Which Emotion Do You Choose?

Did you know that roughly half of the time we will feel negative emotion and roughly half we will feel positive emotion?
Did you know that without the negative emotions it would be difficult to describe the positive emotions as “positive”? Without the comparison to not positive (or negative), how would you know that the positive were positive?
If emotions were food and if I came around with a platter of emotions, which emotion would you choose? Let’s say the platter had the following emotions on it:

Insecurity Joyful
Fear Excited
Doubt Love
Anxiety Enamored
Worry Inspired
Confusion Encouraged
Overwhelm Empowered
Uncertainty Determined
Stressed Capable
Discouraged Strong
Guilt Productive
Hopeless Smart
Shame Hopeful
Happy Amazing

Which would you choose: (1) guilt, (2) shame, (3) doubt or (4) overwhelm?
What? Did I hear you right? You wouldn’t choose those?
Isn’t it interesting that so many of us choose these emotions so often? We choose these emotions when we choose to believe thoughts that cause these emotions.
Why do we do this? Because many of us are at the effect of our brains. We believe whatever thoughts our brains offer us and yes, our brains offer us lots of negative thoughts.
But we don’t have to accept the negative thoughts that our brains offer us. What !?!?!
Wait a second ….. you mean I can choose my emotions?   
ABSOLUTELY! But wait …. Only 100% of the time.
So let me ask you again …. Would you choose guilt, shame, doubt or overwhelm?
OR Would you choose excited, enamored, hopeful or inspired? Tell me which emotion you’re picking the next time your brain brings the platter.
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