together to open the doors for coaches to activate the power they have within themselves so they can create a business that serves them and their clients. 

Miriam has the gift of knowing, channel writing, compassion, love and building a safe supportive community. She loves watching people connect to their soul and begin living the live they were meant to live.

Miriam has a coach community, The Intuitive 6-Figure Coach, where coaches work in small groups to support, collaborate and grow their business because when you work together you have the support of the collective intelligence which opens your mind to the possibilities.

You can get in touch with Miriam on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and her website.

Get on her waitlist for her next group by CLICKING HERE


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Welcome to EASY MONEY. I’m Jill the Money Coach. I know what it’s like to push through to white knuckle it to put in the