Why Does Budgeting Have to Be Complicated?

I love how simple this is. Don’t get frustrated if you’re just starting a budget and the first month or two doesn’t go as you expect. It takes a couple of months to get it dialed in. Keep at it – stay conscious of the decisions you’re making about the money you’ve been entrusted with and it will start to come together.
Like other things in our lives, managing our money is a matter of managing our brains. Are you acting from a place of scarcity or a place of abundance? I can help you look at this by showing you some good examples of both mindsets — just email me at MoreMoneyCents@gmail.com to book your free coaching session.


Budgeting doesn’t have to be complicated, it just gives you plan for how to effectively spend your money. Here are 15 budgeting tips for your daily life!