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How strong is your business?

They say that a business is only as strong as the entrepreneur building it. 

Let’s talk about how to make your business stronger by making YOU stronger. 

Listen in on this fantastic conversation with Vicky Countess, a coach helping women get and stay stronger, so they have the stamina and endurance to build an amazing business and life well into their later innings.

Vicky Countess is a Certified Life and Weight Coach with a passion to help women age with strength and vibrancy.  She focuses on coaching on weight loss and exercise. 

 After receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis almost 20 years ago, she became motivated to increase her bone density and health through strength training and focusing on food for fuel.

Vicky became an avid walker and started her running career in her 50s – it’s never too late!  She has now run over 75 races that include over a dozen half marathons. 

You can find her on Instagram @vickycountess or on her website https://

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