Where Do You Need to Practice Constraint?

There is so much I want to do and I just can’t do it all.
I have always been more quiet and reflective than energetic and outgoing. I would call myself a “thinker”. I think about lots of different things, I get lots of ideas when I have time to be quiet and not be rushed. I have lots of interests, so there are always a ton of things that I want to be involved in.
Image may contain: text and natureIt’s a constant challenge to constrain myself to what I can fit in my life without overcommitting myself and burning myself out. This is what I need to do to continue living authentically. Otherwise, I give a little piece of myself to a lot of different things and don’t give myself fully to anything.
This is very difficult for me. Because I love to help people, I feel bad when I can’t help everywhere I would like. Consequently, I also have to constantly coach myself on the guilt I feel when I have to let something go or can’t pick something up that I would like to help with.
I’m struggling with this right now. I know that I need to be laser-focused on starting and building my financial coaching business. I know that I need to continue to set aside time for my relationship with God. I know that I need to continue to set aside time for other relationships in my life. And I know that I need to continue to set aside time for my relationship with myself and self-care. I can’t pour into others without replenishing my supplies. So, the time and resources that are left over are limited. How should I divide it? It’s a constant struggle to just do what I can and not feel guilty or feel like I should be doing more.
This same idea impacts my financial area as well. I’m a giver – I’ve always known this and my Spiritual Gifts Assessment confirms it (take your spiritual gifts assessment here: Take the Spiritual Gifts Test and tell me in the comments your top three spiritual gifts). The question is how much can I give and still be a good steward of God’s resources? Where do I give – what organizations are doing the most good? I pray about for guidance in this area pretty regularly.
I have to be compassionate and patient and understanding with myself and know that I am a work in progress. I am not God – I can’t meet all needs. I just have to listen closely to the needs He is asking me to help with and be completely at peace that He has everything else covered. When I have that perspective, it is so much easier to just do my part and know that it’s enough.
What are you struggling with?
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