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Have you ever heard of the Law of 62?

Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to.

Once I learned this concept, it changed my business. 

What will you commit to 62 of?

Check out this YouTube Video: My Story Isn’t Over Yet (Rocket Charlie)

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I’m so excited about this episode. I love these concepts and I love working on this part of the MASTER process. It is truly MAGICAL what can happen when you open yourself up to the TRUTH about who you truly are. When you open yourself up to a whole new way to see yourself. 

And the perfect way to begin our discussion about identity is with a story about CEO Charlie. 

Charlie Jabaley grew up around Atlanta. He didn’t have perfect circumstances, but what he did have going for him was his mindset. He is an optimist. He, Charlie lived in Atlanta and he was a kid with an entrepreneurial spirit. He was always thinking about how he could make extra money. He wasn’t anything special, except the thing that set him apart from most of his peers is his mindset. He was a believer — in this context I don’t necessarily mean a Christ follower, what I mean is It’s obvious to me that he’s one of those people that believing anything is possible comes somewhat naturally. 

The story of the life CEO Charlie built by creating that persona, that identity is fascinating. He just kept showing up as that music mogul of his dreams, just doing the small things, taking the steps that led him in that direction until he was what he imagined. It’s a fascinating story about a guy that decided what he wanted. He decided who he had to be to get that, then he made every decision, took every action from the brain of that guy. 

That’s what my MASTER Your Money Mindset process is all about. And especially the T in MASTER which is what I’m sharing this month. The T stands for Transform Your Identity. Which is exactly what Charlie did. 

You might remember that I’m doing a series of episodes where I’m sharing my MASTER Your Money Mindset 6-step process.

Each month I’m sharing examples and strategies to MASTER Your Money Mindset

In April I started with the M in MASTER Which is for Money lies-you first have to detect and expose the Money Lies you believe in order to MASTER Your Money Mindset. 

Episode 49-53 were about Money Lies, how to detect and expose Money Lies, examples of different Money lies, how they’re so often something we’re not even aware is operating in the background, like a computer virus. 

In May – which were episodes 54 through 57,  I talked about the A in MASTER which stands for Awareness, building up awareness around where the money lies come from, how they impact you — all the different facets of the lies we believe. Awareness helps us build up ammunition that we can use in the next step of the process Scrutinize. 

In June, episodes 58 through 61, I shared the process of Scrutinizing the money lies so that we can uncover the truth.

Which brings us to July and the T in MASTER, which is Transform Your Identity. This is the perfect way to kick off this month’s topic in my series to share my MASTER process, where we’ll be talking about identity. So much of the work I do with my clients is to help them uncover, step into and live out their true identity.

Every stage in the process is very important, but identity is the one we end up spending the most time in. It makes sense doesn’t it? If you’ve spent 30 or 40 years as this person you thought you were, that shift into being who you truly are is probably not going to happen over- night. And who you thought you were is not based on one little white lie, but a whole web of lies and a whole pile of evidence. It’s like this giant Jenga tower of lies, cemented together with evidence you’ve built up, habits, feelings, triggers, you’ve built up over a lifetime.

But what I really loved about Charlie’s story is this idea he shared on a podcast I listened to recently. I first heard this concept from my coach Dave Moreno. It’s the law of 62. The concept is that there are 62 miles from the time you leave earth until you leave the earth’s atmosphere and therefore, are free from the force of gravity. 

What that means is that when a rocket launches, it has to exert all kinds of force in order to counteract the force of gravity in order to be able to launch beyond the earth’s atmosphere into a weightless space, where there is no resistance, where there is no force of gravity trying to keep you earthbound, trying to keep you on the ground, trying to keep you from flying, trying to keep you from soaring. 

It’s just like that in whatever you do. There will always be some force that is trying to hold you back, trying to keep you from rising above it all. 

Most of the time, this is our brain that’s doing this. Our brain is trying to keep us safe, trying to aim for pleasure, avoid pain, do things the easiest and most effortless way possible. And it does this regardless of what is truly best for us. Rather than risk danger to get to what we truly and ultimately want. 

