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Ep 19: Success Doesn’t Have to Just Take Time

Show Notes

What if I told you that how much time you have is completely irrelevant in your business? 

Just try to imagine if that were actually true, what might be possible for you? 

Most of the clients that I work with believe that:

  • Time equals money. 
  • Not enough time equals not enough money. 
  • In order to make more money, you have to make more time. 
  • Making more money means I have to work a lot harder. 
  • I’ll never have enough time, so therefore I’ll never have enough money.

What do you believe about time with respect to your business?

Listen to this podcast to learn other ways to think about time to build your business.

And then go get this free video and worksheets to help you detect money lies, so you can sign more clients, help more people and make more money.

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