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How do you feel about Money? 

What’s your superpower? 

How are your superpowers making Money easier for you? 

Let’s talk MONEY!


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I’ve been working on my plan for 2022. I’ve never been a super fan of planning. In my 20’s there was nothing I didn’t plan. Somewhere between then and now I stop planning. In my 20’s my planning was overkill. Last year it was lacking. In 2022, my PLAN is to find a happy place somewhere in the middle.

 One thing that I’ve been wanting to incorporate is something I learned from Steve Chandler’s book The Ten Commitments To Your Success

 The idea is that when you can consistently commit to these ten things, you will become successful. 

 Most of us only commit to one or a few of these at a time. But when you can keep all ten balls in the air, you create a synergy in your life that leads to success. 

 That’s because you will need to become  a more disciplined version of yourself, a more abundant version,  more organized, more intentional, more purposeful, and a much more powerful version of yourself in order to keep consistently committing and executing in these ten areas.

 The Ten Commitments  are and what I’m committing to are: 



  1. Spirit: I’m committed to connecting with God in abundance.


  1. Mind: I’m committed to becoming emotionally invincible


  1. Action: I’m committed to taking action every day. (intentional, inspired)


  1. Wealth: I’m committed to discovering what I want and building wealth and abundance around that.


  1. Friends: I’m committed to connecting with friends and building relationships


  1. Commitment: I’m committed to staying committed by evaluating & measuring my results on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, yearly basis, by budgeting and tracking and adjusting based on the data.


  1. Partner: I’m committed to connecting to my husband, not only in our life, but in the business. He is my partner in both. 


  1. Career: I’m committed to building a thriving, profitable business in full alignment with my values and prio­rities, my dreams and my vision for the legacy of my business.


  1. Body: I’m committed to loving and nourishing and strengthening my body


  1. Music-I’m committed to making time for the things I love (and I’m committed to figuring out what I love, besides work)




For each of these, I’m further define specific goals, how I will know if I’ve succeeded, what I will focus on, how I will achieve, and my strategy. I am getting really clear about what will it look like at the end of 2022 when I have remained committed to all of these throughout the year.

My ideal vision is to set a goal, create a plan to execute, then dive into the mindsets I need to have, the person I need to be, the actions I need to take and the things I need to learn, in order to get that. 

It sounds like a lot, but I’m making it super simple. 

 That’s the key with the Ten Commitments — make them super-simple and make them overlap and support each other, like a framework, so that when one happens, it makes it easier for the others to happen. 

 It’s an up-front investment to think through it thoughtfully, but it will serve me throughout the year. 

I’m willing to make that investment and slow down long enough to do that in order to make my year go more smoothly and make things easier later. 

How do I plan to get that?

One big part of my plan is I plan to keep being more and more myself.

That’s been quite a theme this week in coaching my clients.

When you’re just deciding who you are, then you’re just being who you are, you don’t have to try. You just do what you do. 

For example, when I was working in corporate for a large hospital company, there were people in other departments that whenever they had questions that involved RAC — which stands for Recovery Audit Contractor — where Medicare audits hospital claims to ensure that they were paid correctly — sounds like a great thing, but it was a bit of a nightmare to administer. It was a rather complex process and knowledge and expertise and data was not readily available within the company. Not to get too far in the weeds, but I had developed expertise in this area and I did it by just being me. I’m someone who identifies gaps in knowledge, in processes, in resources. I’m a problem solver at heart. I identify the problem, then I volunteer to step in and solve it. 

 I don’t have to “TRY” to do that. It just comes naturally. I can look back over my career and see so many times that I’ve done this. Because I generally step in to fill gaps, I am known as the expert in that area and when people have questions about that area, they would come to me. 

I did the same thing when I became a coach. I quickly zeroed in — I didn’t even do it consciously — on the gap I saw of coaches that specialized in money mindset, I saw the gap, the need and I stepped in to fill it. Again, I didn’t have to try. I was just being me. I was just doing what I do. 

That’s the thing about superpowers. The best superpowers are the ones that require only that you show up as you and do what you do. They are superpowers because they come easy to you. 

What I’m saying is that part of your powerful Money Plan should be to tap into who you are and what you value and go do what you do. That’s powerful because it’s easy and you don’t have to “try” to do it. It should be the cornerstone of your powerful Money Plan.

 Another part of your powerful Money Plan is believing. One belief you can try on is something like “Things are always working out for me.” When you believe this, you’ll start to see things, small things and eventually big things, that just work out for you. Without you even trying. 


An example of this happened just this morning. I didn’t even ask for this. I didn’t even know I needed it, but it worked out for me anyway. It’s a very small thing, but recognizing the small things will lead to being able to recognize bigger things. 

 There are always things conspiring for me, things are always working out for me, even when I don’t make the best decisions for myself.

 How is it that things always work out anyway? And how can I live in a way that aligns with that?

 A few weeks ago, my dentist appointment was canceled because they closed the office for covid. When I re-booked, I re-booked it for 7 AM. That’s early for me. Not only that, the morning is when I do my most productive thinking, brainstorming and writing. 

 It’s when I feel most clear and things flow best. I think of it as my most fruitful time. It’s also my most rewarding and relaxed time. 

 I typically protect that time pretty well, so I don’t know what I was thinking when I booked the 7 am. I think I was just trying to avoid any conflicts and 7 am would definitely serve that purpose. 

 Wouldn’t you know that the dentist office called this morning and they’ve had some scheduling issues and they needed to reschedule my 7 am to the afternoon instead. We rescheduled it for 3 pm, which is perfect, because outside of coaching my clients, that time of day is my least focused and productive.

 So even when I am not working for my best, God is always working for my best, even in the little things and especially in the big things.

So I can trust in that always.

How am I going to make this plan work?

 I’m going to set goals.

 I’m going to set my intentions.

 I’m going to make a plan.

 I’m going to execute the plan.

 I’m going to evaluate and adjust as I need to.

 I’m going to believe that it’s happening even when it might not look like it.

 I’m going to be open to any HOW.

AND most importantly I’m going to keep going.

I may not know the entire how right now I may have just an outline and that’s OK because I don’t have to know the how. 

I simply need to show up as who I am.

I just need to align with who I am and what I value most and make decisions from that being enough.

 I trust myself

 I trust God is always working for the best 

 I trust the process.

 I stop trying because when I’m doing those things and being me, I no longer have to try. I just show up and do what I do.

What’s your money plan? 

Whatever you don’t know right now, you get to decide. 

I love helping with this, so I would love to help you brainstorm what your powerful money plan might look like. Just reach out to me on Instagram JillWrightCoaching or email me at

I’m excited to see your Powerful Money Plan come to life!!