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How to Coach on Money Objections

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Do you dread the part of the consult where you have to make the offer?

Do you freeze up when the consult brings up an objection?

Afraid you’ll offend a potential client by coaching around money?

These are symptoms of a scarcity mindset.
Signs that your relationship with money is holding your business back.
The most common objection is that they can’t afford it.
Defeated, you wonder, “How come I attract all the people that can’t afford it?”

You’re not alone. Most coaches struggle with this. I know I used to.

What if you could make offers and coach on objections confidently
WITHOUT that awful pit in your stomach?


That’s why I created this video! In this quick video you’ll learn:

  • How to coach your consults on money objections without feeling sleazy. Once you learn this secret, you’ll feel more secure making offers
  • Why you feel awkward coaching on objections and how to stop avoiding them
  • How to carry the positive energy of the call all the way through the offer and the objection part of the consult
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