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You’ve set your goals for 2022.

You’ve established a plan to achieve those goals.

Now what? 

How do you execute that plan and set yourself up for the best year ever?


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The beginning of the year is always a fresh start. We get a chance to uplevel in our business and in our life. We get the opportunity to make things happen that might have felt heavy and impossible before. Suddenly, everything seems possible.

Then on the other hand, I sit down to do the actual planning of all the possibilities and suddenly I feel like someone just punched me in the gut. My brain strikes again!

You want to do what? What makes you think you can do that? You didn’t do it before. What’s changed? You’re never going to do that. You keep saying you’re gonna do this and you’re gonna do that and you STILL haven’t done it.

I just want to tell my brain — JUST SHUT UP already! Just give me a minute of quiet to think. Jeesh!

Our noisy brains aside ….

How do you execute that plan and set yourself up for the best year ever?

I mean, you’ve set your goals. You’ve got your word of the year. You’ve established your plan for the projects you’ll work on, what you’ll focus on and how you’ll reach your goals.

Now it’s time to execute. Do you get overwhelmed and get stuck with where do I even start? What do I do first?

When your plan is solid, you just take the first step.

Keep It Super Simple.

Here’s something I learned in one of the mastermind groups I was in a couple years ago that I modified to fit myself and my clients. It is super helpful when I find myself stuck in confusion or overwhelm.

I call it the 15-minute exercise.

I first set the timer for two minutes and I brainstorm the five things that I most need to do in my business. Think about the things that are impacting revenue, things that you’ve been procrastinating, but you know need to get done, things where you feel a bit stuck or just the things that never seem urgent or important enough to make it to the top of the list.

Set the timer for another two minutes. Next I take those five things and for each one write the smallest, the simplest next step. It should be one that you can do in just a few minutes. If you’re just starting out, one of your five steps could be to decide on your niche. Maybe the smallest next step is to just brainstorm five things you love talking about, writing about, helping with, teaching on. If you’re scaling your business and you need to build a place to host your group, the smallest next step is to list options you want to research. Think of the smallest increment that you could complete right now.

Next set the timer for fifteen minutes and get as many of those five things you just wrote done. Focus on the first one until it’s complete, then go to the next one. See how many you can finish before the 15 minutes run out.

Celebrate what you got done in 15 minutes of focus!

It has never failed that at the end of the fifteen minutes, I feel much less confused and ready to move forward. But if you are still confused or overwhelmed, just repeat it as often as you need to.

This is how you make your plan reality. Take simple action like this over and over and over throughout 2022 and it will be no surprise when you reach your delusional goal.


Keep it super simple. Just do the next thing. When you don’t know what the next thing is, just decide. When you don’t know how to do the next thing, just set the timer and figure it out within the fifteen minutes.

If you want to be successful and make money as a coach, just keep looking for the simplest, most fun way YOU like to do things, then give them a try. Measure your results, figure out what worked and what made it work. Leverage that to do more things that work. Celebrate when things work.

Figure out what didn’t work and why it didn’t work. Figure out if there’s another way you could try to make it work or decide what you’ll do instead. Leverage what you have to learn from what didn’t work and celebrate what you learned from it that will serve you in the future. Every failure is a generous and welcome gift to your future self.


Figure out what you want to do differently and how you’ll execute that. And celebrate making the decision. Celebrate committing to it.

Celebrate as much as you can. Celebrate yourself and showing up if nothing else.

These are simple things you can do in your business that don’t cost much and don’t have to be complicated. What else can you think of that you can implement in your business to make success simple and fun?

Create simple strategies that are easy to execute. That’s how you make a plan come together!

Don’t over complicate your business – just show up, do your best and keep going!