Our dreams rarely reside within our comfort zone. Between you and your dreams there is 62 miles of resistance, just like between the earth’s surface and outer space, there’s roughly 62 miles of gravity and resistance. 

If you want to make it to outerspace where you float with ease, you have to go through the 62 miles of hard. 

If you want to make your dreams come true, you have to commit to overcoming 62 miles of hard. 

When I learned about this concept, it gave me a different perspective on anything I was doing that felt hard. This can apply to anything in your business. 

Gravity is strongest when you’re not moving. An object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. More effort is required to get in motion than is required to stay in motion. So not only does a rocket at rest need to exert enough force to get in motion, because of that, it starts off more slowly and then picks up speed, because once you’re moving it’s easier to maintain and even pick up momentum once you’re already moving. When a rocket starts moving its at its slowest speed and its highest effort. The faster you go, the easier it becomes to go faster. 

This is what I’ve noticed for myself and for my clients, once they get clear on who it is they’re speaking to, Then it’s roughly, I mean the law of 62 also kicks in with this, because I find that when they go all in, then it’s out 62 weeks to recognize to realize success in this niche because it takes time for you to plant those seeds into plant seeds that are actually going to grow. 

You know, to figure out your soil conditions to figure out the right seeds to plant in that soil or for the region that you’re in, because you can’t just plant any seed anywhere in the country at any time of year, and expect it to grow. The conditions have to be at have to be correct so, and then it takes time for those seeds to germinate, it takes time for those plants to start growing, it takes time for those plants to begin to bear fruit. 

So as an example, I planted peonies, three years ago. Well the first year, you know I planted the bulbs in the fall, and then in the spring, so roughly six months later, anywhere from four to six months later, they came up, and I think one or two blossoms were on there. 

Okay, that’s all I got that year, and then the next year, the next spring.  they sprouted up. And that year, I got four to six blossoms on those plants.

 This spring, they came back up, and I got like, 20 or 30 blooms that I thoroughly enjoyed because they smell so good. 

So it’s not as if you can just plant anything at any time in any soil in any area of the country and get something for your efforts, and so it’s not that different with your business, you have to plant the right seeds at the right time in the right place to, to get the result that you’re looking for, and that is all going to take time. 

So what I tell my clients is, there are short term efforts that you can do to, to make an impact and to make money, and then there are long term efforts that you can start to grow, that are going to produce an harvest in the, in the long term. And so you want to always be focused on both. You want to be focused on the short term efforts for the short term results and the long term efforts for the long term results. 

And so this is, this is part of the law of 62, the law of 62 is essentially a long term perspective or a longer range perspective. So you’re in this for 62 of whatever it is you want to apply this to 62 weeks for your niche. That’s about, I think, on average, and I think that’s why the Life Coach School recommends, stay in your niche for at least a year because how do you know that it’s not current to produce fruit until you’ve been in it that long, so you can you can use the last 62 on that, or you can use the Law of 62 on episodes or emails or sales, sales processes that were, you know, think of anything in your business and what can you apply the law of 60 to two. And how does that look for you, what does that look like for you. 

When I applied the law of 62 to my podcast is that I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect, and I wasn’t expecting it to act as a transaction. And I was just I was committed to at least 62 episodes, and here I am at episode 62 And guess what, I’m finally starting to get traction with my podcast, and if you want to help me with that, then I would love for any each of you that is listening to this episode to share with just one person, you can definitely share it with more Yes, share it with 100 if you want. But, share it with at least one person, it’ll take two seconds to just hit the details on your podcast app and click share, and then just text it to somebody  or share it to a Slack channel, or share it with your group, share it with your peers, share it with, really, anyone that you feel like sharing it with, but just one person. That’s all it takes. And then let me know what you’re gonna apply, send me an email. Jill at and let me know what you’re going to apply the law of 62, in your business or in your life it could be in your life as well. And then let me know as you go along, where you are in that journey on the way to 62 whether it’s 62 weeks whether it’s 62, emails, whether it’s 62 episodes, whether it’s 62 clients, whether it’s 62 consults,  where are you in that journey and how can I help you go further, and plant more seeds and harvest more fruit. When you get to that, 62nd, whatever it is you’re applying this to.

