Why do questions never come to mind at the right time?

Have you ever had an opportunity to ask questions or get coaching on something and suddenly you can’t think of a single thing?

How frustrating is that?

I can tell you it’s sooooo frustrating!! Because it seemed to happen to me all the time.

And here’s why I think that is.

It’s because of an underlying belief I kept running into.

Ever have an aversion to a particular person that you would prefer to avoid and it seems like everywhere you go, they just happen to be there? That doesn’t happen hardly ever with your favorite people – only with the least favorite ones.

This is the same way with thoughts. We struggle to stay in touch with the thoughts we want to keep running into – we have to go out of our way and be really intentional about connecting with them on a regular basis and work to maintain the relationship.

Meanwhile the thoughts we don’t want to keep running into “conveniently” pop up all the time – it seems like they’re always waiting for you around every corner.

For me, I noticed one thought in particular that would get me stuck.

For me that underlying belief was “I don’t know.”
“I don’t know how to get consults.“
“I don’t know what I should be doing in my business right now.“
“I don’t know when I’m going to be able to get that done.”
“I don’t know where all the time goes.“

They say that how you do one thing is how you do all things.

Everything I tried to do, I was trying to do with this underlying belief that I didn’t know. So even though I might not believe that intellectually, until I could stop believing it, even if it’s not on the surface, that belief would continue to color how I did life and how I did my business.

So if it’s just what my husband and I are trying to figure out where to go for dinner, when to go on vacation, how to structure our estate planning. Or if it’s what to do in my business.
Whatever results I wasn’t getting, it came back to the root cause of that underlying belief of “I don’t know.”

Because I had that underlying belief, I kept getting stuck in confusion and overwhelm. I got frustrated that I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do about it. I gave in to inaction. When we don’t know we don’t act.

What is keeping you from believing what you want to believe?
What is keeping you from doing what you want to do?
What is keeping from achieving what you want to achieve?

You might be working the beliefs that you notice and still not getting results that you want. It could be that there is still a belief that’s under deeper layers, like my “I don’t know.” There might be a belief that is overriding whatever useful thoughts you’re practicing.

Just like that person that annoys you that you just can’t seem to shake.

What is your “I don’t know” belief?

Start asking your brain powerful questions to uncover it.

Let me know if you want some help with that. I’m here for you. Some people come to the FREE consult and get everything they need in that one call or in that call and one follow up call. Some people go on to work with me, some go on to work with other coaches, and other people – they just stay stuck.

What will you decide to do?
If your answer is “I don’t know.” Let me know and I’ll help you figure it out.

What’s the underlying belief that’s keeping you stuck these days?

It’s my mission to make sure that women like you recognize the value you have within you and that you give yourself permission to fully access that value to create the business you want making the money you want. If you’re stuck, not sure how to translate what you have to offer into making money in your business, it’s probably because you’re another unfortunate victim of a limited money mindset.

Book a money mindset consultation to find out how to claim the business you’ve always wanted.

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