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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success and

Start Making Money as a Life Coach

Learn What’s Really Keeping You From Building a Business
Where You Sign MORE Clients, Help MORE People and Make MORE Money

If you’re feeling stuck that you can’t generate consistent monthly income ….

If you’re frustrated that you always attract only the clients that can’t afford coaching ….

If you’re ashamed that your business isn’t further along ….

Then your mind is about to be blown.

When you decided to become a certified life coach, it wasn't all about the money.

You were excited about building your very own business.

You finally found something you loved to do, work that doesn’t feel like work.

You found more freedom, and the flexibility to work when you want and where you want.

You found a way to help people, contribute and make the world a better place.

If you’re like me, you were pretty confident you could make money as a coach.

UNTIL …. you tried it. You didn’t realize how HARD it was.

What makes it so HARD to make Money as a life coach?

It’s not that you don’t know what to do.
You’ve heard so many times from the “Two Comma Club” coaches
I just did everything Brooke told me to do.”

You see it working for other coaches. You’ve read their posts.

You compare and despair, wondering what they have that you don’t.

Doubt and judgment creep in.

Insecurity settles on you like a heavy, wet blanket.

You wonder,

  • “What if I’m not a good enough coach?”
  • “What if my price is too high?”
  • “What if other people with my niche do it better?”
  • “Why can’t I make this work?”

These questions play over and over in your brain.

This is what happened to me.

The two MOST CRUCIAL relationships foundational to the success of your business are:

  • The relationship you have with Yourself, and
  • The relationship you have with Money

The quality of a relationship with anyone is based
on what we believe about them.

What do you believe about yourself?

Do you believe that:

  • You half-ass things?
  • You don’t follow through or just give up when things get hard?
  • You’re not a good enough coach?
  • You’re not good with numbers?

What do you believe about money?

Do you believe that:

  • You have to work REALLY hard for it?
  • There’s never enough, no matter how much you make?
  • Money is complicated? Elusive? Hard to come by?
  • It’s wrong to have a lot of money?

These feel SO true.

These relationships are foundational to your business. Building a business on relationships weakened by lies is like trying to build on sinking sand. Anything you build on top of it won’t hold up. It will topple like a Jenga tower.

If you want to build your business on a solid foundation that supports and sustains your business long term, build SOLID relationships with yourself and with money that stand up the doubts, fears and insecurities.

This is exactly what I help my clients with.

Using the M.A.S.T.E.R Money process, I help them build secure relationships with themselves and with money by exposing the lies and uncovering the TRUTH that sets them free to sign MORE clients, help MORE people and make MORE money.

Do you think a limited money mindset might be blocking the MORE you were made for?
Find out by clicking below to book your FREE Value Call.
You’ll be so surprised at how much we’ll uncover in just this one hour!

How We Work Together

Working with me over six months of weekly 1:1 coaching sessions, I’ll expose the money lies keeping you stuck and help you build a secure relationship with money. You’ll M.A.S.T.E.R. the TRUTH, which sets you free to make MORE than enough money in your business.

Here’s how I help my clients M.A.S.T.E.R. Money:

Expose Money Lies

Build Awareness around the impact those lies have on your business

Scrutinize those lies so we can uncover the truth

Transform your identity as the capable, confident CEO you are at your core

Expand the possibilities you believe in for the future of your business

And Reinforce the truth about you and about money, so you can maintain that truth for the rest of your life


You’re going to love working with me. Here’s why.

You’ll learn:

  • The secret to overcoming objections on consults so you can make solid offers with confidence and coach on any objection without feeling sleazy or salesy
  • How to use “thought scripts” to reprogram your brain and FLIP THE SWITCH on your results from negative to positive
  • The four simple rules you’ll want to remember on every consult to sign MORE clients
  • What to do when you’re not succeeding because you’re just checking the boxes, trying NOT to fail. By setting “productive fail” goals every single day, not only will you learn how to be comfortable with failing, but you’ll make more progress growing your business.
  • Not enough time working on your business is causing your lack of success, right? WRONG! How my client Dorothy cut her hours and made MORE money in her business
  • The single most useful thought you can think about money. It’s only two words, but it will make you LOVE working on your business

You also get:

  • Unlimited support between coaching calls
  • Monthly GROUP live coaching calls
  • Two BONUS brainstorming sessions on: copy, website, selling, coaching on objections, budgeting

“Do I get a Guarantee?”