What’s your law of 62? 

Is it 62 miles?

Is it 62 urges?

Is it 62 clients?

Is it 62 episodes of your podcast?

Is it 62 weeks consistently speaking to your niche?

Is it 62 launches?

Is it 62 offers? 

Is it 62 no’s?

Is it 62 emails to your list?

What is it that you will stay committed to until you hit that 62 mark? 

Until you get through the 62 miles of gravity and break through the atmosphere to weightless ease? 

I want to get back to the story of Charlie Jabaley – who became CEO Charlie.

He became successful in the music industry. He created a persona of CEO Charlie who was a successful music mogul and he became that person. But he found himself at 305 pounds, diagnosed with a brain tumor and he decided it was time to pivot.

That’s when he created a new persona. 

Rocket Charlie was an athlete. 

Rocket Charlie ran marathons. 

Rocket Charlie completed an Ironman. 

Charlie created the persona and he proceeded to become that person, 

He lost over 100 pounds.

He did indeed run marathons.

He did do an Ironman. 

Rocket Charlie is where the Law of 62 came into play for him. 

He noticed that the Law of 62 came into play for his clients in the music industry. 2 Chainz released 63 songs before he had a #1 hit song.

His other client Travis Porter released about 60 songs before he had a #1 hit song. 

And Charlie realized that this law of 62 came into play when he was training for his first Ironman. He went back and looked at the workouts he tracked and he realized that he did roughly 63 bike rides in training for the Ironman race. He did roughly 60 runs in training for the Ironman race. He didn’t track the swims, but I would bet that he did about the same number of swims. And that training was what made the Ironman race easier for him to complete.

2 Chainz did not become a#1 hit artist when his first #1 hit hit #1-neither did Travis Porter. They became#1 hit artists in the process of doing the things #1 hit artists do.

Rocket Charlie didn’t become an iron- man athlete when he crossed the finish line of his first iron man race. He became an ironman athlete by doing the things an ironman athlete does every day. Bike rides, runs, swims.

And you don’t become the successful CEO of your business when you finally generate $1 million in revenue or whatever you’re using to define success for you. You become a successful, coach, entrepreneur, business owner when you show up in that energy consistently and there- fore do the things that make you successful.

Those things aren’t universal laws. Those things are unique to you, based on your aspirations and desires, based on your lifestyle, your values, your unique genius and the gifts you’ve been endowed with.

That’s why I can’t give you that truth. I can only help you access it, uncover it and live it out. You’re not creat­ing an identity-like CEO Charlie did, like Rocket Charlie did-you’re sculpting your identity, more like Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David. I’ve heard that described in this way. when people would ask him how he did that. Sculpted it from this undefined hunk of marble-brought the statue of David to life essentially. He said something to the effect of I knew what he looked like so I just removed everything that wasn’t David.

That’s what I’m doing with Money Lies. I’m helping you chisel away whatever is not part of you so you can become the masterpiece you are designed to be.

Your true identity isn’t a hot mess. What makes you a hot mess are the lies you believe about you.

Your identity is not someone who’s not good with money. What makes you not good with money are simply actions you take or don’t take when you believe that lie.

You are already a successful business owner, coach, entrepreneur. That identity already exists. Just like within that hunk of marble was already the statue of David, even though it didn’t look and feel like a statue of David. It looked like just a slab or marble. The statue of David was always within that undefined slab of marble. The statue of David already existed within Michelangelo. All he had to do was remove I chisel away the marble that wasn’t David in order to uncover, in order to reveal the true identity of the statue of David.

I help you chisel away the Money Lies to reveal your true identity. Who you think you are is not your true identity. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about over the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see who is lying within your slab of marble. I can’t wait to see the beautiful, capable, complete version that is revealed. 

The version of you that is MADE for MORE.


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