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I made it all about me.

Guest Post Written by Ceri Payne

Have you ever been leaving from a friend’s birthday party, and your 4-year-old rushes up to the hostess to ask if they can bring home an extra piece of cake or goodie bag to give to her sister?

I have, more than once, and I was always so embarrassed!

I have a 16-year old daughter who is very outgoing, not afraid of authority, will tell a teacher when they have made a mistake, and always asks for and gets what she wants. She’s always been this way. She was that 4-year-old at the party.

No matter where we went, she came home with something that she wanted that she has asked for. She wasn’t scared to ask an adult where the bathroom was in a store. She wasn’t nervous to ask the waiter for more chips, their cool pen, or a free dessert.

I was so embarrassed that she asked everyone for what she wanted.

I thought it wasn’t polite.

I thought people were judging me for allowing her to ask.

I was hot with shame, thinking, “good moms don’t let their kids do this.”

As a brand new 14-year-old, this daughter wanted a job. I told her that the stores didn’t hire till 16, but she didn’t let that stop her. No matter where we went, she asked if they would hire her. She filled out every online application she could find. She spent hours calling stores to find out the age you had to be to work there. She even tried to talk them into making an exception. And she got a job at 14 then another one at 15!

I’m still somewhat embarrassed but for an entirely different reason.

That I didn’t recognize what am fantastic quality this is to have!

I’m in awe that I have a confident daughter that isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. She didn’t give up! 

She made the impossible possible! 

I’m often reminded, we can learn so much from our children if we put our fears of what other people think of us, and our ego aside.

Is there something that you want, but you’re too afraid to ask for? 

Are you working on being a great mom while growing a business?

How does your children’s daycare or school situation change your schedule next year?

While building my coaching practice, I was an online school teacher for the home school population of my district. I earned a Masters Degree in Education while pregnant with this amazing, said daughter, and taught special education for many years. I understand ADHD and many other learning and behavior challenges!

My passion is to help mompreneurs build a thriving business that makes great money while being amazing mothers. I teach women how to implement simple steps to achieve their desires without sacrificing what matters most.

Are you asking for the help you desire to achieve your dreams? 

I’m offering a small group coaching package for moms, growing a business, and possibly while their children are home learning next year.

Here are the details of this group coaching experience.

– 12-week program

– 10 small group sessions

– 2 private 1-on-1 sessions

– Group Marco Polo or Text to connect, ask questions, gain support, brainstorm, and share ideas with the group.

– I will teach you the simple tools and strategies that I use with all my clients to help them create the time and schedules that support their business and motherhood goals. No boot camp style, no “just push through”, wake up before the sun kind of tools! 

– I will work with you to create the online learning schedule and environment that will set you and your children up for the most success, for learning, and your relationship while we create personalized business strategies to help you grow your business.

– Group Sessions will start the 2nd week of August. All sessions will be recorded and sent out to group members unable to attend.

– Group sessions will be Fridays, between the hours of 10-1 MST. I’ll let the majority decided the time before we have our first session.

– Groups are more fun with friends! $100 Discount (for both of you) if you refer a friend, and she signs up.

If you’re ready to…

  • grow your business in a way that works for you

  • facilitate your children’s education with fewer struggles and more purpose

  • show up as the mom you want to be while making money in your business, then click here to send me an email that says, I want to learn more. 

We will discover simple ways to maximize time and schedules with intention so that you can be an amazing mom that makes great money.

This will be a small group experience, so space is very limited. 

Registration closes on August 3rd.

If you’re interested, curious, or already all in, click here to send me an email.

I am looking forward to seeing you in my inbox.

Website: OrganizedLife.Coach
IG @OrganizedLife.Coach

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About Ceri Payne

Ceri is a mom to three teenage girls, a certified life coach with The Life Coach School, and a past special education teacher of 9 years.

She works with moms helping them balance the demands of life and motherhood while growing their business or pursuing a dream. She helps moms create the time, schedules, and organization so they can be incredible moms that make an impact in their business.