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What’s it like to try to build a strong, secure coaching business when you’ve never had your own business before? 

If it’s anything like mine, there is drama nearly every day. 

It looks a lot like this: 

  • Monday: What am I supposed to be doing this week? 
  • Tuesday: Now, how do I do that?
  • Wednesday: That was just a fluke. I’ll never be able to do that again. 
  • Thursday: Hey, maybe this is actually working. 
  • Friday: Nope, I was wrong — it’s DEFINITELY not working. Ugh!!!
  • Saturday: I think I’ll just stay in bed. I deserve it.
  • Sunday: OMG, why didn’t I get anything done yesterday? What is WRONG with me
  • Monday: What am I supposed to be doing this week?

If that sounds like your business, you’re in luck. Here’s a glimpse at a drama-free business. 

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What I realized the other day was that I don’t really have the drama this year that I’ve had in the past. I don’t think it’s gone. I’m just getting better at handling the things that used to cause a lot of drama in my business.

I used to get stuck so often. I would say I wasn’t going to hustle, but then I would catch myself hustling. I was afraid to get things wrong, so I wouldn’t do anything. I didn’t know the how, so I would get stuck in confusion. Then, because I didn’t get anything done, I would feel so much pressure. I felt like I was behind. I felt like I needed to catch up, so I would get scattered and overwhelmed and frantic, so I felt like I was going in a dozen different directions.  I would exhaust myself overthinking and overcomplicating things to the point where I just couldn’t seem to get any traction.

For the longest time in my business, it looked a lot like this:

Monday: What am I supposed to be doing this week?

Tuesday: Now, how do I do that?

Wednesday: Hey, maybe this is actually working. 

Thursday: Nope, it’s not working — I guess it was just a fluke.

Friday: I’m so tired. I’m so frustrated. Why can’t I figure this out?

Saturday: I’m never getting there. I might as well give up. I’ll just stay in bed. This week was hard.

Sunday: OMG, why didn’t I get anything done yesterday? What is WRONG with me?

Monday: What am I supposed to be doing this week?

Every week would be like this.

Now, instead of it going on for weeks, it comes in fits and spurts. And it doesn’t last long at all.  I’ve learned how to manage it so much more effectively.  It has saved me so much time and energy.  I don’t have the high highs and the low lows that I used to have. I don’t overcomplicate things as much. I don’t spend so much time making decisions. I make better decisions. 

What drama shows up in your business?  I’ve spent the last three years learning what doesn’t work and what I don’t want. And now I’m using all of that knowledge and experience, along with what I’ve learned from my clients and colleagues journeys to make money easier for you. Sometimes it takes doing what you know you don’t  want in order to discover what you do want what I don’t want is:

All the drama.

All the overthinking.

I don’t want to hustle.

I don’t want to work my tail off and get no results.

I don’t want to wake up and wonder why I’m doing this.

I don’t want to keep wanting to quit.

I don’t want to lose money.

I don’t want to launch and get fewer people than I want to serve.

I don’t want to feel like a failure.

So I just don’t.

I decided that I will NOT focus on what I don’t want.

I  use what I learned that I don’t want to focus on what I DO want.

And I decided  to do it without all the damned drama.

I decided that I would do it simply and easily.

The last thing I wanted to do when I started my business was to feel like I did when I worked for someone else. The last thing I wanted to deal with was complicated. That was corporate — they over complicated everything. Nothing was simple.

I’m doing my business the easy way or I’m not doing it. And not doing it is not an option.

 What is it about your business that you love most?

What I love the most is the impact I’m having. I want more of that.

But here are some other things I love about my business:

I love is being able to decide my schedule. I want more of that.

I love making decisions.

I love setting goals that make me think at a higher level.

I love getting stuck and figuring out how to get unstuck.

I love taking things that are complicated and uncomplicating them.

And as long as I’m doing mostly stuff I love, when it comes time to do the stuff I don’t love as much, there’s less drama.

So figure out what you love and figure out how to do more of that.


Figure out what you want to love and then figure out how to love it more.

There are things we might not love, but we know it’s part of doing the business we want to do, so we learn how to love it.

I didn’t always love the things I listed. I learned to love them.

That’s how you drop the drama in your business.

You decide.

You’re either going to love it and do more of what you love.

You’re going to learn to love what you’re doing.


You’re going to stop doing it.

Your business really can be that easy.

And the less drama you create in your business, the easier it will be.

So — go on — get outta here and go build yourself a drama free business!