I will guarantee you:

  • If you’re accepted into this program to work with me, it’s because you are COMPLETELY capable of succeeding in your business
  • I will do everything in my power to provide everything you need in order to build a secure relationship with yourself and with money
  • Confidence that you can build a healthy money mindset that will put you in a position to sign MORE clients, help MORE people, and make MORE money as a coach.

“Can I do this on my own?”

It’s possible. But even if you can expose the lies that you’ve previously been blind to, it’s not like you can just wake up believing something different tomorrow. It’s not like you expose that they’re lies and you just no longer believe them. That’s not exactly the way it works.

Besides, if these are lies, what if there are other lies you’re not aware of?

Working with me means having a personal money lie detector who knows, from thousands of hours coaching clients, what money lies look like and how to spot them quickly.

It means you’ll have someone to cheer you on, get you back on track, hold space for the money drama, and support you when self-doubt creeps in, when confidence and self-assurance take an unapproved vacation, or when willpower runs out.

“Maybe what I need is a business coach.”

It’s possible.

Maybe you think you don’t know what to do in your business or how to do it. A business coach can give you tactics, but if you don’t have a solid foundation to build on, you won’t be able to support and sustain it long term. The “what” and the “how” fall flat.

Remember the model?

Results are produced by the actions, which are fueled by emotions.
Emotions come from your mindset.
Positive mindset/Energy = Positive Results.
Negative mindset/Energy = Negative Results.

Imagine: You’re training to run a marathon and you break your foot. You can run a marathon with a broken foot, but it will be excruciatingly painful and take you much longer.

Instead, what if you invested the time in healing your broken foot? Running the race is faster and less painful.

Your entrepreneurial journey will be lighter, less painful and MORE financially rewarding without the emotional baggage of relationships with yourself and with money that have been based on lies.

“Maybe I should wait until I get more clients to invest in coaching.”

It’s possible.

If you’re already good at finding clients, getting consults and converting those consults to paying clients, you probably don’t need me. If you were good at this, you’d already be making the money you want. What lies are you believing that need to be exposed? What will change if you don’t first M.A.S.T.E.R. your Relationship with Money?

Remember my client Dorothy?

After working with me, she hit six figures in her business. It ONLY happened when she changed what she believed about herself and money. The confidence she built in those relationships set her free to make MORE money in her business.


I told you at the top of this page that if you read EVERYTHING, you would get clarity about EXACTLY what to do next to sign MORE clients, help MORE people and make MORE money.

CLARITY comes when you make decisions and take action. Indecision and inaction only produce more CONFUSION.

You have a decision to make and actions to take…

Build a solid foundation on which you can grow a solid, secure
business you love and you’re proud of.


Keep trying to build your business on sinking sand, not addressing
the root cause of that shaky foundation.

Get CLARITY on the Money Lies you’ve been believing

Don’t wait to M.A.S.T.E.R. Money.

Build SECURE relationships with Yourself and Money, stop sabotaging success in your business and start making MORE money as a coach.

Finding out if money lies are limiting you and the income potential in your business is simple.

I would LOVE to show you how it works.

Just book a FREE Value Call with me so we can explore your money mindset. You won’t be asked on this call to make a decision about working with me.

It’s just an introduction to how I detect money lies and the impact they have on your business. But you’ll get so much value out of this one hour call, you’ll know what to work on next to break through the barriers keeping you from making more money in your business.

Click below to book your FREE Value Call!


At your core, your deepest desire is to help people and to make a difference. When you work with me, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build a business where you’ll sign MORE clients, help MORE people and make MORE money!

Now is the time to show what you’re MADE of — EXPOSE the lies and uncover the TRUTH by clicking this link to book your FREE Value Call: